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Digital Turbine on Mobile Operators, OEMs, & App Advertising


Matthew Hoyle
Director, Revenue Marketing
Digital Turbine

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For those of us that aren’t familiar with Digital Turbine, please tell us a little more about your company and core offering.

Digital Turbine connects the dots between mobile operators, OEMs, content publishers, and app advertisers.  At our core, we are a technology platform that provides easy ways for companies in the mobile industry to work together.  Our app marketing platform is a core feature of our business and of particular relevance to the Thalamus audience.  Though, we also offer solutions to operators and OEMs that enable custom marketplace and payment solutions.


What was the reason for the merger with Appia? What types of capabilities do you now house under the combined capabilities of both companies?

Appia and Digital Turbine were aligned from the beginning under the mantra “Right app. Right person. Right time.”  Digital Turbine brought a large network of mobile operator and OEM partners to the table, and Appia brought a large network of app advertisers who were excited to make the most of that.  Digital Turbine’s partnerships enable exclusive, high-performing ad units, such as Dynamic Preloads which give app advertisers the ability to capture new users during a device’s initial setup.


According to Fiksu, average CPI rates for a Loyal User have reached record highs of $4.23. Do you think that this is sustainable, and how do you see this Cost-per-Loyal User rate evolving over the next few months and years?

Building a large base of loyal, paying customers is the end goal of all app marketers.  CPI rates to acquire these top targets have increased on our network as well.  As customers continue to transition more of their spending to mobile, we are likely to see the value required to obtain them increase as well.


There are a cornucopia of mobile ad networks that an app developer can work with to acquire users. However, having thousands of networks with these capabilities, many of which are not differentiated (Digital Turbine being one of the good ones, of course =]), may not be sustainable. How do you see this crowded ad network market evolving over the next few years?

Despite a continuing stream of new entrants into the mobile ad-tech industry, consolidation is inevitable, and it will play in the favor of advertisers.  Over the next few years the cream will rise to the top and advertisers will look to consolidate their user acquisition spend with a smaller, trusted sets of vendors that can take them from A to Z.  Digital Turbine is evolving to fit this mold by now offering an expansive real-time bidding engine that opens up endless creative marketing opportunities for our partners.


From your internal data, what are some average CPI rates for UA or eCPM rates for monetization you can share, for different genres or geos?

Average CPI and eCPM rates vary tremendously by app category, geography, and operating system.  We would be happy to share these specific rates with those interested; please just reach out via


How do you typically work with OEM Manufacturers and Mobile Operators?

Mobile OEMs and Operators come to Digital Turbine to add additional revenue streams to their products through app recommendations and/or for assistance in the development of white-label marketplace and billing solutions.


What is your process for working with an app developer on pre-loading their apps on mobile carrier Android devices?

App preload campaigns are quick and simple to setup.  After signing an insertion order Digital Turbine will secure approval from the operator.  We will then setup and test the campaign using the advertiser’s APK and tracking links.  Once it all checks out, we launch!


Ad fraud is a huge problem in the mobile app install market, with an estimated 3 fraudulent clicks to every 1 legitimate click on mobile ads. How do you think we, as an industry, can combat this?

Advertisers can employ a variety of strategies to reduce and even eliminate user acquisition fraud, but the solution ultimately rests on the industry.   It will require a stand for responsibility and ethical behavior.  Third-party tracking providers stand in a particularly unbiased point between the advertiser and ad network or publisher, giving them a unique opportunity to act as a regulator and mitigate the effects of fraud.


Are there any innovations happening now in mobile or app discovery that excite you the most?

Cross device targeting and the use of big data are very intriguing.  In a progressively more connected world, reaching customers where it is most convenient for them is key, and in the future that means wearables, TV apps, VR, and other forms of mobile technology.



Digital Turbine (Nasdaq: APPS) aims to deliver the right app to the right person at the right time, around the world. We provide products and solutions for mobile operators and OEMs, app advertisers, and mobile publishers, to make the most of the app ecosystem. Our app marketing solutions enable brands and app developers to acquire users and promote their brands, while giving mobile content publishers an efficient means of monetization. While our mobile operator and OEM products enable white-label billing and content marketplaces as well as monetization solutions through app recommendations. Digital Turbine has delivered more than 150 million app installs for hundreds of advertisers, and more than 31 million customers use our solutions each month across more than 20 global operators. Digital Turbine is headquartered in Austin, Texas with global offices in Durham, Berlin, San Francisco, Singapore, Sydney and Tel Aviv. For additional information visit

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