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How MonetizeMore Helps Web Publishers with Yield Optimization


Kean Graham
Founder & CEO



For those of us that aren’t familiar with MonetizeMore, please tell us a little more about your company and offering.

MonetizeMore is an outsourced monetization company. We don’t just conduct ad operations for publishers, we dramatically increase ad revenues via ad optimization. We have two business models:


There are an innumerable number of ad networks that a publisher can work with to maximize yield. From your expertise, what are some criteria a publisher should use when evaluating new network partners?

We filter each ad network via the following questions:


Some current trends include programmatic buying, native ad units, and private exchanges. What are your thoughts on each of these?

Programmatic buying: This is the future of online advertising and this translates to the publisher side. Header bid solutions are ad optimization 2.0.

Native ad units: They came in with a lot of excitement. They are very common now but they didn’t improve the ad experience like they promised. Most native discovery ads merely run click bait articles rather than high quality integrated ads that was originally promised.

Private exchanges: These seem to be cutting into direct buys. Big brand advertisers are able to get the best of sophisticated targeting and guaranteed first looks.


To the extent that you can reveal, what are some tactics publishers can implement today, to maximize their eCPMs immediately?

  • Implement DFP
  • Implement Ad Exchange via dynamic allocation.
  • Compete 5 – 30 third party ad networks depending on the traffic levels and geos of your site.
  • Implement header bid solutions to compete against your current ad stack.


If you haven’t done the above four yet, you need to either hire an in-house ad optimization team or outsource your ad optimization to an expert ad optimization company.


How do you typically structure your network waterfall with the publishers you work with? 

We run Ad Exchange via dynamic allocation versus 20 – 30 competing ad networks. These 20 – 30 ad networks were chosen via testing 100s of ad networks. The best were left running. We also have technology that consolidates all header bid networks to compete against the DFP competition.


What are your suggestions for publishers just starting out, with <1MM pageviews per month, as it pertains to monetization?

Implement DFP yourself and work with a company that can offer DoubleClick Ad Exchange access to run dynamic allocation.


It’s been stated over the last 5 years that 20XX was ‘the year of mobile‘, and that desktop was going away. Do you think this will ever happen? What has the data you’ve seen internally indicated?

Desktop will never go away. It might be somewhat eclipsed but won’t go away. We have seen mobile already eclipse desktop on some sites by getting over 85% of impressions. This trend will continue.


At what point does it make sense for a publisher to invest in direct ad sales of their guaranteed inventory?

If a publisher gets over 10MM page views per month and has a niche audience.


In your estimation, what is the typical revenue breakout of publishers with <20M pageviews per month, of revenue between direct ad sales, ad networks/exchanges, and that from selling data?

  • Direct Sales: 10% – 15%
  • Ad networks/exchanges: 85% – 80%
  • Data: 0% – 5%


There’s been some protest over the years by publishers that real-time bidding cannibalizes their direct sales efforts and commoditizes their inventory. What is your take on this?

It definitely cannibalizes the direct sales, however, the future is also cannibalizing direct sales. RTB allows advertisers to attain more granular targeting on a real time basis. Get with the times or be left behind.


What are your thoughts on header bidding?

This is the future of ad optimization. Ad networks that do not adopt header bidding technology will eventually die.


What are some innovations happening in digital advertising today that you are excited about?

  • Who will be the first native player to adopt header bid solutions?
  • How native advertising is used in a direct sales sense. That is where native advertising innovation is happening.
  • How Facebook decides to make a splash. Social targeting is very powerful. Soon it will be possible outside of


Lastly, what is your take on the future of yield maximization for online publishers?

  • Typical ad tags with passbacks will be eclipsed by header bid solutions. It will happen over time.
  • The battle for publishers’ inventories will transform from a monopoly to a two horse race: Google vs. Facebook.
  • Yield maximization is where SEO was 10 years ago. Over the next ten years, a serious publisher won’t be caught dead without an ad optimization strategy. This strategy will either be a dedicated in-house ad optimizer employee/team or will be outsourced to an ad optimization company.



A Google Adsense-Certified Partner, MonetizeMore delivers industry leading ad performance via the following fundamentals:

• Ad Optimization – Industry leading ad optimization technology run by a team of dynamic thinkers
• Innovation – Revolutionary technology utilized by outside of the box methodologies.
• Performance Based Contracts – MonetizeMore is financially incentivized to make you rich.

MonetizeMore provides a non-disruptive approach to optimizing unsold ad inventories, and at zero risk! You pay nothing unless and until your revenue increases.

Optimize your ad inventory today with MonetizeMore and your company will experience exponential growth in revenue.

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