First of all, I would like to note that
NIAP "" is an independent information and analytical portal of the city of Tartu.

In other words, our website is in no way connected with any state authorities or other organizations. We strive for an objective, independent and impartial description and analysis of all the facts and events of city life.

Unfortunately, one of the sad results of market reforms in our country and in our city in particular was the complete alienation of people from public and civil problems, as a result of which we forgot what it means to be a citizen of your country and even more a citizen of your city.

"Capitalization" of the country and its population has led to the fact that people in our time care only about their own well-being and forget that the well-being of their native city and state is directly related to the personal well-being of each of its residents. As a result, modern citizens, caring only about the structure of their own lives, are excluded from participation in public life, and by their indifference provoke state officials to manifestations of arbitrariness and negligence.

If we, the inhabitants of Partizansk, want to make our city better, and our life is happier, we should not let everything go on its own, do not pretend that we do not care about everything that happens outside the windows of our apartments in the streets. For prosperity, the whole society should participate in the management of its habitat, in our case - our city and the entire Partizansky urban district.

Therefore, in decision-making about how we want to see our city and our life in the future, all partisans should participate. The administration of the NIAP project "" calls on all the patriotic forces of Partizansk to unite in order to influence the situation in the region, to show that

PARTIZANSK is a city in which you want to live.
Moreover, Partizansk is a city whose potential - both cultural and economic - is huge, and all we need now is to be able to realize it. We need to formulate the way in which Partizansk must develop, find and develop the values ​​that we need to show our Partisansk as we want it to be.

We must prove to everyone (including ourselves - partisans) that Partizansk is a city that can not be disliked. Partisan is a city to be proud of! The mission of the NIAP project "" is the creation of a positive and attractive image of Partizansk and the formation of a stable citizenship among citizens "I am a citizen of my city"

Open letter to all guests of NIAP ""

We address you in connection with the 110th anniversary of the city of Partizansk.

Partizansk is a city located in Primorsky Krai, and deservedly considered the center of science and education of the Partizansky district. Nevertheless, information about the city is extremely difficult to find. At the moment, we live in a constantly developing world - a world of new technologies. One of such technologies is the world network - "Internet". This is an important means of communication and a source of information accessible to anyone who has a computer. Today the Internet is one of the most actively developing information technologies both in the whole world and in our city. In the world, already 35 million people have access to the Internet, and this number is growing every day.

Many firms that advertise on television and in newspapers report their address to the Internet. Nobody, from giant corporations to small firms, does not ignore the importance of the Internet. The same can be said about the urban information resources presented in the global network.

We, the authors of the site living in Partizansk, are very sad to see that our city practically does not have its own "face" on the Internet. After all, the city has an interesting history, prospects in the future and wonderful people who live here, work, study. Many who lived in Partizansk, and who scattered their fate around the world, would like to find information about the city and its life. Therefore, we decided to fill this gap on our own, because Partizansk is a wonderful city and our goal is to make sure everyone knows about it.

In the Internet we created an information site of the city of Partizansk, where you can find detailed information about the city: photos; history; Timetable of transport; Institutions of science, culture and education; Tourist information; News of the city and much more.

Web site support is much more important than creating it. Since the amount of work carried out is very large, it is difficult to realize all the goals for the development of the site. In this regard, we appeal to you for help. How this assistance can be expressed - in providing information, money or something else, we will be happy to discuss with you all possible options.

Terms of reprinting the materials of the site. Rights to the materials of the site.

All copyrights and related rights to materials published on the Site, except for cases when the author of the material is indicated separately, belong to NIAP "". All materials copyrighted by NIAP "" can be reproduced in any media, on Internet servers or on any other medium without any restrictions on the volume and timing of the publication. This permission applies equally to newspapers, magazines, radio stations, TV channels, websites and Internet pages. The only condition for reprinting and retransmitting is an active reference to the source. No prior consent to reprint from publishers or authors of NIAP "" is required.

The material can be placed on your resource provided that you specify a direct acting hyperlink to the original of the published material on our website. "Direct hyperlink" means the absence in the code of the hyperlink redirection (redirect) of the request or scripts closing the hyperlink from the search engines. "Acting" is a hyperlink, clicking on which the mouse, the user will go to the page of our site. The link should be placed immediately under the heading of the published material or at the end of the text on the page is inseparable from the material (if the material is multipage - on each page).

Please note that the installation of direct text hyperlinks at is a prerequisite for any copying of materials from our Site. If you believe that any materials posted on our Site violate someone's property rights, please contact us, and we will resolve this issue.

Denial of responsibility.

Neither the administration of the site, nor the hosting provider, nor any other natural or legal persons are responsible for the posted materials. If you believe that a file violates your rights, contact the site administrator as soon as possible to resolve the violation. Administration (the owner of the Site) makes every effort to provide users with accurate and reliable information. However, it is possible that errors may occur. If you find an error, please inform the site administrator about this as soon as possible.

For advertisers posted on the Site, only the advertiser is responsible. The Administration warns that it does not guarantee the acquisition or use of advertised goods and services at prices and / or on the terms specified in the advertisement. You agree that the Site is not responsible for any possible consequences from the relationship with advertisers.

The Administration reserves the right to remove any comments that offend the Staff of the Site, other users, third parties and the State.

NIAP is not the media and can not be held responsible under the law on the media (Decree of the Plenum of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation of June 15, 2010 No. 16, Moscow "On the practice of the courts applying the Law of the Russian Federation" On Mass Media " ) The messages on the forum and the comments on publications are not information that can be refuted, in whatever form they are expressed, as in each case they represent opinions and opinions. Evaluation judgments, opinions, beliefs are not the subject of judicial protection in pores order of article 152 of the Civil Code, because, as an expression of subjective opinions and views of the comment author, can not be checked for compliance with their reality (the Resolution of the Plenum of the RF Armed Forces from 24.02.2005 N 3.). Messages in the forums and comments on the articles are published by the authors in the course of a broad discussion - discussion, and in accordance with the position of the European Court of Human Rights in public discussions, unrestrained statements are allowed. The authors express their personal opinion on the various circumstances that occurred in their personal lives. Visiting our Forum and the Site is not a coercive factor for the people visiting it, a visit is the voluntary will of its visitors.

Administration of NIAP ""

Neshchadim Alexey Sergeevich.
He was born on June 6, 1987 in the town of Partizansk, Primorsky Krai.
In 2006 he graduated from the Primorsky Mining College, specializing in "Installation, adjustment and operation of electrical equipment of enterprises and civil buildings", and was given the qualification "technician". In 2011 he graduated from the Far Eastern Federal University with a degree in Applied Informatics in Economics, and was awarded the qualification "Informatics-economist".

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