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VSP Group is a Multi-channel Network that works with content creators, media companies and brands, providing resources and high quality business, community management and production expertise to its partners and clients.

VSP Group started operations on October 2012. Co-founded by Artyom Geller, Michael Shaposhnikov, Alexander Shaposhnikov and Ilan Troyanovsky, in under two years VSP Group has positioned itself as one of the leading MCNs in the world, with over 12,000 partner channels, 72 million subscribers and over one billion monthly views.

Offering unmatched support and transparency to its partners and clients, VSP Group has cemented itself firmly in the Russian-Speaking market, while increasing its market share worldwide. With offices in Russia, Ukraine and Israel, it is one of the fastest growing media networks today.

Through judicious application of research and development resources, VSP Group has made in-house cutting edge analytics software available to its many partners, greatly increasing their revenues as a result. By careful guidance of said partners, it has ensured consistent high quality content while maintaining their freedom as creators.

In order to maintain and improve on the competitive edge that has characterized VSP Group, it is investing in the development of a suite of innovative community management and analysis tools, which it expects to see in beta testing during Q1 2015.

VSP Group is currently looking to expand its operations into multiple media platforms. It believes that in doing so it will guarantee continued growth for its creators and partner companies by providing greater opportunities for their talent.

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    YouTube MCN: YouTube Multi-Channel Network
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    YouTube Certified Professionals Our specialists have been trained at the Moscow and London YouTube offices, and they have also participated in the "YouTube Authors Academy" program in the UK. We are a creative team of professionals We have a lot of experience in video content optimization and promotion. It makes us one of the top-ranking YouTube networks in the world. We share our knowledge and experience. We hold weekly training webinars on various topics. Our experienced team is glad to share its knowledge of channel optimization and video content promotion with our partners. We help our partners increase their revenue and we consult in the opening of YouTube opportunities.
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