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    The ZazenLife Mission Statement We designed ZazenLife.com with the intention of developing a loyal growing community of readers and writers who are interested in improving themselves and their lives in every way possible. This site will provide resources and valuable information to help guide everyone to get on the right path in their own unique lives. We hope to build constructive discussions about controversial and impossible to answer questions with input from the entire community which will in turn help each of us build a better understanding of life. After reading some of our entries, you might begin to question everything in your belief system. This is perfectly normal and an essential part to growing and developing as a human being. Life is one giant experience, and it is meant to be as enjoyable and fun as possible. Removing negativity and insecurity from your mental approach to life can yield great benefits. We invite you to tap into the universal frequency of positivity that we all have divine access to. We invite you to also realize how incredibly bizarre and truly amazing this life is! icon smile The ZazenLife Mission Statement If you do truly want to change your life and understand the true potential each of us have, you will find the all the necessary tools and skills within this community to make that intention a reality. We focus on having an open opinion about everything and formulating our own beliefs through knowledge and understanding. Taking the time with this knowledge to evaluate yourself may yield some beneficial and helpful results. We are a completely open community meaning everyone’s opinions are valued equally and respectfully. Instead of verbally attacking people for conflicting viewpoints, we propose our own theory and accept the fact that not everyone is going to agree with us. Once you get past the fact that your egotistical values no longer have to control you, it is much easier to create constructive opinions by taking everyone’s input into consideration. Life has too many questions still to be answered and we have grown as a culture to not address the more important aspects of what we are really evolving towards. As a majority we focus too much on problems rather than solutions. We dwell on past mistakes and have trouble leaving them in the past because we are unhappy with our results so far. Results only will happen with consistent focused effort toward making life more easier and enjoyable for you. We are all instinctively trying to survive and evolve for a certain reason that has yet to be determined. It may very well never be completely determined but the only thing that has been determined is you can do absolutely anything you want with your life. The only restrictions you have is what you already believe. If you don’t believe its possible you will constantly put up roadblocks for yourself on the road towards creating a difference. Knowledge is infectious, and it spreads rapidly throughout a community when it is 100% beneficial for everyone. As each member gains knowledge and understanding, it spreads like a web everyone can catch onto and learn from. The rate at which it spreads is determined by the effort of the community as a whole. Each contribution, no matter how small it is perceived to be, makes a difference towards building an infinitely large pool of value for everyone to share. Along with working toward developing a strong empowering belief system, we intend to provide information and discussion about certain topics that a lot of us are mutually interested in. The span of topics we will provide information and discussion on doesn’t have any restrictions. If you enjoy doing something, and are interested in certain subjects, chances are other members are as well. Maybe you might find a new interest you previously dismissed because you didn’t understand anything about it. You now have the opportunity to build relationships with people who are willing to help you find out anything you desire to know. We would like everyone to have the opportunity to provide blogging content for this site. If you are interested in contributing to our blog community, and think you can creatively express yourself through your writing, we are asking that you submit a sample of your work for consideration. Creativity doesn’t have any limits or restrictions because being creative means you are expressing yourself in a way that no one else ever has. Knowing this, if your writing is unique, well developed, and can provide valuable information for other members of this community, we urge you to take the opportunity to submit your work. If you would like to contribute material for this site, please contact our team of bloggers and we will publish your work provided it contains valuable material that everyone can use. If we think your writing is something the community could use for future developments, we will provide opportunities for members to be full-time writers or part-time contributors with a generous compensation package. When you create and distribute value for others, you receive an abundance of value in return for your efforts. We hope you enjoy our site, and feel free to suggest anything you feel could benefit our strong, growing community of uniquely talented individuals. - The ZazenLife Team
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