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Performance Trading Desk: YellowHammer - Performance Trading Platform
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Since 2009, Yellowhammer has been developing the world’s first Performance Trading Platform. The platform offers performance-focused brand advertisers a suite of tools and services to help improve the effectiveness of their display, mobile, social, and video advertising campaigns.

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    Performance Trading Desk: YellowHammer - Performance Trading Platform
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    YellowHammer Background YellowHammer was founded in 2009 by a team of veteran ad network and media buying executives — who knew, first-hand, the serious problem spots that plagued advertisers in the display media space. Our burning mission: to develop tools to disrupt online display advertising trading. We're the ad optimization technology leaders. We serve the right personalized creative to the right people — so it smashes through the glass ceiling that static, low-converting "branding-only" display has been imprisoned in. Campaigns finally speak to consumers so that they convert at exponentially higher rates. We knew... That existing trading desks and DSPs offered duplicated services with few tools to help advertisers hit their goals at scale. That display advertising was stuck in a false dichotomy of pure branding or pure direct response. With service providers, advertisers were kept in the dark about their ad campaigns and held hostage to flawed performance metrics like CPC or CPL. Many agencies and ad networks were incentivized to chase cheap inventory, and there was a disparity between advertiser goals and those of the networks. Our Solution To correct these problems and more, we've invented breakthrough technologies that deliver personalized advertising and scale to the correct audience groups. We’ve finally transformed display into a true high-impact, high-converting direct response and branding channel. Most online display companies are either totally left-brained or right-brained, but we take a holistic approach. Our media buying is scientific and uses creative technologies to get the correct message to the best converting users. We provide our advertisers with dashboards that give a 360-degree view into where ads run and true Return-on-Ad-Spend (ROAS) – the metric that matters most. YellowHammer has quickly become the leading performance trading desk because we deliver best-in-class ROAS. We are an ideal performance solution for advertisers, agencies, and brands.
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Hagan Major
President & Chief Operating Officer at Yellowhammer
Sam Appelbaum
Senior Vice President at YellowHammer Media Group
Andrew Hirsch
Greater New York City Area
Senior Account Strategist at YellowHammer
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Oct 30, 2014
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YellowHammer is a team of some of the brightest minds in customer acquisition. When you talk to their head of BD, Sam - you immediately know that they "get it." Their approach to display is holistic - programmatic, direct buys, and fully-managed publisher inventory. They have a full service creative team in-house, and the work of this team is a major differentiator for them vs. their competition and is the reason why they win. Also, I've seen them manage scale from sub $100k monthly to several hundred thousand per month, so know that their a long term partner who you can grow your business with. You can feel confident that their getting you the most efficient media because these guys have performance marketing in their DNA. Feel free to reach out directly if you want to hear more and see if their a good fit for your product. I'm also happy to get you introd right away! Andrew@growthadvisors.org.
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