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Agency Idea939 on the Booming LATAM Digital & Mobile Advertising Market


Amaury Blondet
Managing Director



For those of us that aren’t familiar with idea 939, please tell us a little more about your agency and capabilities.

You can say idea939 is the “agency child” of a bigger consulting group, The BloC-O Group. It specializes in strategies, operations, creative development, media experiences and branded content solutions for the entertainment industry.


With offices in Miami, Buenos Aires, and Mayaguez (Puerto Rico), what would you say are some of the core differences between client needs in each market? (certain areas need more SEO help, some need more social, some need media planning/buying, etc)

We work through partners in many countries, such as NoBlink in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and several others in Miami, to support most of our clients that are based in the US with business affairs in Latin America and/or other international markets.

No client or market is the same but they come to us with a similar request: we (client) have this issue, problem or situation and we need your (The BloC-O Group) help to come up with a solution. That solution may be a crisis management campaign, a global marketing initiative for a music event to increase TV ratings or the streamlining/automation of an OTT process.


There has been a lot of hype about programmatic advertising over the last few years, with many trade publications stating that it is the future of media buying. How true do you think this is, and do you have a heavy programmatic practice in your agency?

We think there should be a balance between earned, owned, and paid media. In regards to paid media, programming is the way to go in many situations because of its benefits, such as increased cost and time effectiveness, performance insights, etc. But we also still do a lot of manual buying in social platforms like Facebook and Twitter because these have very robust ad platforms that we have mastered throughout the years.


How does SEO and non-paid marketing work in conjunction with all the paid advertising you do for clients? What are some KPIs you use to measure success of your non-paid marketing efforts?

We don’t recommend any type of paid advertising without the proper SEO and digital footprint (at the minimum a website and social profiles). KPIs vary by client and campaign but some of them are social engagement, business leads, brand awareness, video plays… just to name a few.


Since you also do Search Engine Marketing for clients, how do you properly attribute credit for upper-funnel campaigns like display, mobile, and video?

We support everything we do with data, and proper attribution and transparency is very important for us and our clients. I would say almost everything in the digital space is measurable so we need to make sure we are using the right analytic tools and have the right tags, pixels, codes, etc. in every single asset and test we put out there.


Can you please share more on the social campaigns you run for clients, both non-paid and paid. How has been your experience with the paid ad platforms of the main social platforms?

Although we specialize in the entertainment industry (TV, film, music, games), we mostly run social campaigns for TV networks (both B2C and B2B). These campaigns could be to bring awareness about a new series, to connect the networks with their clients (agencies, media groups, etc.), to support and give value to the MSO’s (cableoperators) or just as part of a local initiative such an event or promotion. Most of the time it’s a combination of paid and non-paid.

The main social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) are great partners and we work with them very closely to achieve our client’s goals and surpass their expectations. Most of these platforms keep getting better and it’s our job to be experts and make the best of each one of them.


In your estimation, how is the digital and mobile advertising market doing in LATAM?

Digital and mobile advertising in LATAM is booming! These are the platforms that are growing the most and where the users are spending most of their time, so our clients need to be ‘top of mind’ and we have to continuously look for opportunities and solutions to help them succeed.


What would you say is your biggest challenge as a boutique agency?

I would say the biggest challenge would be getting that chance to work with the big brands and to compete with the main players.

Thanks to our contacts in the industry, our partners and track record, we are very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to work, bring results to some of the world biggest media companies. Although “small”, they have seen real (and huge) value in what we do, in our agility (speed of reaction), adaptability, experience and our appetite for knowledge and results.


What are some indispensable tools you use at your agency? (Quantcast, comScore, Nielsen @Plan, SRDS, SimilarWeb, Ahrefs/Moz/Majestic, Google Analytics, Omniture, Appannie)

We use tools such as Google Analytics, Gain (awesome collaboration and approval workflow platform for agencies), Keyhole, Local Measure, etc. but we also use some proprietary tools that we have developed to better serve our clients, such as Chooflee.


To the extent that you can share, what is the would you say is the breakout of media you spend with ad networks, publishers directly, and through self-service ad buying platforms?

I would say that would be 10% ad networks, 0% publishers and 90% self-service.


Lastly, what is your take on the future of the way boutique agencies will buy media?

There is going to continue to be consolidation among agencies both big and small. I think each agency has something to bring to the table in terms of capabilities. Boutique agencies are creating award-winning work all over and are being used more and more by big brands, as well as larger agencies. But they need to be ready to adapt because “only the fittest will survive”.



idea939 is an innovation consulting firm that specializes in digital strategies, creative development, social media experiences and branded content solutions.

We have spent many years curating the best of the best in digital based on quality of service, responsibility and collaboration. The result is the idea939 network of digital agencies.

As a customer driven digital agency we create powerful relationships between our partners (clients) and their target. In order for us to achieve that level of engagement and to meet our clients’ needs, we have become experts in most digital disciplines, always striving to provide the best experience for the user.


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