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    DSP: Demand Side Platform System
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    Why zampdsp In the past, if buyers want to buy advertising media advertising, and he needs a cooperative advertising providers, such as Google, or the thousands of Taobao market owners and ad networks in one. Buy advertising usually by the following three ways to achieve: Create an ad-buying program on different platforms later in accordance with the established rules; By cooperation and Accounts; Using the API server communication and advertising Once these are finalized, when a show to meet the requirements of a particular network appeared advertising provider through a corresponding ad impressions to achieve an ad buy. Then, ad buyers can log in to his account call data reporting, he used to optimize advertising programs, or make changes to the advertising program. Those advertising media buyers need a lot of show (and their customers) need to work on this type of tens or even hundreds of advertising sources, can be met to show the amount of advertising they need. This is because this holds many lessons scattered resources advertising market, there is no ad provider has absolute advantage inventory stock. Even accounting for the owners, ad exchanges, ad networks and agencies, then, a large advertising agency might and up to 1000 digital media inventory sellers cooperation. As a result, advertising media buyers suddenly need to sign a large number of systems, recall and organize different data reports and had to trust dozens of black box (automatic ad delivery service) to help them to show them in the right place ad. Simply put, display inventory so decentralized digital media advertising later became a nightmare. More particularly, the ad provider ads where control is to show that to the ad buyer require transparent and targeted delivery obstacle. However, RTB changed all that. The traditional method is that each media advertising buyers need to learn and rely on their provider's range of software. And later with RTB, they can use a DSP to manage all ad buys. The platform focused on the different inventory resources, making a large purchase very precise targeting small advertising resources possible. And targeted delivery standards can be unified, unlike traditional methods on different platforms may be repeated later. Ad buyers can now use their collection process belongs to advertisers target their customer data, and communicate directly with customers and those goals. Advertising buying patterns shift from ad inventory resources to be directed to a separate target customers directional. zampdsp core functionality zampdsp core functionality zampdsp an inventory across different platforms, using uniform directional running, data, optimization, and reporting, automatic and transparent advertising media buying software. zampdsp AD with multiple communication exchange platform, a lot of inventory resources Meet advertiser / ad agency precise delivery requirements Real-time bidding, so advertisers have more discretion
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