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What is Yugster?
Yugster is a daily deal website that sells cool stuff (well, mostly cool) at prices that typically cannot be beat. Find the best tech bargains and deals on the net at Yugster.com. An item is Yours Until Gone!

What goes on at Yugster?
Everyday we offer a new Sale of the Day, Hot Deals, and other Bargains at 6am EST that only last 24-48 hours. And when it is gone, it is gone. Here is the trick, if you become a Yugster Member, you get to see the next day's day's deal before everyone else. Just log in and you see today's Daily Offer for the public and today's Sneak Preview Offer (which is tomorrow's public offer, assuming it doesn't sell out). Once you are a registered Yugster, you can also receive several emails per week giving you a heads-up to what we are selling that day and access to special private offers that you won't find out on the website. Also, every day there's a daily winner of Today's Deal, with no purchase necessary!

So what have I missed?
Stuff, lots of stuff. But don't beg, it is unbecoming of you and you still ain't gettin' any past Yugs. Unless of course we still have some in stock.

Got more questions?
Visit www.yugster.com for our awesome daily offer and more details

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    Yugster makes every effort to have the lowest price on the internet on the day we offer a given product for sale. This means that you will not find a lower price anywhere from a valid seller with an identical product. It is possible, on occasion, that you may find a lower price for the same thing on an eBay listing, but they are often used and we can't gauge the quality of the company or their service, so we don't even try to compare our product prices to them. We often list the "Retail Price" of an item for comparison purposes. This is typically the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price or MSRP. Products are sold below MSRP in many instances, especially watches and jewelry. On the other hand, many of the top brands often don't allow any discounting from MSRP by their retailers except in special situations. Yugster does not attempt to portray the "Street Value" of an item. The street value fluctuates too much to effectively follow and there is no standard on which to base this price. You can get estimates of the price an item typically sells for elsewhere, on sites like Google Shopping or Amazon.com. Ninety-nine point nine times out of 100, Yugster will have the best price, and usually by a generous margin.
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