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Cracking the Mobile App Marketing Code with ComboApp

sergey-kanishchev-comboappSergey Kanishchev
Strategy Director



For those of us that aren’t familiar with ComboApp, please tell us a little more about your company and core offering.

ComboApp is an app marketing agency that helps brands and companies go mobile. We offer full cycle mobile marketing from competitor research and developing market strategy to user acquisition, traditional PR, and social media promotion. Utilizing our team of mobile marketing veterans who have expertise in User Acquisition, product development, design and cross-platform marketing, we take care of our client’s app promotions as if we were an in-house team.


Being a full cycle app marketing agency, what are some of the services you offer beyond paid user acquisition? Can you go into more detail about how you tie in all these services for growth of a clients’ mobile app? 

User acquisition is an essential part of app marketing, though promotion should start with detailed research on the market, competitors, and target audience(s). Although the industry can be structured into categories, there is no two apps or services that are exactly the same. They all have unique features as well as strong and weak sides, thus different market positioning. This is why we start every project with market research, collecting data on consumer demands, trends, and the current state of the market. Each project gets a customized marketing strategy and a media plan for a soft and hard launch. In order to make paid user acquisition efficient, we always supplement it with:

  • Creative assets development, designing key visuals responsible for high CTR
  • Comprehensive UI/UX overview resulting in step-by-step plan for enhancement
  • Media outreach and content marketing
  • Setting up sources attribution and in-app behavioral analytics


For paid user acquisition, where does your inventory primarily come from? (Facebook, Twitter, Exchanges) Do you have inventory sourced from direct publisher relationships?

We have extensive expertise in using Facebook as an effective platform throughout the entire acquisition funnel beginning with testing creatives and finding high performing audience segments to scaling campaign achieving required volumes. In case the scale is the goal in question, we employ other relevant sources including DMP’s and exchanges in order to achieve desired user inflow on behalf of our partners.

We also have exclusive partnerships with direct app owners which provide us with premium traffic.


If you just are a managed service that buys on Social Platforms, Exchanges, and Ad Networks, are there certain go-to partners you have for each genre or geo?

Each vertical and app category requires a different attitude in terms of selecting sources for acquisition. We not only work with B2C mobile app startups but help B2B startups find the most effective growth sources and target the right partners for business development. Considering we have people on board with expertise beyond online performance marketing, we are capable of delivering complex marketing action plans encompassing channels such as content marketing, email marketing, influencer marketing, and various non-traditional options.


In your campaign for Intel, you did promotions via mommy bloggers, and parenting podcasts. Other than these, what would you say are some of the most unique placements you’ve done for a client? (podcast ad network, playable mobile ads, social influencers)

It all depends on the app type and target audience. Our goal is to reach the potential users with the right message in the right place at the right time. It can be opinion leaders and bloggers, forum discussions, livestreams, media reviews, and/or Facebook promotion.

As an official marketing partner of Intel, Comboapp launched a marketing campaign for several mobile apps and picked up different promotional methods for each of them.

For MobileSleepDoc, an app designed for sleep tracking, Comboapp designed a marketing strategy that included app reviews from health and fitness bloggers. The app reached niche communities that were highly interested in the product.


What would you say are some of the biggest challenges today of being a mobile app marketing agency, as well as mobile app developer today?

How quickly the mobile ecosystem is evolving and changing as well as an enormous amount of data that we need to analyze in order to stay ahead of the game.


What are some internal tools you use for Analytics, PR, ASO, Community Management, A/B Testing, and User Acquisition? (Famebit /, Branch Metrics,, Mobile Action / Searchman,, Kahuna / Urban Airship / Appboy / Leanplum, Helpshift, etc)

We extensively use App Annie and Priori Data to get an idea of rankings and approximations of installs and revenue volumes. For researching keywords we use a mix of internal tools including Sensor Tower, AppTweak, and App Annie. Branch is a great tool for deep linking solutions. Splitmetrics is the best (so far) for a/b testing. AppsFlyer for attribution of installs and ROI tracking by channels, Mixpanel and GameAnalytics for user behavior analysis.


Retention is one of the biggest problems in mobile right now, with nearly 20% of all apps downloaded never being used more than once. Why do you think this is the case, and how do you think app developers can mitigate this?

The reason for low retention rates is the growing competition for user attention. There are tons of other apps on the app stores and users can always download and/or use other apps over yours. Unless you get the consumer interested within the first few minutes post app launch, it would be very hard to get that user back.

We help app owners overcome churn rate problems through UI/UX analysis, launching retargeting campaigns, and analyzing in-app behavior of users. Sometimes the app itself is great but it doesn’t provide a proper onboarding process. As a result, a lot of potential consumers leave after the first usage because they don’t want to figure out how to navigate the app on their own. We help to detect and resolve issues like this.


There are quite a few Ad Network & Agency hybrids out there, that help app develops with paid & non-paid user acquisition, as well as localization. How would you say you differ from the other Ad Network / Agency hybrids out there? 

We work as an in-house marketing team that creates market concept for clients and delivers that concept out to the customer.


What are some innovations happening in mobile right now that excite you the most?

What we saw at the Mobile World Congress 2016 are the trends that will shape the mobile industry. Mobile marketing is becoming more and more programmatic, leading to very personalized strategies. We are finally entering the era of connectivity where your devices, cars, smart homes, and cloud services will be interacting and, again, providing a more personalized experience. Another trend we are excited about is voice recognition. We believe voice will soon become a major drive for multi-screen interaction.


Lastly, what is your take on the future of both paid and non-paid mobile app marketing?

Both depend on big data and the ability to offer the right message to the right person at the most suitable time and place.



ComboApp Group is an app marketing company that provides app marketing services for a global mobile app marketplace. The company is made up of three units which include ComboApp Consulting, ComboStore and GoWide. The vital part of the group is the ComboApp’s Innovation Hub – the team of programmers and analytics that supports all projects.

ComboApp Consulting is a global mobile app marketing company aimed at supplying guidance and complex assistance to companies who develop and promote their mobile apps. Having We provide clients with everything from creative development – to – product/campaign strategy and analytics – to – media placement and traditional public relations campaigns. This includes identifying target markets, validating concepts, shaping business models, qualitative research, data analysis, preparing the app launch and more.

ComboStore is a “one stop checkout”, mobile app marketing super-store designed to help mobile app owners and mobile developers leverage every dollar of their marketing budget to provide the most targeted, effective results possible to amplify the promotion of their app in the mobile ecosystem. The goal of the ComboStore is to level the marketing playing field, providing even those with a tight budget with the promotion tools required for success.

GoWide is a global mobile ad platform enabling businesses to run effective cost-per-mobile app downloads and mobile CPA campaigns based on its own proprietary technology of programmatic media buying. Its unique algorithm – consisting of aggregation and the inventory of mobile web and in-app publishers – allows dramatic optimization of ad operations and lowers media buying costs for advertisers.

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