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110+ Top Chinese Mobile Ad Networks & China App Stores

According to eMarketer, mobile ad spending in China is set to hit a record $52B by 2019.

Here is a list of the top Chinese Mobile Ad Networks / Platforms, AdTech Companies, and App Stores.

There is no specific order for this list, data was sourced from www.thalamus.co

(Last Updated Feb 2018)


Cheetah Mobile / Cheetah Ads


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Website: ads.cmcm.com
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/CheetahAds
Employees on LinkedIn: 1,677
Founded: 2010
HQ: Beijing, China. 
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPM, CPC, CPV
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: Kochava, Adjust, Adx, AppsFlyer, Apsalar, Party, Mobileapptracking

Cheetah Ads by Cheetah Mobile is one of the largest mobile ad platforms in China offering Vertical Video in All Mobile Moments. They claim to be able to reach 623M+ MAUs across the world, with 2B+ Data Points Fueling their Targeting.

Other numbers: 50B Monthly Impressions. They also work with 1000+ brands across 10,000 campaigns in 175+ Countries.

They are the #4 App Developer in the world with award-winning apps such as Clean Master (Cleaner, Optimizer, and Security App), CM Security (#1 Anti-Virus & Privacy Protector), CM Launcher (3D Animation), Battery Doctor (Battery Saver), PhotoGrid (Photo Editor), WhatsCall (International Phone Caller), News Republic (News Aggregator), Live.me (Live Streaming Platform) and partner app Musically (Video Social Network).

Targeting parameters include location, gender, age, interest, behaviors, carrier, OS platform, OS version, language, device model, network, frequency capping, day partying and retargeting.

Ad Placements include Video Ads, Native Ads, Display Ads, with a focus on vertical video and brand advertising.

Brands that work with Cheetah Mobile include: Zoosk, Booking.com, Uber, Amazon, Socialpoint, GSN, Electronic Arts, Lyft, MachineZone, Badoo, Gameloft, Alibaba.com, ShowroomPrive.com, Tencent, and Expedia.

Publisher partners of theirs include Baidu, Go, Camera360, Palco MP3, Solo Launcher, Hola Launcher, Hotshot Shield Free VPN Proxy, Kika Keyboard, TouchPal X Keyboard.


Papaya Ads

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Website: http://www.papayamobile.com/en/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/PapayaMobile
Employees on LinkedIn: 171
Founded: 2008
HQ: Beijing, China. 
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPL, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: Server-to-Server, SDK, MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Kochava, AppsFlyer

Papaya is the worlds leading big data driven ads platform, Papaya headquartered in Beijing and set up branched in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Hong Kong, San Francisco and Bangalore with global business reaches. Papaya is selected as Facebook and Googles official premium reseller to help them expand their business at Greater China regions.

Meanwhile, Papaya is still working with Linkedin, Bing, Pinterest as their premium partner in China. Papaya is working at global mobile technology for 9 years since 2008. Papaya Ads-its ad platform is the earliest cross-border ad platform in China focusing on provide 100% performance driven marketing solution to Chinese company.

Shoptimize is the first customized Facebook advertising tool for Chinas e-Commerce branding and SMB sellers which integrated to Facebook API, which focusing on help Chinas e-Commerce branding and sellers utilize Facebook doing business overseas successfully. And “AdScalar” which is another FMP product focusing on help China’s APPs and Games advertisers utilize Facebook Ads efficiently and effectively.



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Website: http://en.yeahmobi.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/YeahmobiInc
Blog: http://en.yeahmobi.com/blog/
Employees on LinkedIn: 213
Founded: 2011
HQ: Shaanxi, China. 
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPL
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: Server-to-Server, SDK, MAT, MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Adjust, Kochava, AppsFlyer

YeahMobi is a China-based global mobile user acquisition platform that claims access to inventory in over 200+ Countries and Regions, reaching 2B people globally through 10,000+ Traffic Sources, with 90M+ Monthly Mobile Activations. (or 75% of the world’s mobile users)

They primarily work on a CPI, CPA, and CPS model, with a focus on Native Ads, Performance Advertising (with In-App & Mobile Web Traffic), Social & Search (eg. Facebook, Google Adwords, VK, Yandex), & Media Buying.

They are certified partners for: Google Adwords, Facebook, VK, My.com, Twitter, AdMob, Smaato, Rubicon Project, and Nexage.

Native Ad Units they offer include: Icon Ads, Notification Ads, App List Ads, More Games, Interstitials, and Custom Ads.

Customers include: Elex, InternetQ, Changyou, Gameloft, IGotgames, UCBrowser, Quikr, Paytm, and Baidu.



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Website: http://www.adwo.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/AdwoMedia
Employees on LinkedIn: 19
Founded: 2010
HQ: Beijing, China. 
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPM, CPCV, CPL, CPC, Pay-Per-Call, Revshare / ROAS
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: Appsflyer, MobileAppTracking by TUNE, Adjust, Kochava

Adwo is a mobile marketing platform specializing the China market. They claim to be able to reach 120B daily unique users, with targeting parameters such as: local, network, media, gender, age, income, and marital status.

Ad units they offer include banners, tablet ads, text links, rich media ads, HTML5 ads, and others.

They’re worked with advertisers including: Dell, Nissan, San Yuan, Shell, Master Kong Ice Tea, Unicom, Intel, Singapore Airlines, Red Bull, Wyeth Milk Powder, Master Braised Beef Noodles, Lulu, Jeep, Audi, and BMW.



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Website: http://www.altamob.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/altamob
Employees on LinkedIn: 17
Founded: 2014
HQ: Beijing, China. 
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPM CPV, CPL, CPC, Flat Rate
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: Kochava, Adjust, Appsflyer

Altamobile is a China-based mobile advertising and demand-side platform (Adxing). They built a proprietary fraud detection system using data points such as offline conversion data, user activity, behavior analysis, multi-dimensional device analysis, and the eventual user conversion to detect and eliminate fraud.

They have access to over 2B daily ad impressions, and have worked with customers such as: Parallel Space, UC Browser, Uber, Hotels.co, DoubleDown Casino, Badoo, Tidebuy, Agoda, Airbnb, Starbucks, Trivago, MachineZone, RetailMeNot, Letgo, McDonald, Expedia, P&G, Orbitz, Supercell, and Baidu.



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Website: http://www.domob.cn/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/domob_cn
Employees on LinkedIn: 90
Founded: 2010
HQ: Beijing, China. 
Pricing Models: CPI, CPM, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Kochava, Adjust, AppsFlyer

DoMob is China’s leading mobile advertising platform, covering over 180M daily unique users on their network. They also have capabilities of processing billions of DSP mobile ad requests per day.

Inventory partners include: Baidu, Sina, NetEase, Sohu.com, Taobao.com, UC Web, Yianya.cn, 360, Dianping.com, PCOnline.com.cn, ifeng.com, letao, RenRen.com, Wali.com.cn, Qunar.com, Guohead.com, AdView, Mogo, SFW.cn, Anjoyo, DCCI, Papaya, 199IT, ZHCall.com, Juhe.cn, Aliyun.com, api.amap.com, app.moniu.com, TalkingData, APICloud.

Customers include: Bank of Communications, Shanghai GM, China Merchants Bank, Lufthansa, China Telecom, Kia, Lenovo, KFC, Pizza Hut, PICC, HP, Volvo, Starbucks, Peugot, DragonAir, Mazda, Nestle, Ping An of China, HuaWei, Home Inn, Standard Chartered, Mengniu, Sothebys, Bank of China, Samsung, China Airlines, China Mobile, Chrystler, Sino-Ocean.

App Customers include: Talking Tom, Fruit Ninja, MeiTu XiuXiu, MoJi TianQi, DaoHangQuan, PPTV Network TV, Youdao Dictionary, QiuShi BaiKe, ShiPin KuaiShou, BuDing YouHui, Weico Microblog, Wochacha, Meilishuo, GaoQing YingShi, Cat Village, Carrot Fantasy.



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Website: http://www.youmi.net/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/YoumiMobile
Employees on LinkedIn: 43
Founded: 2010
HQ: Guangdong, China.
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPM, CPV, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileAppTracking by TUNE, Kochava, AppsFlyer, Adjust

Youmi is a Chinese mobile Ad Network & DSP, that claims to be able to access over 5.3B daily ad impressions through RTB auctions, with media covering over 84% of Chinese mobile internet users. They also track 1.9B smartphones, and work with 12,000+ advertisers.

Main ad units include: Video Ads, Page Walls, (Interstitials), Integral Wall (Offerwall), Share Task Ad, and Tablet Ads.

For Android, they offer CPA, CPC, and CPM pricing, and for iOS they offer CPC pricng.

Brand Advertisres of YouMi include: Audi, QQ.com, China Mobile, 360Buy.com, P&G, Nokia, Volkswagen, Samsung, Jiayuang.com, PingAn, Taobao.com, and others.

They also own Adxmi, a global mobile advertising platform, that provides marketers with user acquisition (gaming & e-commerce), App Store Optimization, social media marketing, and traffic monetization services.

Products for Adxmi include: App Promotion (RankBoost, Performance, MediaBuy, Branding), Social Media (Ad Buying on Google & Facebook), and a Chinese Marketplace. Adxmi also works with developers to monetize their apps, through ad units like Offerwalls, Video, Customized Ads, and Interstitials.



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Website: http://www.madhouse.cn/index.php?lang=en
Employees on LinkedIn: 231
Founded: Shanghai, China.
HQ: 2006
Pricing Models: CPA, CPM, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: mWebTracker, MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, AppsFlyer

Madhouse is a China-based mobile ad network with mobile inventory that covers over 225+ countries. They acquire these audiences through 200+ global inventory partners, and claim to be able to reach 75% of global mobile internet users.

Targeting parameters include retargeting, look-a-like targeting, and custom segmentation.

They focus exclusively on data-driven programmatic ad buying, and have 4 core products: PremiumMAD (Premium Content & Direct Ads, Custom Native Units, Retargeting), PerforMAD (App Marketing, Cross-Channel ROI Optimization, Fraud Detection), SmartMAD (Dedicated Mobile Ad Network, App & Mobile Websites), and MADSolutions (Augmented Reality, QR Codes, Voice Recognition, Location-Based Service, Near Field Communication, iBeacon).

Their SmartMAd solution also offers other advanced features such as Dynamic Vertical Optimization, Retargeting, Location-Based Service, Weather Orientation, Media Orientation, Intelligence Orientation, Frequency Capping, Anti-Fraud Controls.



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Website: http://limei.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 10
Founded: 2010
HQ: Beijing, China. 
Pricing Models: AppsFlyer, Kochava
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: CPI

Limei is one of China’s leading mobile marketing and demand-side platforms. They claim to be able to reach hundreds of millions of users, and 80M daily impressions, with active tracking of 12M mobile users on a daily basis.

They work with over 28,000 individual apps for inventory, along with ad exchange such as Doubleclick, InMobi, Mogo, and YouKu.

For their DSP, targeting capabilities include: Location, Device Model, Device OS, Device Redirection, User Tags, Operators, Wi-Fi, and Usage Time. Ad Formats are Images, Rich Media, and Video Ads.

3rd Party tracking platforms they are integrated with include AdMaster, Miaozhen Systems, and TalkingData.

Some of their customers include: Honda, BMW. Audi, Bomz, China Mobile, China Telecom, Chian Unicom, China Merchants Bank, JD.com, Baidu, Dianping.com, and NetEase.



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Website: http://avazuinc.com/home/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/AvazuInc
Employees on LinkedIn: 194
Founded: 2009
HQ: Shanghai, China. 
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPM, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Kochava, Adjust, AppsFlyer

Avazu is a leading global advertising platform, specializing in cross-device and mobile advertising, as well as mobile game publishing. They have both managed services & self-service solutions.

They have access to over 3,000 media sources and ad networks, with inventory across all verticals such as Finance, IT, Automobile, News, Entertainment, Sports, and Women. These in all give them access to 100B monthly impressions, 700M daily available impressions, with reach into 85% of global internet users.

They are also 100% Transparent, with Targeting Options such as Inventory Source, Inventory Seller, Carrier, and Device.

They’ve also been ranked as a top ad network by AppsFlyer, MobileAppTracking, and are also a Google Adwords Premier Partner.

Partners include: Baidu, Vodafone, QQ.com, Voluum, Dafiti, FoodPanda, JaBong.com, Le ReDoute, Lazada, Linio, Mango, Rakuten Global Market, Zalora, Veoxa, 7Agency, Altima Interactive Ideas, Darwin Interactive, and 360.com.cn.



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Website: http://www.appsunion.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 5
Founded: 2012
HQ: Guangdong, China.
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: AppsFlyer, Kochava

Appsunion is a global mobile marketing platform with access to 80B monthly impressions, including access to native and video ads.

Their main pricing models for advertisers include CPC, CPI, or CPI, and they have mobile inventory across iOS, Android, and Windows.

Some partners include: Elex, Appsflyer, Kabam, LeadBolt, King.com, Ybrant Digital, Moco Space, IGotGames, UCUnion, and Offerslook.



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Website: http://www.appcoachs.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/AppcoachS
Blog: http://www.appcoachs.com/appcoach-blog/
Employees on LinkedIn: 77
Founded: 2014
HQ: Shanghai, China.
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPM, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: inmobi Analytics, AppsFlyer, AdXTracking, Kochava, Flurry, MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Adjust, Party track, Talking Data

AppcoachS is a mobile ad agency and network, providing user acquisition and re-engagement capabilities to advertisers on a global scale across open exchange inventory, as well as major platforms such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

Ad Formats include: Video, Icon, Recommendations, Feature, News Feed, and more.

Partners include: Facebook, Google, Twitter, Com2Us, WeGo, MachineZone, Baidu, Cheetah Mobile, ILoveMobi, Chukong Technologies, Kunlun.com, SoarDragon, Kong.net, Elex, Changyou.com, Ledo Interactive, Interactive Boyaa, iDreamSky Games, Rekoo.com, Youzu.com, Durpalm, eFun, Efunfun, 4399.com, Ly.com, Mozat, Flispa, Nut Technology, ZeTech Games, and Tencent.



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Website: http://www.ipinyou.com.cn/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/iPinYou
Employees on LinkedIn: 131
Founded: 2008
HQ: Beijing, China. 
Pricing Models: CPM
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: AppsFlyer

iPinYou is China-focused digital marketing solution, offering a DSP, DMP, and programmatic buying platform for marketers that want to reach users within the country. They also claim to be the largest DSP in China with almost 60% marketshare for brand programmatic buying.

They claim over 20B impressions in daily real-time ad flow, with 22B pageviews and 6,000 audience labels. In addition, are plugged into 25 ad exchanges, with access to 200k+ websites, and 500k+ apps, and an official partnership with China Mobile, Asiainfo, and UnionPay Smart.

They also have the largest coverage of 830M cookies, with 6,000 audience labels for proprietary user profiling. Targeting includes: Audience Targeting, Geo-Targeting, Period Orientation, Media Orientation, Retargeting, Frequency Control, Creative Carousel, and Dynamic Creative.

Ad Formats include: Banners, Full Screen, Pop-Up Screen, Feeds, Video Pre-Roll, etc.

The company works with over 1,800 enterprise clients, including: (FMCG) Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, McDonalds, KFC, Subway, COFCO, Sanyuan, Robust, MeadJohnson, Proya, Laneige, Omo, DHC, Nestle, Loreal Paris, Le Conte, 21Cake, Centrum, (eCommerce) JD.com, Vancl, Amazon.cn, Suning.com, Womai.com, Vipshop.com, M18.com, Robam, eHaier.com, (IT-3C) Lenovo, Intel, IBM, Philips, Microsoft, HP, Logitech, Haier, Joyoung, Midea, (Finance) PICC, China Merchant Bank, AIA, Standard Chartered, Bank of Shanghai, Fullgoal Fund, (Automobile) GM, Volkswagen, Crown Corolla Ex, Toyota, Chevrolet, Nissan, Hyundai, Jaguar, Banc Motor, Volvo, (Apparel) Li-Ning, Adidas, Nike, Ecco, Converse, Coach, La Miu, Aimer, K-Boxing, (Others) China Mobile China Unicom, China Telecom, Ctrio, CYTS, Hilton, Pod Inn, Pfizer, Boloni, ChinaGr.com, Tencent Games, NetEase, and Baidu.



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Website: http://www.biddingx.com/en/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/BiddingxDSP
Employees on LinkedIn: 74
Founded: 2011
HQ: Guangzhou, China. 
Pricing Models: CPM
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: AppsFlyer, Kochava

BiddingX is a Chinese user acquisition, brand awareness, and lead generation advertising platform, with access to over 28B advertising impression bid requests per day. They claim to be able to reach all internet users in China, across over 100,000 websites.

They also provide ad technology solutions to companies like Ogilvy, Youku, Miaozhen, and Chang Rong.

Targeting includes: Audience (Gender, Age Occupation), Content (20+ Channels, Whitelist, Blacklist), Intention, Retargeting, Interest (20 Categories, 200 Sub-Categories such as Vehicle, Travel, Parenting, and Gaming). Multi-dimensional targeting models include: Holiday, Day, Hour, Media Type, Channel, Fold Placement, Size, Inventory, Attribute, Interest, Intension, Creative, Dynamic Creative, Creative Optimization, Temperature Difference, Air-Index, Humidity, IP, Network Environment, City, City Level.

Their primary inventory sources include: TANX AdX, Doubleclick, Tencent AdExchange, Baidu, Sina, Allyes, NetEase, QQ.com, Sohu, 58.com, BlogBus, PCOnline.com.cn, 56.com, PPTV, LeTV, Zol.com.cn, 51room.net, ChinaCars, iFeng.com, Douban, and Youku.



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Website: http://www.clickkwala.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 7
Founded: 2014
HQ: Guangzhou, China. 
Pricing Models: CPI
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: AppsFlyer

Clickkwala is a platform that helps businesses in the Greater China area with distribution and user acquisition on a global scale.

They help gaming companies and mobile game apps advertise in places like North America (45% inventory), Europe (10% inventory), Latin America (7% inventory), Southeast Asia (20% inventory), Hong Kong (15% inventory), Macao, and Taiwan.

They claim to have worked with over 100 clients, having driven 2M app installs, delivering over 10,000 active users per day.

Partners include: eFun, R2 Games, Mobvista, LeYi, Avazu, Oasis Games, Kick9, Baidu, Proficient City, PlayComet, Youzu.com, Tap4Fun, 37.com, CMCE, and Lilith Games.



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Website: http://www.kick9.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 15
Founded: 2014
HQ: Shanghai, China. 

Kick9 is a Distribution-as-a-Service platform that specializes in mobile user acquisition in China.

They are integrated with major networks like 360, Alilm, InMobi, DoMob, Google Adwords, Baidu, and others to ensure maximum reach across all supply channels. On top of that, they also provide distribution services across all Android App Stores, iOS, App Stores, and also have direct partnerships with many Handset Manufacturers & Mobile Carriers.


BuzzCity (acquired by MobAds)

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Website: http://www.buzzcity.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/BuzzCity
Blog: http://blog.buzzcity.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 67
Founded: 1999
HQ: Singapore.
Pricing Models: CPM, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: Cookie-based, clickcode-based, MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Kochava, AppsFlyer

BuzzCity is a global mobile ad network based in Singapore.

For Advertisers, they charge a CPC and have Targeting such as: Channel (eg. Entertainment & Lifestyle, Premium Portals), Time Targeting (Time of Day, Date Ranges), Country, Carrier / Telco, Device (OS, Model).

They work with publishers that have inventory across all types of mobile applications including Android, iOS, Unity, and Windows (and even Blogger & WordPress).

Customers they work with include: Guiness, 11st, Open Rice, Micromax, Mahindra Two Wheelers, Toyota, Qatar Airways, redbus.in, Bata, eBay, South Africa Breweries: Castle Lite Lime, Nestle: KitKat and Bar one, National Police Force Public Program, MTN 67 mins for Mandela, Universal Music, Hyundai, Launch of OLX, AIS, Central One Card Mobile Application, Tourism Authority of Thailand, Home Choice, Leisure Books, Vodacom, Nokia OVI, L’OCCITANE, Sony Vaio, Sony Music, Kaplan, Nestle, Samitivej Hospital, Nokia Asha, Domino’s Pizza, and Nokia Lumia.



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Website: http://www.noahmob.com/
HQ: Beijing, China. 
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPC, CPS
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileAppTracking by TUNE, AD-X, AppsFlyer, Adjust, Kochava, Apsalar, Party Track

NoahMob is a China-based mobile ad network with global reach in over 200 countries, and 300M active users worldwide. They connect with all major supply sources including platform platforms like Facebook, Adwords, Admob, and YouTube.

In addition, they also own the #1 Chinese TV Dramas distribution MCN with massive video inventory, and flexible pricing models.

Partners include: Baidu, UC Browser, AliExpress, Adxmi, 360, Nujoom, jj.cn, nonolive, 163.com, Zhangyue, Changyou, MeeeSocial, Papaya, YeahMobi, Mobvista, Avazu, Yogrt, Sogou, Google, Adwords, AdMob, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, InMobi, Appsflyer, AdJust, Viki, Dramafever.



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Website: http://www.adsame.com/english/
Employees on LinkedIn: 100
Founded: 2008
HQ: Shanghai, China. 
Pricing Models: CPM

Adsame is a Chinese multi-screen programmatic platform that offers a DSP, SSP, and DMP solution.

They have access to over 900M cookies, and average daily pageviews of 35-50B, through inventory partners such as Doubleclick, TANX, Baidu, Tencent AdExchange, AdPlace, Hiaozhen Systems, and Youku.

Advertiser Categories include: Beauty, Finance, Game, Luxury, Sport, Lifestyle, Health, Entertainment, Education, Travel, Fashion, Food, IT, and Auto. Targeting Options are: Geography, Time, Frequency, Creative, URL, Device, Redirect, Keyword, Semantic Topic, Interest, Demographics, Look-a-like.

They work with over 400 brands such as Dior, Samsung, Pepsi, HP, IBM, Colgate, Asus, Lenovo, and FAW-Volkswagen.



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Website: http://en.17mobi.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 2
Founded: 2014
HQ: Beijing, China.
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPM, CPV, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Adjust, AppsFlyer

17mobi is a global mobile advertising network and platform based in China.

They operate on Android, iOS, Windows, and work with over 300 partners all over the world. They also claim to provide complete transparency of data.

Pricing models they work on include: CPM, CPS, CPA, CPC, CPT (Cost-per-Time), and CPL. They also offer Ad Formats such as: Banners, Full Screen Ads, Splash Interstitials, Offerwalls, Focus Picture Ads, App Recommendation Ads, News Feed Ads, and Video Ads.

Partners include: Tencent Games, ihinshan.com, Changyou, Playcrab, Oasis Games, Kaixin001, RenRen.com, Longtu Game, Baidu, Facebook, Admob by Google, InMobi, Amazon, AppsFlyer, HasOffers, Tap4Fun, 360.cn, eFun



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Website: http://www.vpon.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 113
Founded: 2008
HQ: Taipei, Taiwan.
Pricing Models: CPM, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Kochava, AppsFlyer

VPON is a mobile programmatic advertising platform with access to 12B in biddable inventory per day, and 600M unique devices per month, across 10,000 apps.

They also claim to have data on 50B user data entries, with data parameters such as gender, geographical location, favorite app type, and device. They have also collected tens of millions of Wi-Fi hotspot and cell tower entries, and match this positioning datbase against their 10B ad requests per month.

Other targeting options include: user distribution, app type analysis, mobile platform type, mobile device type, operator, user click analysis, and user-provided information.

They offer Rich Ad Formats such as: an LBS Distance Display Banner, Automatic Countdown Banner, Slide Touchscreen Banner, and a Rich-media Crazy Ad. Interactive features of these ad units can be: Look up maps, Dialing phone numbers, Sending Messages, Opening Webpages, Sending Emails, Downloading Programs, Playing Music, Watching Videos, Purchasing from the App Store, Sharing vis Social Websites, Surveys, 360 Degree Demonstration, Motion Sensing, Interactive Effects, Reading QR Codes, Activating the Camera, Uploading/Downloading Pictures, and Adding to Calendar.

Advertising Clients include: (Finance & Banking) Citibank, ANZ, American Express, RBS, Standard Chartered, HSBC, Ping.An, ABN-AMRO, Mastercard, Visa, (FMCG / Retailing / Luxury) L’Oreal, Biotherm Homme, Dior, Adidas, Daphne, Friso, TsingTao, FamilyMart, Clinique, Coca-Cola, (Restaurants) McDonalds, Hagen-Daz, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Yoshinoya, Wang Steak, Sushi Express, Subway, (Entertainment) PartyWorld, Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers, Cinemark, 20th Century Fox, Mobage, (Automobile) Mitsubishi Motors, Ford, Peugeot, Toyota, Honda, (Others) Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Dianping.com, Cr-Nielsen, eHi Car Service.

They also were ranked in 2015 by Forbes as one of China’s Private Held Small Businesses.



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Website: http://www.casee.cn/mm/Help.ad?_m=aboutEn
Employees on LinkedIn: 9
Founded: 2009
HQ: Beijing, China. 
Pricing Models: CPM

CASEE is one of China’s mobile advertising marketplaces, with both a mobile DSP and SSP.

It claims to work with over 1,000 content publishers, and having ran over 3B ad impressions in the last 6 months.

They offer targeting options such as: provinces, cities, phone brand, phone model, and user behavior, and self-serve.

Partners include: Tom.com, Sohu.com, Sina.com.cn, Microsoft, Goapk.com, App Dragon, inDuoa.com, Anzow.com Kaiqi.com, MMClick.com, xda.cn, Mumayi.com, Paojiao.cn, Androidonline.net, mfxz8.com, AdView, Mogo, Google, and Baidu.



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Website: http://www.guohead.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/guohead
Founded: 2010
HQ: Beijing, China. 
Pricing Models: CPM, CPC, CPA, CPS
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: AppsFlyer

GuoheAd is a mobile advertising platform specializing in in-app mobile video ads. They also offer other formats such as Tablet, Interstitials, and HTML5 ads. They also claim a reach of over 700M users.

Developer Partners include: Yodo, Aries Games, Mybo, Avalon, KooGame, and A-OneSoft.

Advertiser partners include: Magic Universe, Good Games, TeamTop, LineKong, Happy Elements, Rekoo, EGLS, Cheetah Mobile, ZCGames.cn, Perfect World, Mobage, eFun, OurPalm, PlaybyOne.com, MMOFun, OneClick, FLMobile, Tap4Fun, D2C, Syyx.com, CMCE, 4399, YaoWan, YiLeGame, Gy Games, Tinkoo Games, Playcrab, 7k7k.com, Generate, Century Interactive Technology, Com4Loves, MoyoGame, and Bodhi and Friends.



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Website: http://www.wooboo.com.cn/
Founded: 2009
HQ: Beijing, China. 
Pricing Models: CPA, CPC

Wooboo is a one-stop mobile marketing platform with a focus on China.

They’ve worked with large advertisers such as Gome.com.cn, JD.com, Suning.com, 163.com, Lagou.com.

Partners include: Gome.com.cn, Jumei.com, Tripadvisor, JD.com, Sina, 58.com, Zaker, JD Finance, Guotai Junan Securities, 163.com, 360, Tuniu, Limei.com.




Image Source 

Website: http://en.hdtmedia.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 82
Founded: 1999
HQ: Shanghai, China.

hdtMEDIA is a China-based advertising company that houses an Digital Media Platform (hdtMEDIA), Programmatic Marketing Platform (hdtDXP), Programmatic Video Platform(hdtOTT), Smart TV advertising Platform(hdtOTT),  Mobile Media Platform (hdtMobile), Digital Ad Exchange (H2), DMP(hdtDMP) and Ad Network.

They mainly specialize in Rich Media, premium video ad formats and smart TV ad formats . Other Ad Formats include: Pre-roll, Interstitials, Full-Screen, Banners, Focus Pictures, News Feed Ads, In-Stream Video.

They also offer many Rich Media Technologies such as Cross-Domain and Cross-Frequency Control, a Physics Engine, 3D, Silverlight, Carousel, Unique Video Compression, Transparent Download, and more.

Targeting options include: Contextual, Behavior, Retargeting, Geographical, Time, Region, Dayparting, Interest, Demographics, OS, Commercial Zones, Network Conditions, and a Climate API.

Media Partners include: Sina.com.cn, NetEase, QQ.com, Sohu.com, iFeng.co, Zol.com.cn, Ce.cn. Yesky.com, Titan24.com, Tangdou.com, PCbaby, PCLady, Rayli.com.cn, Pinshan.com, Xgo.com.cn, PCPop.com, mplife.com, Mop.com, Zaobao.com, Baike.com, Hupu.com, CRI.cn, GMW.cn, Aili.com, Yoka.com, Lady8844.com, Tom.com, OnlyLady, MSN, China Elle, 21Cn.com, China.com, Yaplan.com, Xinmin.cn, News.cn, TieXue.net, AutoV, Mans Uno, Lotour.com, 99wed.com, HaiBao.com, eNet.com.cn, Ganji, ddmap.com, Bokee, ChinaByte.com, Baomihua.com, Poco.cn, CSDN, and 1905.

Clients include: 361, Benefit San Francisco, C&A, Chanel, Cisco, Clarins, Crocs, Dazzle, DFS, Disel, Dior, DQ, Emirates, Epson, FANCL, Folli Follie, GM, Godiva, H&M, HP, IBM, IHG, Ikea, Jaguar, Jeep, Johnnie Walker, KFC, L2, Lacoste, Lee, LG, MG, NEC, Olympus, Omega, Oppo, Puma, The Ritz Carlton, Sephora, Sisley Paris, Sony, Speedo, Swatch, TCL, The North Face, Toyota, UPS, Visa, Adidas, Orbis, Pepsi, Budweiser, Papa John’s, P&G, BMW, Honda, Byd, Pizza Hut, Bausch+Lomb, Bosch, Danone, Volkswagen, LuxGen, Durex, Dumex, EnWei, AirFrance, Fotile, Philips, Ferrero Rocher, Ford, DragonAir, Colgate, GoodYear, Qoros, CGB, Quaker, Hagen-Dazs, Haier, Heilan Home, Hisense, Red Bull, Citibank, ASUS, HSBC, Wyeth, Givenchy, Canon, Oracle, Guerlain, Absolut Vodka, Kohler, Shell, Clarks, Converse, Lancome Paris, Robam, Lexus, Li-Ning, Levi’s, Lux, Reckitt Benkiser, FedEx, Unilever, China Unicom, Lenovo, Land Rover, Neutrogena, Naked, Mazda, McDonalds, Mercedes-Benz, Midea, MIDO, Friso, Michelin, Nike, Nivea, Nikon, Nissan, Bank of Ninbo, Agricultural Bank of China, Acura, L’Oreal, L’Occitane, Peak, Ping.An, Apple, Proya, SPD Bank, SeptWolves, Kia, Johnson&Johnson, Clear, Watsons, Nestle, PICC, Swiss, Suntory, Samsung, Centrum, Swarovski, Skoda Auto, Panasonic, Swuning.com, China Taiping, Taobao.com, Tissot, Microsoft, Vipshop.com, Wei-Chuan, Volvo, Hilton, Hong Kong Tourism Board, Shangri-La, TSL, Singapore Airlines, Air New Zealand, Starbucks, Sprite, Chevrolet, Citroen, Abbott, Estee Lauder, Audi, China Mobile, Infiniti, Intel, Uniqlo, Postal Savings Bank of China, Yurun, Ganso, Standard Chartered, ChangHong, ChimeLong, Chivas, Bank of China, Chow Sang Seng, Shiseido.

Agency Partners include: Asatsu, Carat, Hakuhodo, GroupM, Havas, VMP, Maxus, MEC, MediaV, Mediacom, Mindshare, OMD, OMP, PHD, Starcom Mediavest, UM, Vivaki, ZenithOptimedia, Energy Source, Isobar, Ogilvy, DHA Group, Dentsu Aegis, HanRun, Allyes OnlineMedia, Hylink, BlueFocus, OpenTide China, GDad, and Cig.


Alimama (by Alibaba)

Image Source 

Website: http://www.alimama.com/index.htm
Employees on LinkedIn: 46
Founded: 1999
HQ: Beijing, China. 

Alimama (previously known as AdChina) is a digital marketing platform owned by Alibaba, which has access to over 98% of Internet users. They claim access to over 5B impressions per day, across PCs, mobile, and Internet / Connected TV.

They launched their “Dharma Sword” brand marketing platform in 2015 which syncs the universe of Alibaba’s data assets, which includes demographic attributes, physical location, browsing behavior, payment methods, social data, consumption data, for over 630M users in China.

Through this identity data mixed with browsing history, transaction data, search data, social data, payments, shopping cart activity and video consumption history – they have a huge leg up in targeting any user in China. They also have over 8,000 audience segmentation tags which can predict user activity for a certain ‘Call to Action’.

unique consuming data sets, universal ID system  and one-stop cross-screen media reach services, the Dharma Sword platform will start offering brand advertisers big data marketing services covering all digital media.

They also operate the Taobao Affiliate Marketplace, the Taobao Ad Network and Exchange (TANX), and a DMP.

Partners include: Sina, CBNData, Weibo.com, NetEase, Sohu.com, iFeng.com, and 1CBN.


ChineseAN.com (by Ignite Vision Limited)

Image Source 

Website: http://chinesean.com/affiliate/index.do
Employees on LinkedIn: 4
Founded: 2007
HQ: Hong Kong.
Pricing Models: CPA, CPL, CPC, CPS

ChineseAN is an affiliate network and performance marketing company with coverage in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other areas in APAC. (15 Countries total)

They typically work with advertisers on a Cost-per-Sale, Cost-per-Lead, Cost-per-Action, or Cost-per-Click basis.

Clients include: Hotels.com, Sasa.com, Fortress, Booking.com, eToro, Shoppers.com, iPanelonline, FXGM, Oregon Scientific, englishtown.com, and Joyo by Amazon.cn.


RockyMobi (by PanShi Co., Ltd)

Image Source 

Website: http://www.rockymobi.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 46
Founded: 2015
HQ: Shaanxi, China.
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPL, CPS
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: AppsFlyer

RockyMobi is a China-based global mobile affiliate network. They offer mobile programmatic ad buying capabilities, and claim to have access to 1B daily impressions across 200+ countries.

Targeting options include: Country, Device, Operator, Connection, Browser and Time.

They also have exclusive traffic, of over 500M clicks process per month, generating a total of 4.6M leads generated per month across 3,800+ active campaigns.

They also have raised over $220M in funding.



Image Source 

Website: http://www.beintoo.com/en/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/Beintoo
Employees on LinkedIn: 45
Founded: 2010
HQ: Milan, Italy. Satellite Office in Shanghai, China.
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPM, CPC, CPL
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Kochava, Adjust, AppsFlyer

Beintoo is a programmatic in-app ad targeting platform that uses geo-behavioral user segmentation to provide personalized cross-channel marketing to advertisers.

Some of their audience profiles include: Travelers, Apparel, Concert Goers, Fitness Users, and Gamers. Targeting options include: Geo-targeting, Demographic, OS, Vertical (Channel / Publisher Type), Phone Operator, Connection Type (Wi-Fi / 3G), Retargeting.

Their online to offline ad units include: a Wallet Unit (integrated with Passbook), Walk-In Mission unit, Rich Media Units, Trivia Units, Smart Video Units, and M-Site units.

Their targeting engine processes raw location data and enriches it with dwell time, frequency of visits, GPS data, and iBeacon signals.



Image Source 

Website: http://www.dreamobi.com/en/index.html
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/Dreamobi1
Employees on LinkedIn: 8
Founded: 2014
HQ: Beijing, China. 
Pricing Models: CPI
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: AppsFlyer

Dreamobi is a China-based global mobile ads platform specializing in in-app mobile video ads.

They have inventory across North America, Great China (Mainland, Hong Kong, and Taiwan), Korea, Japan and South East Asia, with the ability to reach 87& of all mobile internet users. They also have access to 5B impressions per month and claim to be able to drive 100,000 installs per day.

Partners include: InMobi, AdMob, Flurry, Cyzone.cn, AppsFlyer, Facebook, and Twitter.



Image Source 

Website: http://zennaapps.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/zennaapps
Blog: http://zennaapps.com/en/blog_posts
Employees on LinkedIn: 16
Founded: 2012
HQ: California. 
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: Kochava, AppsFlyer

ZENNA is a performance-based mobile user acquisition solution for games. They acquire traffic in an agnostic way across direct inventory, social & search, video, and DSPs, to be able to reach gamers globally.

They claim to have installed more than 5M new users for clients.

They are also premium ceritfied partners of Facebook, Odnoklassniki, and myTarget.

Clients include: GREE, MachineZone, SGN, Oasis Games, Octopus Games, Com2uS, ZeptoLab, Gree, Plarium, and Radium Games.


SUNGY Mobile

Image Source 

Website: http://www.gomo.com
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/golauncher
Employees on LinkedIn: 61
Founded: 2003
HQ: Guangzhou, China. 
Pricing Models: CPI
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: Kochava.

SUNGY Mobile is split into two main business, Sungy Reading and 3G Portal. 3G Portal is a domain that offers content across 70+ channels such as News, Sports, Entertainment, and Finance. Over 200M users and registered on 3G Portal.

GO series apps have 360 millin users in 200 countries.

They also have a GO Series of Apps including:

GO Launcher EX (Launcher App)
– Available in 38 Languages in 200 Countries
– #1 Ranking for Personalization in Google Play in 30 Countries
– 10,000 themes available for GO Launcher and 80 million monthly active users
– Reached 200 million total downloads

GO Locker (Top downloaded lock screen app)
– Reached 50M total downloads, rated 4.4 by 240,000 users

GO Sms Pro (Super SMS app)
– Reached 50M total downloads

Next Launcher (3D Launcher for Android)

GO Keyboard (Popular keyboard app available through Google Play)

GO Weather Ex (The meteorologist in your phone)
– Over 50 million people use the app to get weather info for 100,000+ locations worldwide

Toucher (The quickest way to switch among apps)

GO Cleaner & Task Manager (A must-have tool to manage mobile apps)
– Over 40,000,000 people use GO Cleaner & Task Manager

GO Battery Saver & Power Widget (Professional battery expert)
– Over 15M downloads and has a 4.5 star rating

3G.cn (The leading mobile internet portal website in China)

The company has also raised venture capital financing from major VCs such as IDG Capital Partners, WI Harper Group, JAFCO Asia, and CBC Capital.



Image Source 

Website: http://duomai.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 10
HQ: Hangzhou, China. 
Pricing Models: CPS

Duomai is a Chinese eCommerce-focused advertising platform that helps global merchants market to users in Mainland China.

They work with over 60,000 network partners or affiliates, and typically work with advertisers on a Cost-per-Sale basis.

Partners include: Vip.com, Rakuten Global Market, Microsoft, eBay, Baidu, Taofen8.com, 4.cn, JD.com, Hao123.cn, 6pm.com, Baizhu, and Apple.


ADPush.cn (by Shanghai Silver Orange Culture Media Co., Ltd.)

Image Source 

Website: https://zc.adpush.cn/Login
Founded: 2010
HQ: Shanghai, China. 

ADPush.cn is a Chinese programmatic platform that offers a DSP, DMP, as well as SSP. They claim a reach of 1B unique users and 6B daily impressions, being able to reach 80% of Chinese internet users.

Targeting parameters can include: Content, Geography, Behavior, Gender, Age, Profession, Income, Location, Interest. They cover verticals such as: News, Entertainment, Fashion, Automotive, Finance, IT, Sports, Home, Mother, and Community.

Media partners include: Kankan.com, Youku, v.QQ.com, Letv, iFeng.com, PPTV, Sohu.com, Sina, Sohou.com, 56.com, China.com, 21CN.com, and Stockstar.com.

Other 3rd Party Partners are: Baidu, Moment Systems, Youku, Sina, TANX, Doubleclick, Tudou.com, tango.QQ.com, Tencent AdExchange, Allyes, Eyeblaster, AC Nielsen, iResearch, and Analysys.

Advertisers include: Taobao.com, JD.com, Jumei.com, Dangdang.com, Ctrip, Samsung, Ping An Bank, JDB, Moonbasa, Zenai.com, Jiayuan.com, Baihe.com, VANCL, Weibo.com.



Image Source 

Website: http://www.yoyi.com.cn/
Employees on LinkedIn: 48
Founded: 2007
HQ: Beijing, China. 

Yoyi is a Chinese multi-screen Demand-Side, Real-Time Bidding, and Programmatic Platform, that can reach users across PCs, Tablets, Mobile Phones. Formats they offer include: Video, Windows, Rich Media, PIP, and banners.

They have access to over 10B in daily traffic, across 150,000 web properties and 50,000 mobile apps, and can utilize 3rd party data from providers like Acxiom, Baidu, and Dratio.

Inventory Partners include: TANX, Baidu, Doubleclick, Miaozhen Ad Exchange, Tencent, SAX Sina, Youku, QIY, ppTV, MediaMax by Allyes, SNDA, Admob, InMobi, Mogo, EM@R

Customers include: Unilever, Audi, Toyota, Canon, Bank of Communications, Haier, Lenovo, JDB, China Mobile, and China Unicom. Other Agency Partners are: Vivaki, Omnicom Media Group, GroupM, Aegis Media, IPG, HiZone, Catch Stone, Walk-on, and OpenTide Interactive.


iClick Interactive

Image Source 

Website: http://www.i-click.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/i_clickglobal
Blog: http://www.i-click.com/resources/
Employees on LinkedIn: 207
Founded: 2009
HQ: Hong Kong. 

iClick Interactive is an agency and programmatic marketing platform that helps marketers reach 98% consumers in the China market.

Ad Formats include: MoTV (Native Mobile Video), MoSocial (Premium Social Ads), MoFeeds (Native In-Feed Ad Solution), OTV (Pre-Rll Video Ad Solution), and MoSearch.

They work with customers in sectors such as Retail, Travel & Hospitality, Education, Fashion & Apparel, Sports, Beauty & Cosmetics, Banking & Finance, Consumer Eletronics, Personal Devices & Gadgets, Gold & Precious Metals.

Big brand advertisers they have worked with include: Abbott, Adobe, Air New Zealand, Amazon.cn, American Express, ASOS, Bobbi Brown, BlackRock, Christie’s, Citibank, Club Med, eBay, Estee Lauder, Goldman Sachs, Guess, Land Rover, Lane Crawford, Jo Malone, McDonald’s, Nike, Pfizer, Qantas, Raffles, Remy Martin, Swarovski, Vans, and more.


AdSage (by BesTV)

Image Source 

Website: http://www.adsage.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/adSage_Social
Employees on LinkedIn: 160
Founded: 2007
HQ: Bellevue, Seattle, United States. Sattellite Office in Beijing, China. 
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPM, CPV, CPC, % of Media Spend
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Appsflyer

AdSage is the largest SEM agency in China, specializing in Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Display Advertising, and Mobile Advertising for Chinese and International Clients.

They run PPC campaigns for over 300 premier advertisers such as Tory Burch, Forex.com, Blue Nile, Dangdang, and PingAn Insurance across Baidu, 360, Sogou, and Google.

They also own mobiSage, a mobile ad network that reaches over 89% of mobile internet users in China, across 75,000 apps. For mobiSage, they have over 1,000 active advertisers including customers like: Dangdang, 360buy.com Ping An Finance Services, and New Oriental Education.

mobiSage can reach 320M unique users across iOS and Android, across 17B monthly ad impressions per month, and cliam to drive over 200,000 daily app downloads. Targeting they offer is: Geotargeting, OS, Network Type, App Category, Device, New Customer Targeting, Device Model, and Customer Label.

All Clients Include: Blue Nile, Global Blue, HomeAway, China Unicom, Suning, BMW, Peugeot, MGM Resorts, COFCO, Vegas.com, LG, Ping An, Expedia eLong.com, China Mobile, DangDang.com, Honda, Wimdu, Microsoft, Pizza Hut, Forex.com, Hilton, Washing Univery of St. Louis, L’Oreal, RedBaby, Estee Lauder, Daodao.com, New Oriental, Air China, Walmart, 7 Days Inn, Shoedazzle, SouFun, KFC, Ctrip, Bacardi, Canon, Dewar’s, H&M, ForexClub, Sony Ericsson, Synlighet, eBay, Vipshop.com, Taobao.com, Tory Burch, Ashford, ASOS, University of Washington, Seattle University, Tuniu.com, GoDaddy.com, Mini, Interactive Brokers, Papa John’s, and Sephora.



Image Source 

Website: http://www.microcube.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/MicroCubeGlobal
Employees on LinkedIn: 37
Founded: 2008
HQ: Hong Kong
Pricing Models: CPA, CPM, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: AppsFlyer, Kochava

Microcube is a global performance-based digital marketing platform. They claim to be able to reach more than 5M unique users every month.



Image Source 

Website: http://www.allyes.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 202
Founded: 2010
HQ: Shanghai, China. 

Allyes is a Digital Brand Integrated Marketing company that specializes in: Brand Markeitng, Performance Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing, and eCommerce Marketing.

They allow formats such as: Sponsorship Ads, Video Ads, and Rich Media, as well as Programmatic Buying. They also have a mobile ad network that supports CPM, CPC, and CPA pricing models.

Customers include: The Creative Life, Sony, HuaWei, Dumex, Pepsi, Volkswagen, Kia, Chery, China City Bank, JDB, Great Wall, SPD Bank, Smartisan, Bank of China, Wanda Group, China Mobile, China Unicom, Bank of Communications, Foton, Shanghai GM, and Danone.



Image Source 

Website: http://www.mediav.cn/
Employees on LinkedIn: 103
Founded: 2009
HQ: Shanghai, China. 

MediaV is a mult-channel marketing and advertising platform that functions as a Trading Desk to access inventory across search, video, mobile, displya, and other channels.

Customers include: JD.com, Daphne, Dapi.com, Red Dragonfly, Jxmall.com, Jiuxian.com, Kadang.com, Robam, Meters, Bonwe, Yummy77.com Ronshen, Shangpin.com, Inoherb, eelly.com, Yododo, Yoho!, The North Face, SR Best, Masa Maso, Meici, VANCL, Siemens, Naruko, Aimer, COFCO, Womai.com, Banggo, SeptWolves, Web International English, iBuying.com, Anita, iHush.com, Chinadrtv.com, 51buy.com Vipshop.com, Moonbasa, Dangdang.com, Luolai, ykSuit, YouGou.



Image Source 

Website: http://www.mobiexchanger.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/MOBIEXCHANGER
Employees on LinkedIn: 4
Founded: 2014
HQ: Beijing, China. 
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPM, CPV, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Adjust, Kochava, AppsFlyer

MobiExchanger is a programmatic demand-side mobile advertising platform that utilizes mobile DMP data for extra granular targeting.

Partners include: Celtra, PubMatic, Mogo, InMobi, Mopub, Nexage, Rubicon Project, and Smaato.


CityAds Media

Image Source 

Website: https://cityads.com/main/en/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/cityads_ru
Blog: https://blog.cityads.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 135
Founded: 2010
HQ: Moscow, Russia.
Pricing Models: CPI
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: AppsFlyer

CityAds is an online performance marketing platform that charges mainly on a Cost-per-Action model. They claim to have over 31,000 partners across 55,000 websites, having driven more than 51M conversions in 2013.

Targeting Parameters include: User Interests, Geo targeting, Demography, Channels, and Traffic Type.

They are able to use their DMP to normalize, collect, and segment data from: Search, CRM Systems, Your website, 3rd Party Suppliers, Email, Social Media, and other sources.

Clients include: AliExpress, Bigpoint.com, Stylepit, Emter, Home Credit Bank, and Tom Tailor.



Image Source 

Website: http://www.eptonic.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/Eptonic
Employees on LinkedIn: 74
Founded: 2014
HQ: Chengdu, China.
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPM, CPV, CPCV, CPL, CPE, CPC, CPS
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: AppsFlyer

Eptonic is a mobile performance ad network, affiliate network, and DSP specializing in the Chinese market.

They are able to reach users across direct sources, and also search & social sources such as Facebook, Google, VKontakte, and Line.

They also have partnered with companies like: Avazu, Mobvista, Mundo and Clickdealer.

Advertisers include: 360 Security, DU Battery Saver, King’s Empire, APIS, Fieryland, Lock Booster, Clash of Kings, Swift Wifi, FallenSouls, Clean Master, Power Clean, Burning Blade – Legend, Candy Crush Saga, DU Speed Booster, LEO Privacy Guard, 360 Security.



Image Source 

Website: http://wiseadx.com/
Founded: 2011
HQ: Shanghai, China. 
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: Appsflyer

WiseADX is a Chinese digital advertising platform and affiliate network with inventory in over 200+ countries. They claim to work with over 300 advertisers, to serve inventory on web and in-app.

They list CPA and CPI offers from advertisers for app downloads, subscriptions, registrations, sweepstakes, or for dating.

Partners include: 7k7k.com, 51, Youzu.com, Dahei.com, KingNet, Gamewave Interactive Technology Co Ltd, and 4399.



Image Source 

Website: http://www.wisemedia.cn/
Employees on LinkedIn: 13
Founded: 2011
HQ: Shanghai, China. 
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: AppsFlyer

WiseMedia is a Chinese programmatic platform that offers a PC / Mobile DSP, SSP, Private Marketplace, and Data Service. They claim a reach of 1B daily unique users for display, video, and mobile traffic.

Advertiser partners include: P&G, Dell, Samsung, Sharp, McDonald’s, HP, Beats Audio, GoPro, Alpecin, Coach, Citibank, Ford, Adidas, Sheraton, Westin, ExxonMobil, Panasonic, China Unicom, ICBC, Alibaba, Visa, OSRAM, Toshiba, Suning.com, Mazda, Metro, Toyota, Agoda, Air China, Kyocera, Chery, Scoot, Tencent, Cathay Pacific, Princess Cruises, Vipshop.com, Safety&Quality, ClubMed, Logitech, BASF, Tencent Games, Snail Game, Youzu.com, 4399, DAhei.com, 37.com, wan.Sogou.com, i-Cafe, GAme2.cn, and 9377.com.

Ad Exchange Partners include: TANX, Doubleclick Ad Exchange, ADX, Allyes, xTrader, Sina.com.cn, YouKu, Baidu, Sohu.com, Viagao.com, TNT Media, BaoFeng.com, LeTV, Qiyi, Digital Matrix, Gmw.cn, MediaV, Baidu, AceLink, PubMatic, iFeng.com, 91RTB, Mogo, InMobi, AppFlood, Smaato, VoiceAds, and MPoints.



Image Source 

Website: http://www.optaim.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 7
Founded:  2013
HQ: Beijing, China.
Pricing Models: CPI
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: AppsFlyer, TalkingData, AdMaster, AC Nielsen

Optaim is a Chinese mobile DSP that allows advertisers to use social data to reach over 800M monthly users.

Customers include: BMW, Volkswagen, Ford, Toyota, Nestle, Pepsi Nike, McDonald’s, Hyundai, Land Rover, Ping An Insurance, HSBC, Nivea, New Balance, Sony, Lenovo, Dell, Walt Disney, and Shell.

Other Chinese Brands they’ve worked with include: LineKong, Gome, Vip.com, Jumei.com, 4399, 37Wan, Hujiang.com, and 9377.com.



Image Source 

Website: http://birdmedia.com/
HQ: York, United Kingdom.
Pricing Models: CPI
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: AppsFlyer

Birdmedia is a digital marketing company focused on the Mainland China market.

Inventory Partners include: (Chinese Websites) 6Park.com, Yeeyi.com, Nowfr.com, bbs.Xineurope.com, Decner.com, Kaiyuan.de, 86uk.com, Powerapple.com, likeca.com, 51CAnada, Yorkbbc.ca, CNER.com, MITBBS.com, BackChina.com, ChinaGate, (Classic Papers) The Chinese Weekly, UK-Chinese Times, China Daily, European Times, Eastweek, Chinese Press, Sing Tao Daily, World Journal, (Foreign Language Websites) YP, ReachLocal, Ask, CitySearch, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook, Google, (Mobile Media) WeChat, Ja Exclusive, (Video Media) Dailymotion, YouTube, e2MV.com.

They also include case studies on their Website from: (Multinational Brands) Easy Forex, Volkswagen iTalkBB, Groupon, Forex Club, BGO Beauty, Lynx Mail, Strawberrynet, Skype, Moneygram, Western Union, BMW, Jingdong Shopping, CMC Market, IronFX Group Meeting, Forex GAIN Capital Group, (North American Brands) Royal Natural Product, YouziGift.com, Tel Tel, Usitrip.com, ToursforFun.com, American NEXCESS Inc Auto Group, Chinese American Box Office, Sincere Travel, JOY Travel, NCE Global, Keywest Investments, TakeTours IvyMedia, Mytrip Outlet, SUNTV, Sea cucumber World, LW & DW International, USA Network Yami, goodsontime, California study network, BMO bank, Mercury textile, US-ticket netowrk, and Two red beans, (European Customers) Wang Dynastic, Atlantic, Omega Travel Group, Chinese Travel Shop, PWC, Madarin Consulting, UKCNShOP, YingDe Lawyers LTD, O2, LDA ILPA, Vectone, Lebara Mobile, China Telecom, UK-EDU, Oceantide, Egouexpress, Pegasus Global Trade, Freshasia Foods, UMIC, UniTop, Send2China, Index Education, UKCN Education, 51Parcel.com, (Oceania Brands) PBG Property Group, RealConnection, New Directions Finance, TICTA Creative, AGCO China, Aimei.com.au, STG International Service, Mingtian Real Property, VICPROP, AnyBusiness.com.au, 91Aus.com, CPL Online, PG Accountants, 88 Doncaster Hill, Elite Australia, Victoria IT Solutions, Hbuy, Elite Mortgage Brokers, AU-CHN Visa Service Pty Ltd, China MoneyTrade Group, Deakin University Australia, Erskine Rodan & Associates, LawBright Migration Consultant, Pickles Auctions, (Asian Brands) TickStudy.com, I Love Deals.sg, Shopping99, Kuniyasu Capital, Invast JP, 178.la, Sunny International Co LTD, Kirin, ABC Travel, Next Stage, Giant Panda Travel, Ctrip, Panli Shopping, HiMedia, Myaudiobooks, and Liyi99.



Image Source 

Website: http://www.gadmobe.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 11
Founded: 2012
HQ: Hong Kong.
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPM, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Kochava, AppsFlyer

Gadmobe is a mobile advertising platform that offers Rich Media, Mobile Video, and Native Ad Formats.

They offer 9 Targeting Options, Inventory in 190+ Countries, with over 100M Daily Impressions.

Their advertisers include: Buongiorno, CMCE, Clonefish, Definiti Media, DragonPlay, eFun, Elex, Easy Taxi, FriendFinder.com, GameInsight, Kalends, Lakbrokes, Matomy Media Group, @Mail.ru, SKOUT, UCWeb, WilliamHill, and Zed.


Ignite Vision

Image Source 

Website: http://www.ignite-vision.com/homepage/
Employees on LinkedIn: 19
Founded: 2007
HQ: Hong Kong
Pricing Models: CPS, CPA, CPL, CPC

Ignite Vision is an integrated performance marketing company with subsidiaries such as ChineseAN.com (Affiliate Network), Tinmoo.com (Ad Network), and OfferWOW (Targeted Marketing over Social Meida, Online Video, and other Innovative Formats).

They specialize in Leads, Downloads, Mobile, and Orders.

For ChineseAN, they’ve worked with customers such as 51bi.com, 51fanli.com, Tejiawang.com, Asia Miles, Lyoness, Supersonic Ads, 55haitao.com Paymentwall, Mainadv, buyii, Aspire, TokenAds, LinkTech, mgpyh, and offerme2.

Clients across all their products include: Amazon.cn, Nielsen, Zurich, The Body Shop, Spillker.com, Fossil, OpinionWorld, Sasa.com, Agoda, Cigna & CMC, Citibank, Tesco, and Toluna.


Chance Ad

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Website: http://www.cocounion.com/
Founded: 2012
HQ: Beijing, China. 
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPM, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: Appsflyer, TUNE, TalkingData, MobiAdZone

ChanceAd by Cocounion is a one-stop marketing solution and demand-side platform. They also offer a DMP.

Inventory Sources include: Google, Baidu, InMobi, Facebook, Unity, Youku, and QIY.

Advertiser partners include: Supercell, NetEase, YouZu.com, Changyou, Xiaomi.com, Kingsoft, Linekong, eFun, BabelTime, Yoho!Buy, and Com2Us.


Changyou (owned by Sohu)

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Website: http://www.changyou.com/en/index.shtml
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/CYOU_changyou
Employees on LinkedIn: 345
Founded: 2007
HQ: Beijing, China. 
Pricing Models: CPM
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: Adjust

Changyou is a leading online game developer and operator based in China. Their flagship game TLBB has over 300M registered users, and they also have IP for titles such as Legend of Sword and Fairy, Xuan Yuan Jian, as well as other well-known Japanese Animation IP.

Other properties they own include 17173.com, which is a leading information portal for gaming players in China, & Raidcall, which provides online music and entertainment services for users in Europe, Russia, and Japan.



Image Source 

Website: http://adjapon.com/en/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/adjapon
Employees on LinkedIn: 12
Founded: 2012
HQ: Tokyo, Japan.
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPM, CPV, CPCV, CPL, CPC, CPS, Pay-per-Call, Revshare / ROAS, % of Media Spend
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: HasOffers(MAT), Kochava, CAKE, AdJust.io, AppsFlyer, AppFireworks, Flurry, Apsalar, Flurry, Tapstream, CyberZ F.O.X, AdWays Party Tracker

AdJapon is a leading Japanese ad network and performance marketing platform with a global focus. The main markets they focus on is North America, South America, Asia, China, EU, and the Middle East.

They primarily work with advertisers on a CPA, CPI, and CPC basis.

They claim to work with over 13,000 advertisers and 1.3M publishers across the world.



Image Source 

Website: http://www.metaps.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/Metaps_PR
Blog: http://www.metaps.com/press/en/blog
Employees on LinkedIn: 54
Founded: Singapore. Satellite Office in Shanghai, China.
HQ: Tokyo, Japan. 
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Kochava, Adjust, AppsFlyer

Metaps is an advertising and marketing automation platform for mobile. They provide serve ads in-apps and on the Web, providing an end-to-end suite such as: Retention, Audience, Ad tracking, Analytics, Automation, Attribution all in one single Platform.

They are connected to over 1,000 publishers and ad networks across the world for maximum scale, claiming a user reach of over 200M users, and having driven over 2B app downloads.

Advertising clients include: King, LINE, Daumkakao, GungHo, GameBank, Yahoo! Japan, Sega, Square Enix, IGotGames, Zynga, GoodGameStudios, Kalends, Social Quantum, Happy Elements, Glu, Baidu, Gumi, Alim, ATeam, KLab, Marvelous!, Aiming, Sociapoint, Garena, Singtel, Com2Us, AsiaSoft, and TheOneofThem.



Image Source 

Website: http://adways.net/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/Adways_JP
Blog: http://adways.net/news/blog.html
Employees on LinkedIn: 294
Founded: 2001
HQ: Tokyo, Japan. 
Pricing Models: CPI
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: PartyTrack by Adways, Kochava, AppsFlyer

Adways is a Japanese integrated digital marketing platform. They launched Adways China in 2003, to cater to the growing Chinese digital and mobile advertising market.

They have a CPM Native Ad Network called BlueBee, and also provide Search Engine Marketing across Baidu. Other services include Social Media Marketing services, as well as Site Planing, Development, and Creative. Their AppDriver product drives installs for iOS and Android phones.

They have multiple Businesses, such as: (Advertising) AppDriver, Partytrack, 4T Strobe Lights, OCt-pass, Smart-C, JANet, CHANet, Keynet, BlueBeeBox, BlueBeeNative, adna, Rewards plus, Seads, Adways App Agency, (Data) Nint ECommerce, Nint Research, Nint China, (ECommerce) Leyifan.com.



Image Source 

Website: https://www.interspace.ne.jp/global/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/pr_interspace
Employees on LinkedIn: 17
Founded: 1999
HQ: Tokyo, Japan. 
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPV, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: AppsFlyer, Kochava

Interspace is a Japan-based ad and affiliate network that has capabilities across desktop, mobile, and tablet.

They mainly work on a performance basis, but also can do brand awareness.

Much of their ad buying is done through their Demand-Side Platform AccessTrade.

Their merchants / advertisers list includes: (Finance & Insurance) DMM.com, FX Prime by GMO, Japan Net Bank, Rakuten Bank, Cedyna, Credit Saison, Rakuten Card, Mobit, In’vasuto securities, Money Partners, SMBC Consumer Finance, (E-commerce) K’s Holdings Corporation, Kenkou Corporation, Kagome, Dosupara, Aqua Clara, Jay eye NTT, Guthy-Renker Corp, Radisshuboya, Stylife, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, FashionWalker, NTT DoCoMo, Fukusuke, Honeys Online Shop, dmr!, (Entertainment) Game On, NC Japan, ATeam, WeMade Online, Gung Ho Online Entertainment, Vector, X-Legend Entertainment Japan, Cyber Step, Koei Tecm Games, (Services Industry) O-Net, Hulu, Jalpak, USen, Biglobe, Musee Platinum, Hotels.com, Tempstaff, Miss Paris, Sepia-QWERTY International, Home’s Next Group Service, SpeeUer, Cyber Panel, MC Networks Japan, Will Communications, Human Academy, TAC Co, Tokyo Legal Mind, Mobaoku, Kurearu, De Facto Standard, Mainabi, Career Design Center, EI, Partner Agent, (Other) JMNC, Bike & Company, Web Crew, Akukoa.

Ad formats Sizes they offer include: 72×72, 88×31, 100×60, 100×100, 114×114, 120×60, 120×120, 120×600, 120×90, 120×40, 125×125, 135×45, 144×144, 160×600, 192×53, 200×200, 223×33, 234×60, 300×250, 320×100, 320×50, 320×48, 468×60, 728×90.


MicroAd (Majority owned by CyberAgent) 

Image Source 

Website: https://www.microad.co.jp/en/company/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/microad_com
Employees on LinkedIn: 158 
Founded: 2007
HQ: Tokyo, Japan.
Pricing Models: CPI, CPM
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: AppsFlyer, Kochava

MicroAd is a Japan-based Ad Network and Platform, offering a Demand-SidePlatform (BLADE), a Data Management Platform (PIXEL), and Supply-Side Platform (COMPASS). They also offer behavioral targeting and retargeting and focus on core APAC markets such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, South Korea, Thailand, and the Philippines.

They also claim that they are the #2 ad network in Japan (after the Google Display Network) with a reach over 65M unique users per month, 10,000 active advertisers, with Real-Time Bidding access to over 70B monthly impressions and coverage of 82% of internet users.



Image Source 

Website: http://focusm.kr/
Founded: 2004
HQ: Seoul, South Korea. 
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPM, CPV, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, AppsFlyer

FocusM is a Korea-based mobile app marketing platform, that focuses on helping apps rank in APAC markets for iOS.

They offer ads units such as: Shortcut Icon (Smart Icon), Pop-up Mount (focus notification), Exposed Banner, Preloading agency, and App Guide.

Inventory partners include: Smart Icon, Appang, Cauly, Daum Ad@m, ADzzle, Mobigo, Zibox, iConnect, adPOPcom.

Clients include: Daum, My People, Daum Map, MaWangJun, PiMing Makgo, Tiny Farm, Baseball2012 by Com2Us, BaeDal25, TMON, Puding Camera, Magic Tree, Olleh Map, Sachunsung, I’m In, Nate TV, Gildosa, Asean Travel, Dream Girl, Echu, Dal Music, Sinnununse, Where To Go, Quiz King, Isaek Cafe, Bungejangtu, Blood Rush, G.G Shake, Unforget, Health Me, Town Page.


CC Marketing

Image Source 

Website: http://cc-marketing.co.kr/china-digital-marketing/china-pc-advertising-marketing/
HQ: Seoul, South Korea. 

CC Marketing is a Chinese ad network and demand-side platform that provides a one-stop shop for audience management, data analysis, media planning, ad delivery, and performance reporting. They claim a reach of over 900M cookies across 1000 publishers. They also have a DMP and SSP offering.

Targeting options include: Geotargeting, Device targeting, Frequency targeting, and Interest targeting.

Channels they support include PC Advertising (Search Ads, Banner Ads, Online Video Ads, Targeted Ads), Mobile Advertising (Rich Media Ads, Augmented Reality, Location-Based Ads, Targeted Ads), Social Media Marketing (Weibo & WeChat Management, BBS/SMS Posting, Baudi Marketing, Digital Content Production), PR & SMS Marketing (Power Users, KOL Marketing, Advertorials, Word of Mouth, Influencers, Online PR, Campaigns & Promotions).

Their Mobile Advertising Platform gives access to inventory across a plethora of properties such as: Sina, Sohu.com, NetEase, iFeng.com, QQ.com, Trends.com.cn, 168.com, Yesky.com, Douban, Autohome.com.cn, V1.cn, CBN, TechWeb, Xici.net, eNet.com.cn, Pipi.cn, Myspace.cn, Haozu.com, People.com.cn, Car&Driver China, Yaolan, Aifang.com, Elle, Jiayuan.com, 56.com, uuSee, PCpop.com, MPlife.com, Qunarwang, 0-6.com, Hualu5.com, and Che168.com.

For their Social Media Marketing product, they can reach users across: Sina Weibo, Qzone, Renren, Kaixin, Douban, Youku, Wechat, QQ, Youku, Wechat, Sohu TV, and Yupoo.



Image Source 

Website: http://www.salesengineonline.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/saleseonline
Blog: http://www.salesengineonline.com/blog/
Employees on LinkedIn: 46
Founded: 2009
HQ: Lisboa, Portugal. 
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPL
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: AppsFlyer, AdJust

SalesEngineOnline is a digital marketing agency and network with business in over 40 Countries around the world.

They mainly work with clients on a Cost-per-Action basis, across Display, Email, and Search channels.

They work with customres such as: Ongeral Aegon, Nectar, NET, Open English, NOS, otpbank, Peugeot, Porto seguro, Prosegur, Regina Maria, Rehau, Securitas, Sonae Turismo, Tap Portugal, Terra, Unibanco, UPC, Vivo, Wells, Wise Up, Worten, Wall Street English, Abreu, BNP Paribas, Claro, Deutsche Bank, Editora Abril, Generali, Holmes Place, Icatu Seguros, Kitook, Lifecooler, Meo, and Miracle Mandarin.



Image Source 

Website: http://mpointinc.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/mPointMedia
Blog: http://mpointinc.com/blogpost/blog
Employees on LinkedIn: 15
Founded: 2014
HQ: New York, New York. 

MPoint is an ad platform that functions as a bridge into, and out of China. They have access to over 800M smartphone users, and 200B impressions per month. They operate a programmatic ad exchange, and data management platform.

Partners can purchase inventory through Premium Direct, Private Marketplace (PMP), and RTB Programmatic channels to access inventory across websites, mobile web, and apps in China.



Image Source 

Website: http://www.applift.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/AppLift
Blog: http://www.applift.com/blog
Employees on LinkedIn: 225
Founded: 2012
HQ: Berlin, Germany. 
Pricing Models: CPI, CPM, CPV, CPC, % of Media Spend
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: Adeven, AppsFlyer, MobileAppTracking by TUNE, Kochava, MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Adjust

AppLift is a mobile programmatic ad platform specializing in mobile app installs and performance-based campaigns.

Partners include: TUNE, Adjust, AppsFlyer, Apsalar, Flashtalking, JustAd, Kochava, Liveramp, Localytics, mParticle, Nielsen, and Pushspring.

Their Datalift self-serve demand platform gives marketers access to inventory from all major Supply-Side Platforms such as Mopub, Smaato, Brightroll, Flurry, PubMatic, SpotXchange, OpenX, TPMN, ScaleOut, PubNative, and more.

Clients include: Gameloft, King.com, eBay, Lyft, OLX, Rovio, Yandex, Lovoo, Twitter, Yelp, Zalando, and Zynga.



Image Source 

Website: http://vungle.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/Vungle
Blog: http://vungle.com/blog/
Employees on LinkedIn: 201
Founded: 2011
HQ: San Francisco. 
Pricing Models: CPI, CPM, CPCV, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileAppTracking by TUNE, Kochava, Adjust, AppsFlyer, Tenjin

Vungle is a mobile video ad platform that specializes in user acquisition and programmatic advertising. Targeting options include: Device Type, Settings, App, Language, Country, City, and more.

Vungle inventory can also be accessed programmatically on their open exchange or through a private marketplace deal, on leading DSPs such as Mediasmart, Videology, Avazu, Adap.tv, VDOPIA, Conversant, Brightroll, and TubeMogul.

Publisher partners include: Ubisoft, Outfit7, Socialpoint, EA, Storm8, Playrix, Sega, Scopely, FGOL, Fingersoft, Peak Games, and Ketchapp. Mediation layers include: Doubleclick for Publishers, AdMob, Appodeal, Fyber, Heyzap, Mopub, and Upsight.

They work with clients such as: EA, L’Oreal, NFL, MachineZone, Warner Brothers, Nissan, Nickelodeon, Ubisoft, Colgate, FIAT, Canon, Google, Sega, Zynga, Sony, Unilever, Barclays, Coca-Cola, Pocketgems, P&G, Socialpoint, Subway, Reese’s, and Scopely.



Image Source 

Website: http://www.adcolony.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/AdColony
Blog: http://www.adcolony.com/blog/
Employees on LinkedIn: 153
Founded: 2011
HQ: Los Angeles, CA.
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPM, CPCV
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: SDK, Server-to-Server, API, Fiksu, MobileAppTracking by TUNE, Kochava, Kontagent, Appsperse, Adjust, AppsFlyer, Tenjin

AdColony is the leading mobile video ad platform specializing in HD video to Grow, Engage, Retain and Monetize mobile audiences.

Targeting options include: Geography, Demographic, Context, Time of Day, Device, and Audience.

Placements include: Pre/Mid/Post Roll Video, Interstitial Video, Value Exchange Video, and Native In-Feed Video.

Clients include: Lufthansa, The CW, Carl’s Jr, Car Town Streets, Battle Nations, NY Daily News, Slacker Radio, Flixter, Clumsy Ninja, Deer Hunter, Jack in the Box, Microsoft Xbox, Reebok, Z2, Cie Games, and many more.



Image Source 

Website: http://loopme.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/LoopMe
Blog: http://loopme.com/blog/
Employees on LinkedIn: 102
Founded: 2012
HQ: London, United Kingdom. 
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPM, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Kochava, Adjust, AppsFlyer

LoopMe is the world’s largest mobile video platform, reaching over 2 billion devices worldwide via integration with programmatic ad exchanges and direct publishers.
LoopMe is the unifying platform for all mobile video ad formats, covering pre-roll, HTML5 and VAST, including native and full-screen formats which deliver stronger consumer engagement across all mobile devices.
Our optimization is driven by Artificial Intelligence, employing algorithms that optimize ad placements in real-time and deliver provably better results. This AI is complemented by its Data Management Platform, which underpins targeting and retargeting through customizable audience segmentation.
The company was founded by experienced mobile advertising executives Stephen Upstone (CEO) and Marco Van de Bergh (CTO), with the mission to improve mobile advertising for advertisers, publishers and end-users alike, by providing more engaging ad formats that improve the end-user experience as well as deliver better performance and results.

Rich Media partners include: Celtra, AdGibbon, FlashTalking, Doubleclick by Google, Sizmek, and Mediaplex.

Clients include: Dentsu Aegis Network, GroupM, Publicis Groupe, Omnicom Group, Essence, M&C Saatchi, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Adidas, Unilever, eBay, Amazon.com, Morrisons, Pizza Hut, Audi, Jaguar, Universal, StudioCanal, Sky, Outfit7, EA, King, Wooga, Supercell, Lyft, King, Supercell, Wooga, SGN, Com2Us, Storm8, Bandai Namco Games, OpenTable, DeNA, Scopely, StumbleUpon, Tap4Fun, Snail GAmes, FunPlus, Elex, KunLun, EA, Nokia, IGotGames, Mobage, PocketGems, Wooga, NaturalMotion, Socialpoint, BigFish Games, Sky, Universal, Heineken, Selfridges&Co, eBay, and Nokia.

LoopMe has global offices in New York, London, Los Angeles, Beijing, Dubai, Dnipro, South Africa, Bangalore, Berlin, and Paris.



Image Source 

Website: http://www.glispa.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/glispa
Blog: http://www.glispa.com/blog.html
Employees on LinkedIn: 203
Founded: 2008
HQ: Berlin, Germany. 
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPL, % of Media Spend
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileAppTracking by TUNE, AdX, AdEven, AppsFlyer, Kochava, Adjust, Tenjin

glispa is one of the largest private mobile performance ad companies in the world. With over 1B active users per month, and campaigns in over 187 Countries, they can serve up to 400B monthly ad impressions.

The company currently delivers over 1B clicks a month and track millions of post-install events each day. Their main offering consists of mobile marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing, as well as media planning and buying.

Their acquisition of MOBILS in Brazil allowed them to bolster their mCommerce and Native ad solutions in LATAM. Their AMPIRI product for mobile App Monetization provides features such as being fully transparent, intelligence optimizations, global coverage, advance audience targeting, and a reduced-size SDK.

Their main App Ranking solution gBoost allows app developers to burst to the top of the App Stores. They partner with over 150+ major app discovery and burst partners, and can run simultaneous campaigns in over 25+ markets. Clients that have used the gBoost product line of glispa include Deezer, FoodPanda, Elex, Zoom, Bukalapak.com, Hasbro, and Tap4Fun.

Their other core User Acquisition Network solution gPerform helps companies drive signups, installs, or any other performance outcome. They work with a network of 9,000 select publishers for inventory, and pricing is on a risk-free CPI / CPE / CPA basis, of which they can reach over 1B mobile and web users across the globe. Creative Units for gPerform include: In-app Units, Interstitials, and Video. Customers for this product include: Kaspersky, Socialpoint, and InnoGames.

Their latest gNative Ad solution provides native ad placements  through a private exchange. Placements are integrated seamlessly intoApp Navigation, App Walls, Marketplaces, and Browsers. For this solution they guarantee a 100% fill rate for publishers, and have over 1000+ direct advertisers plus additional demand through mediation. Ad Formats for their gNative solution include: Story Cards, List Cards, Native Button to Expandable, and Native Button to App Walls.

Lastly, their AMPIRI app monetization solution allows a developer to use a single SDK to connect with all Ad Networks and DSPs. Demand sources include: InMobi, Leadbolt, AdMob, Facebook Audience Network, Vungle, Unity Ads, Nexage, Buzzcity, Millennial Media, Bidswitch, StartApp, Applovin, AppLift, AdColony, Smaato, Lifestreet Media, MobFox, NativeX, Vserv, Axonix, Chartboost, MDotM. Formats for these includeNative, Non-Rewarded Video, Rewarded Videos, Interstitials, and Banners.

Worldwide clients include: Nexon Europe, Dafiti.com.br, Socialpoint, Kaspersky lab, Kongregate, Gaijin, Hasbro, InnoGames, FoodPanda, Zoom, Deezer, Tap4Fun, Square Enix, MakeMyTrip.com, GameLoft, AnchorFree, BigFlix, NeoMobile Commerce Company, ToysRUs, @Mail.Ru, BaiDu, Lookout, Kingsoft, WarGaming.net, OLX, FunPlus, CYou, Bigpoint, 360.cn, Konami, ELEX, BukaLaPak.com, GameInsight.com, Schibsted Media Group, Glu GAmes, Privalia, Gameforge, Spotify, Movile, Guvera, Kabam, Match.com, Jumia, Warner Brothers, Big Fish Games, Playdom, Travian Games, Lazada, DeNA, Kingsisle, Goodgame Studios, Level Up!, Red 5 Studios, Sega, Rebtel, PSafe, Momondo, Dolphin, Gumi, Quikr, SK Planet, Wooga, and eFun.



Image Source 

Website: http://www.ironsrc.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/ironSource
Blog: http://www.ironsrc.com/blog/
Employees on LinkedIn: 583
Founded: 2010
HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel.
Pricing Models: CPI, CPM, CPV, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Adjust, Kochava, AppsFlyer

ironSource is an Israel-based unicorn which builds technologies for app developers, device manufacturers, mobile carriers and advertisers. The company offers discovery, engagement, analytics and monetization tools, helping its partners find, understand, engage with and monetize their target audiences more effectively.

The company has raised over $105M to-date, and has made multiple acquisitions, the most recent one being Supersonic Ads. Together, the companies form one of the largest independent providers of mobile marketing and monetization, and for advertisers, they claim a reach of 100M devices in 2016, 4,200 apps installed per minute, having partnered with over 80k mobile apps, and 100+ mobile platforms.

In June 2016, the company announced that the Supersonic brand was being absorbed into ironSource, and all the company’s developer-oriented tools would be known as ironSource. The main ad units they offer include Rewarded Video, Native Display, Offerwalls, and Interstitials. Clients they work with span from the largest game developers to small independents, such as EA, GSN, Big Fish Games, Hipster Whale, Zynga, and Dots.

They also offer a mobile mediation solution for developers, where you can integrate with multiple ad networks through the ironSource mediation SDK. Network partners include: Facebook Audience Network, hyprMX, NativeX, Vungle, Applovin, AdColony, Flurry, Chartboost, InMobi, Mediabrix, SpotXchange, Rubicon Project, MdotM, BrightRoll, Tapjoy, Tremor Video, YuMe, AdMob, and UnityAds.



Image Source 

Website: http://www.xad.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/xAdInc
Blog: http://info.xad.com/blog
Employees on LinkedIn:
Founded: 2009
HQ: New York, New York. 
Pricing Models: CPM, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Kochava

xAd is the pioneer of location-based mobile marketing. The have a reach of over 325M monthly users, through 500B monthly available ad impressions. Over 100k apps use the xAd platform, and they have also indexed over 100M unique points of interest in their dataset.

Founded in 2009, their location intelligence platform makes location data actionable by aggregating consumer foot traffic behavior and turning them into unique inferred insights.

Their core products include: Marketplace Discovery, In-Store Targeting, Proximity Targeting, Audience Targeting, Search, and Measurement.

Clients include: BMW, Thrive Market, Oxfam America, Goodwill Industries, Columbia Sportswear, Scion, Outback Steakhouse, Dunkin’ Donuts, Pinkberry, Mamma Mia!, Philips, TruMoo, ASDA, Denny’s, Lock It Up, Oxfam America, Ambert Alert, EMC, KFC, and Movember.


Unity Ads

Image Source 

Website: https://unity3d.com/services/ads
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/unity3d
Blog: http://blogs.unity3d.com/tag/unity-ads
Employees on LinkedIn: 1,000+
Founded: 2003
HQ: San Francisco, CA. 
Pricing Models: CPI, CPC, CPV
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: Kochava, Adjust, AppsFlyer, Tenjin

Unity Ads was the amalgamation of the acquisition of Applifier by Unity Technologies in 2014. The Unity Technologies game development platform touches over 770M gamers worldwide, and Unity Ads was a perfect compliment to their existing business.

They specialize in in-game mobile video ads, and boast advertisers such as Machine Zone, Elex-Tech, and Cheetah Mobile.

Monetization clients include: Next Games, Halfbrick, SEGA, Futureplay, Game Hive, SoulGame, SuperCell, Smule, and Aeria Games.



Image Source 

Website: https://home.tapjoy.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/tapjoy
Blog: https://home.tapjoy.com/blog/
Employees on LinkedIn: 250
Founded: 2007
HQ: San Francisco, CA.
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPV, CPE, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: Kochava, Adjust, AppsFlyer, Tenjin, TUNE, DFP, Sizmek, Google Analytics, Localytics, Adobe, Flashtalking, Apsalar, AdBrix

Tapjoy was one of the original incentivized mobile ad networks, specializing in offerwalls. They’ve now gone horizontal into a broader mobile marketing automation platform, that provides predictive analytics and 100% user monetization for app developers.

They claim a reach of over 520M global monthly users, with 4.23M daily ad conversions, and 1B total app downloads across 10,000 active apps in their network.



Image Source 

Website: http://www.inmobi.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/InMobi
Blog: http://inmobi.com/blog/
Employees on LinkedIn: 1,000+
Founded: 2007
HQ: Singapore. 
Pricing Models: CPI, CPM, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: Kochava, AdTracker (AdTruth), MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Adjust, AppsFlyer, Tenjin, TalkingData, AdMaster

InMobi is one of the largest independent mobile ad networks in the world. Originally based in India, they moved their headquarters to Singapore and now have over 16 global offices including in Beijing.

They work with clients such as: Samsung, Steinlager, Lifebuoy, Stovetop, HTC, Spirit, Unilever, AXE, Ben & Jerry’s, Adidas, Kia, Slimfast, Paramount, Ford, Bravo, Macy’s, Sega, Degree, Levi’s and Dove Hair.


Matomy Media Group

Image Source 

Website: http://www.matomy.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/MatomyGroup
Blog: http://www.matomy.com/blog/
Employees on LinkedIn: 339
Founded: 2007
HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel.
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPM, CPV, CPL, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Kochava, Adjust, AppsFlyer

Matomy Media Group is an Israel-based digital and mobile performance advertising platform, that specializes in cross-channel display, mobile, social, video, email and search campaigns. They run a multi-channel ad network, along with other offerings such as: Incentivized Virtual Currency, Domain Monetization, and Search Engine Optimization services.

The company went public in mid-2014 after having delayed their IPO for a few months — and later in the year (Oct 2014), it was announced that Publicis would be completing a transaction effectively acquiring 24.9% of Matomy.

They raised a total of $17M in venture capital prior to going public, and have made a handful of acquisitions along the way including: MediaWhiz (Jan 2013), MobAff (Jul 2013), Adquant (Oct 2013), Team Internet (Jun 2014), MobFox (Oct 2014), Optimatic (Nov 2015).

In terms of sheer numbers, they have access to over 70B impressions per month on Display, 30B impressions per month on Mobile, 600M impressions per month on Social, 2B Video Plays on Video (through 200+ managed video publishers as well as through video ad exchanges), send 14M emails per day, drive 6M Incentivized conversions per month, have monetized 30B parked domains, and have 18k registered affiliates.

They also have 5,000 active advertisers running over 18,000 live campaigns, in over 100 countries. Verticals they have an expertise in are Games, Finance, Healthcare, Dating, Insurance, Home Services, Software, Education, eCommerce, Mobile Content, Entertainment, Mobile Apps, and Utilities.




Employees: 50
Founded: 2013
HQ: Tel-Aviv, Israel. Offices in Beijing, New-York, London
Pricing Models: CPM, CPI, CPA, CPM, CPV, CPC

Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: AppsFlyer, Adjust, Kochava, AdBrix, TalkingData, TUNE,

A self-learning, artificially intelligent, mobile advertising technology that evolves along with your audience. Combines advertisers’ own marketing data and a naturally programmatic machine learning system to create the first demand-side platform utilizing true A.I capabilities. Automated, scalable programmatic media buying capabilities with global reach (East & West).
Partners include Google, PubMatic, Mopub, Rubicon and AdColony in the west. Baidu, Tencent, Weibo, Sina and Alimama in China.


Doubleclick Bid Manager

Image Source 

Website: https://www.doubleclickbygoogle.com/solutions/digital-marketing/bid-manager/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/doubleclick
Blog: https://doubleclickadvertisers.blogspot.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 1,000+
Founded: 1995
HQ: New York, New York.
Pricing Models: CPM, % of Media Spend
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: AppsFlyer

Doubleclick Bid Manager is a global programmatic buying platform that services clients from over 26 countries. They started their offering in China in April 2012, and have integrated with 3rd party media sources such as Sina.com, Sohu.com, CNTV, ifeng.com and even TANX.

They are the market leader globally in the programmatic Demand Side Platform space, with a high-end audience in China as well as exclusive programmatic inventory access to YouTube. With DBM, a marketer can create, run, and measure all campaigns across devices such as mobile, desktop, and video, all through one platform.



Image Source 

Website: http://www.taptica.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/Taptica
Blog: http://blog.taptica.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 171
Founded: 2011
HQ: San Francisco, CA. 
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPM, CPV, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Kochava, AppsFlyer, Tenjin

Taptica is a cross-device advertising platform that that specializes in Mobile, Video, and Social advertising. They store 220M user profiles in their database, and get 22B requests per day, with 17,000 campaigns as data sources. They also have 450+ brand and app customers running, and have a significant presence in over 15+ countries.

Currently, they have 50,000+ supply and publishing partners worldwide. Some of these supply partners are Mopub, Millennial Media, AppNexus, and Rubicon Project.

Targeting they offer includes: Demographics (Gender, Age, HHI), Behavioral (Clickers, Other Services Used), Geographic (Country, Region, City), Creative (Video, Native Apps, Banner Size), System (Device Type, OS, OS Versions). Their core capabilities are Mobile & Display Targeting, Mobile Retargeting, Mobile App Installs, In-Stream Video Ads; they are also a Facebook Marketing Partners. (through their acquisition of AreaOne through Marimedia)

Advertisers include: Glu, Yandex, Zynga, Disney, Lyft, OpenTable, Storm8, Starbucks, HBO Now, Sony, Hotels.com, MachinzeZone, SKOUT, King, and Orbitz.


Ybrant Digital

Image Source 

Website: http://www.ybrantdigital.com/english/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/Ybrantdigital
Blog: http://www.ybrantdigital.com/blog/
Employees on LinkedIn: 305
Founded: 1995
HQ: Hyderbad, India.
Pricing Models: CPI, CPM, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Kochava, Adjust, AppsFlyer

Ybrant Digital is a new-age digital media company offering Digital Marketing solutions to businesses, agencies, and online publishers worldwide. They also own proprietary media such as Lycos, Gamesville, getMedia in Latin America and several travel websites in Australia.

The LYCOS Network of sites and services include Lycos.com, Tripod,Angelfire, HotBot, Gamesville, WhoWhere, and LYCOS Mail.

They also offer 40 Local Sites in 120 Languages with a community spanning across 177 Countries.

They claim to be able to serve 35 – 40B impressions per month globally, and employ over 500 people working out of 24 offices worldwide, including the US, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Ukraine, Sweden, Serbia, Israel, China, Thailand, Panama, India, Emirates, Russia and Australia, with representatives or partners in Spain, South Africa, and The Netherlands.

Ybrant has offerings across Display, Mobile, Video, Social, and Search. Their video offering includes In-Stream Video Ads (Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll, Post-Roll Placements), Mobile Video Ads (In-App & Mobile Web), In-Read Video Ads (Outstream Video), Overlay Video Ads.

Their video offering has over 2B Monthly Views, 250 Advertisers, 2,000+ Publishers, 25 Global Markets (including USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, Italy, France, Spain), and Key Verticals such as Business, Sports, News & Weather, Shopping, Travel, Automotive. Video partnerships include: Adap.tv, MOAT, SpotXchange, Vdopia, TubeMogul, Brightroll, Liverail, Tremor Video, Videology, and Q1Media.

Their clients include leading blue chip advertisers including: MTV, Samsung, Viacom, Maruti Suzuki, Airtel, Sony, Coco Cola, Star India, Vodafone, Samsung Electronics, Lenovo, ING, British Airways, Qatar Airways, Titan, Unilever, P&G, Hyundai Motors, ICICI Bank, LIC, and ITC.



Image Source 

Website: https://www.mundomedia.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/MUNDOmedia
Employees on LinkedIn: 118
Founded: 2009
HQ: Ontario, Canada.
Pricing Models: CPI
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Kochava, Adjust, AppsFlyer

MUNDOmedia is a global player in performance user acquisition and monetization. They provide a single buying point to over 35,000+ supply partners, with inventory in over 150 countriesworldwide.

Their clients include: Baidu, MachineZone, LetGo, Lyft, DoubleUCasino, FanDuel, IAC Applications, AliExpress, Gala Coral Group, UCWeb, Hotwire, and Cheapflights.



Image Source 

Website: http://inner-active.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/Inneractive
Blog: http://inner-active.com/resource-center/blog/
Employees on LinkedIn: 96
Founded: 2007
HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel. Sattellite Office in Beijing, China. 
Pricing Models: CPI, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Kochava, Adjust, AppsFlyer

Inneractive is a global independent mobile ad exchange, with a reach of over 630M unique global users per month, across 125 countries. Ad formats include: Mobile native video, mobile native display, mobile rich media, mobile interstitials, mobile pre-roll video, and dynamic creative optimization ads.

They operate the Inneractive Exchange (INNEX), an open exchange that also has private marketplace and programmatic guaranteed offerings.

They work with customers like: Pinger, Zynga, Sprint, Glassdoor, Mail.Ru, AnchorFree, CheetahMobile, and Baidu.



Image Source 

Website: https://go2mobi.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/go2mobi
Employees on LinkedIn: 39
Founded: 2011
HQ: Victoria BC, Canada.
Pricing Models: CPI, CPM
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Kochava, AppsFlyer

Go2Mobi is a full-service and self-service programmatic Mobile Demand Side Platform that helps marketers reach consumers at precise mobile moments.

Core targeting features include: Retargeting, 3rd party data, GPS targeting, Session Depth, Carrier / WiFi, Frequency Capping, Device Targeting, Category Targeting, and Day Parting.

Third Party Data partners include: Neustar, Exelate, Pushspring, Bluekai, Bluecava, Datonics, Factual, and Lotame. The main ad formats that can be used are: Display Ads, Video Ads, Rich Media Ads, and Native units.

Premium Audience Network partners are MLB.com, Zynga, Business Insider, The Weather Channel, The Huffington Post, Flipboard, and others.

Customers include: Best Western, Honda, Heiniken, Walmart, McDonalds, Buffalo Wild Wings, and the United States Postal Service.



Image Source 

Website: https://www.exoclick.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/Exoclick
Blog: https://www.exoclick.com/about-us/blog/
Employees on LinkedIn: 54
Founded: 2006
HQ: Barcelona, Spain.
Pricing Models: CPA, CPM, CPL, CPC, Revshare / ROAS, Flat Rate
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: AppsFlyer, Kochava, TUNE

ExoClick is one of the pioneering Ad Networks that has been around for over 10 years, claiming to be the 4th largest ad network in the world. They have access to 5B+ impressions daily, and offer a 100% transparent self-service platform, with 20+ Ad Formats across Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, and Smart TVs.

Desktop Ad Formats they offer include: HTML5 video banner, Pre-roll in-stream video, Sticky Banner, Notification bar, Display Banner, Popunders, Interstitials, Instant Message, In-Video Ads, Direct Links, Customizable text ads. Mobile Ad Formats include: Display banners, Instant Messages, Popunders, Mobile redirects, and Android In-App Banners.

Targeting Features inculde: Keyword Targeting, IP Range Targeting, Language, Geotargeting, Contextual, Browser, Operating System, Device, Mobile Carrier, Site Targeting, Frequency Capping, and Dayparting.

Clients include: Adstract, Kromtech, Kantox, Be Mobiz, Mobusi, Gold Kiwi, Birdview, 888 Holdings, Digital Performance, Kimia, and Together Networks.



Image Source 

Website: http://www.gameloft.com/advertising-solutions/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/Gameloft_Ads_US
Employees on LinkedIn: 1,000+
Founded: 1999
HQ: Paris, France. 
Pricing Models: CPM, CPI
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: AppsFlyer, Kochava, S4M, adjust

Gameloft Advertising Solutions offers premium in-game advertising solutions to advertisers, with ad formats such as IAB Standards, Rich Media & Native formats.

Some numbers they boast include being the #2 Game Publisher in downloads (according to AppAnnie 2015), having 2.8M games downloaded every day, 30+ Games that can be advertised across, and a broad appeal for their games.

The four main ad formats they offer are Rich Media, Native, Display, and Video. Targeting options include: Demographics, Devices, Geolocation, Interests & Lifestyle, and User Preferences.

Gameloft Games include: MyLittlePony, SniperFury, Uni & Friends, Modern Combat Blackout 5, Age of Sparta, Asphalt Overdrive, Blitz Brigade, Brothers in Arms 3, Candy Block Breaker, Cars, Danger Dash, Dizzy Fruit, Gangster Vegas, GT Racing 2, Heros of Order & Chaos, Ninja Up!, Nova 3, Pastry Paradise, RF 2012, Rival Knights, Shark Dash, Six Guns, Total Conquest, Wonder Zoo, Spider Man Unlimited, Country Friends, Blacklist Conspiracy, PetShop, Magic Kingdoms, Asphalt Airborne 8, Minion Rush, and Dragon Mania Legends.

Clients include: United International Pictures, Kelloggs, Ford, Sony Pictures, Hasbro, BPI, Warner Bros, Gillette, Mercedes-Benz, Deezer, Disney, Huawei, Mondelez International, 20th Century Fox, Chevron, Changhong, Swatch, Orange, SanDisk, Oasis, Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Netflex, Inoherb, Adidas, Alienware, Cheetos, Vodafone, Chevrolet, Claro, Lego, ABInBev, Airberlin, Nintendo, Papa Johns, Samsung, Axe, Rakuten.com.my, Ubisoft, Acer, WB, Bandai, Microsoft, SEAT, Krispy Kreme, Honda, Nike, and Rexona.



Image Source 

Website: https://www.talkingdata.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/TalkingData_HQ
Blog: http://blog.talkingdata.net/
Employees on LinkedIn: 112
Founded: 2011
HQ: Beijing, China. 

TalkingData is a Big Data as-a-service platform that focuses on the Mobile App Ecosystem. They offer products are services that cover mobile app analytics, mobile ad tracking, mobile game analytics, mobile marketing intelligence, DMP (Data Management Platform), as well as industry consulting.

Their mobile app analytics supports 7 development environments such as iOS, Android WindowsPhone, PhoneGap, Unity3D, HTML5, and WeApp. It is trusted by over 80,000 app developers, across 100,000 mobile apps, covered 2.3B mobile devices.

Their Ad Tracking tool monitors over 200 ad platforms such as Google Adwords, Sina, glispa, InMobi, Baidu, AdSage, Mobvista, Chartboost, Chance Ad Network, DoMob, Adwo, Appcoach, UnityAds, Avazu, Youku, GuoheAd, Cheetah Mobile, DianRu, BiddingX, UC Union, Bede Adtech Solution, Limei, Wap5, FAN, Bigtree.mobi, DreaMobi, Mogo, Immomo.com/ad, AdJust.com, WiseMedia, AdMob, iPinYou, AdView, DouYuTV.com, Vungle, Dianjoy, Guomob, Tapjoy, Bayescom, and TukMob.

Partners include: China Unicom, China Telecom, UCloud, APICloud, Testin, IAPPPay, Google, Baidu, Allyun, Tencent, 360.cn, Sohu.com, Youku, VIP.com, Cheetah Mobile, Jumei.com, v.ifeng.com, Qunar.com, InMobi, DoMob, iPinYou, Chukong Technologies, BlueFocus, China Merchant Bank, China Citic Bank, China Union Pay, Industrial Bank Co Ltd, China Mobile.



Image Source 

Website: https://www.sizmek.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/sizmek
Blog: https://www.sizmek.com/blog/
Employees on LinkedIn: 754
Founded: 1999
HQ: New York, New York.
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPM, CPCV, CPL, CPE, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Kochava, Adjust, AppsFlyer

Sizmek is a open ad management paltform that has entire suite of products that includes: Programmatic Creative, Dynamic Creative, Rich Media, Programmatic, StrikeAd DSP, Data, Peer39, and Ad Serving across Mobile, Video, and Display channels.

Clients & Partners include: Mars, Mazda, Nike, Nissan, Omnicom Group, Paramount, P&H, Prada, Samsung, Sony, TicketMaster Unilever, Volkswagen, Wells Fargo, WPP, American Express, Armani, Canon, Calin Klein, Dentsu, GroupM, H&M, Havas, HSBC, IPG, Levi’s, LG, and Louis Vuitton.

StrikeAd DSP clients and partners include: Datalogix, Factual, Google, Lotame, Mopub, Neustar, Nexage, NinthDecimal, Opera Mediaworks, Oracle, Peer39, PubMatic, Rubicon Project, SmaRTB, TVTY, Liverail, Adsquare, Bluekai, Brightroll by Yahoo.

StrikeAd DSP also has a proprietary bidder that allows marketers to target by: Behavioral, Contextual, Demographics, App vs Mobile Web, Carrier & OS, Mobile Device Attributes, Retargeting, Day of Week, Time of Day, Hyperlocal.



Image Source 

Website: http://e.baidu.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/BaiduMobile
Employees on LinkedIn: 1,000+
Founded: 2000
HQ: Beijing, China. 
Pricing Models: CPM, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: AppsFlyer, Kochava

Baidu is the largest search engine in China, with a marketshare of 87%. Over 620M Internet users use Baidu, and they process over 6B search queries a day. 100% of the Forbes Chinese Top 10 enterprises are advertising on Baidu, with the total number of businesses advertising with Baidu being over 600,000+.

They also have a network of 700,000 sites, and 50,000+ apps through which text, pictures, animations, and other forms of ads can be displayed, on non-Baidu owned properties to extend the reach of advertising campaigns. (Similar to Google Display Network)

Customers include: FAW-Volkswagen, Dell, Peugeot, Letv, Nissan, Dior, Jaguar, Samsung, Lenovo, Fomz, Mercedez Benz, XDF.cn, Centrum, Womai, Bentley, Chanel, Home Solution, LG, L’Real, Air china, Panasonic, Audi, China Citic Bank, JD.com, Perfect World, Louis Vuitton, BeinMate, BMW, Ctrip, Hyundai, Amazon.cn, Maybelline, Yida, DHL.


Qihoo 360

Image Source 

Website: http://e.360.cn/static/service/#30
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/QIHU_Official
Employees on LinkedIn: 1,000+
Founded: 2005
HQ: Beijing, China. 

Qihoo 360 is a Chinese internet security and technolgy company known for their antivirus software, web browser, and mobile app stores. Their products as a whole have over 90% market penetration in China, with over 600M active users.

Some of their key products include: 360 Internet Security, 360 Mobile Security, 360 Safeguard, 360 Secure Browser, 360 Mobile Assistant, 360 Security, 360 Total Security.

They also have built a DSP, DMP, and AdExchange (MAX), which allow them to collaborate with other major advertising platforms. Targeting options on their paid search product include keywords, geography, and time of day.

The 360 search and other platforms have over 90% market penetration in China, with more than 400M active users. Targeting options include keywords, geography, time of day, etc.

In the realm of Mobile App promotion, their 360 Mobile Assistant has over 800M “user groups”, with an average daily usage of 180M users.



Image Source 

Website: http://ads.tencent.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 40,000+
Founded: 1998
HQ: Guangdong, China. 
Pricing Models: CPM, CPC, CPI

Tencent is one of the largest internet and gaming conglomerates in China, with a marketcap of over $270B USD. They mainly make money off of internet advertising & value added services.

They own products such as:

– Instant Messaging Platform for PC & Mobile
– As over Q4 2016, QQ had 868M MAUs, with 244M people using QQ simultaneously

– The most dominant mobile messaging platform in China
– Platform that uses messaging as a gateway into all other services & apps that people need – their “mobile digital lifestyle”
– As of Q3 of 2016, WeChat had 846M MAUs

– Social Networking Platform
– As of Q3 of 2016, Qzone reached more than 632M MAUs

Other Products:
– Tenpay
– Weixin/WeChat Pay
– QQ Wallet
– Tencent Games
– Tencent Literature
– Tencent Comic
– Tencent Pictures
– QQ Music
– Penguin eSports
– NOW Live
– Interest Tribe
– QQ.com
– Tencent News
– Tencent Video
– Tencent Microblogging
– YingYongBao
– QQ Browser
– Tencent Mobile Manager
– Tencent PC Manager
– Tencent Map
– QQMail

Tencent also launched a Demand-Side-Platform named Tango in May 2013. Tango integrates with Tencent’s real-time AdExchange to connect with its rich user data obtained from QQ.com, V.QQ.com, and other Tencent platforms.

Tencent also has a DMP, ad works with partners such as AdMaster, Amnet, Shanghai HM, IPG Mediabrands, Zhenai.com, Vivaki, JD.com, Meilishuo.com, 58.com, Yiche.com, Accuen.



Image Source 

Website: http://mediakit.sina.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/SinaWeibo
Founded: 1995
HQ: Beijing, China. 
Pricing Models: CPC, CPM

SINA is one of the leading online media companies in China, serving Chinese communities globally. They own SINA.com (web portal), SINA.cn (Mobile Portal), and Weibo (Social Networking / Microblogging).

Within Mainland China, SINA offers services such as: SinaMail, Sina Instant Messenger, SinaChat / SinaForum, SinaDating, Premium Email, Internet Access ISP, Online games. Their main content Channels include: News, Sports, Entertainment, Technology, Finance, Search, Auto, Real Estate, Games, and Ladies (co-produced by L’Oreal).

Active key clients globally include: AT&T, Caesar Entertainment, Chase, Coca-Cola, Comcast, Delta Airline, Ford Motor, General Motors, Godiva, Hyundai, Infiniti, Lancome, McDonald’s, Nissan, State Farm Insurance, Toyota, Wal-Mart, Wells Fargo, Verizon, and more.



Image Source 

Website: https://ads.alibaba.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/AlibabaTalk
Employees on LinkedIn: 10,000
Founded: 1999
HQ: Hangzhou, China. 

Alibaba is the preeminent e-commerce company in China, with services that range from B2B, B2C, C2C portals, Cloud Computing, and Advertising services. It currently has a marketcap of over $260B USD.

Their companies and affiliated entities include: 

– Alibaba.com
– Ant Financial
– AutoNavi
– Taobao
– Tmall.com
– Juhuasuan
– eTao
– Alipay
– Alibaba Cloud (Aliyun)
– AliExpress
– Yahoo! China
– Aliwangwang
– Laiwang
– Alibaba Pictures
– Youku Tudou
– 11 Main
– Alibaba Group R&D institute
– Xiami
– 365fanyi.com
– South China Morning Post
– Ali Health
– UCWeb
– Lazada

They also have an ad exchange TANX (Taobao Ad Network & Exchange), which was one of the earliest players int he Chinese RTB market. They also offer a DSP, SSP, and DMP, and can do private marketplace deals through these platforms.

Taobao’s ad platform is mainly used by merchants or Taobao sellers. However, with over 7M merchant accounts on Taobao, they have a massive potential advertiser base that can leverage their search keyword paid ads. Taobao also has an affiliate network that claims to be the largest network in terms of monetary payout to it’s affiliates in China.

Alimama is another centerpiece of Alibaba’s advertising business; it gives merchants a single-point solution for buying ads to promote their products on Alibaba’s eCommerce site, the Taobao Marketplace, or across it network of 3rd party sites on the Taobao Affiliate Network.


Youku (owned by Alibaba)

Image Source 

Website: http://c.youku.com/aboutcn/adservice/
Employees on LinkedIn: 314
Founded: 2006
HQ: Beijing, China. 

Youku is the largest video platform in China, that boasts 500M monthly active users, with 800M daily video views. Other video streaming platforms (competitors) incude iQiyi, Sohu, LeTV, V.QQ.com / Tencent Video, PPTV, 56.com, and Funshion.com.

Typically, they work only with big spenders and larger brands, on a CPM basis. Ads units include: pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll, pause ads, as well as ads that appear on the homepage.



Image Source 

Website: http://ad.sohu.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 1,000+
Founded: 1995
HQ: Beijing, China. 
Pricing Models: CPM, CPC, CPI
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: Kochava

Sohu is one of the largest Chinese Internet companies with holdings in search, advertising, and multi-player gaming services. As of today, they have a $1.5B USD marketcap, as listed on the NASDAQ.

Properties they own include: Sohu.com, Changyou, Sogou.com, tv.sohu.com, pinyin.sohu.com, focus.cn, chinaren.com, 17173.com, Go2map.com

Clients include: GroupM, Charm, ecSage!, Yensyn, Neo@Ogilvy, Gdad, ZenithOptimedia, &c, Hyink, Catch Stone, Cig.


In Addition: List of Chinese 3rd Party App Stores



Image Source 

Website: https://www.wandoujia.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/wandoujia
Blog: http://www.wandoujia.com/blog
Employees on LinkedIn: 162
Founded: 2009
HQ: Beijing, China.


Baidu App Store

Image Source 

Website: http://as.baidu.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/BaiduMobile
Employees on LinkedIn: 1,000+
Founded: 2000
HQ: Beijing, China. 


Tencent Myapp

Image Source 

Website: http://sj.qq.com/myapp/
Employees on LinkedIn: 40,000+
Founded: 1998
HQ: Guangdong, China. 


Xiaomi MIUI App Store

Image Source 

Website: http://app.xiaomi.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/xiaomi
Employees on LinkedIn: 1,000+
Founded: 2010
HQ: Beijing, China.


Huawei App Store

Image Source 

Website: http://appstore.huawei.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/HuaweiMobile
Employees on LinkedIn: 80,000+
Founded: 1987
HQ: Shenzhen, China.


Qihoo 360 Mobile Assistant

Image Source 

Website: http://zhushou.360.cn/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/QIHU_Official
Employees on LinkedIn: 1,000+
Founded: 2005
HQ: Beijing, China. 


91 Mobile Assistant (owned by Baidu)

Image Source 

Website: http://zs.91.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/BaiduMobile
Employees on LinkedIn: 1,000+
Founded: 2000
HQ: Beijing, China. 



Image Source 

Website: http://apk.hiapk.com/himarket
Founded: 1999
HQ: Beijing, China.



Image Source 

Website: http://app.d.cn/


Anzhi Market

Image Source 

Website: http://www.anzhi.com/
HQ: Beijing, China.


CMCC Mobile Application Market

Image Source 

Website: http://mm.10086.cn/
Employees on LinkedIn: 10,000+
Founded: 2004
HQ: Beijing, China. 


Oppo Store

Image Source 

Website: http://store.oppomobile.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/oppo
Employees on LinkedIn: 3,000+
Founded: 2004
HQ: Guangdong, China.



Image Source 

Website: https://dev.vivo.com.cn/index.jsp
Blog: http://bbs.vivo.com.cn/
Employees on LinkedIn: 1,000+
Founded: 2009
HQ: Guangdong, China.



Image Source 

Website: http://www.gfan.com/
Founded: 2000
HQ: Beijing, China. 



Image Source 

Website: http://www.appchina.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 38
Founded: 2011
HQ: Beijing, China.


25PP / Taobao Mobile Assistant

Image Source 

Website: http://www.25pp.com/
Founded: 2004
HQ: Guangzhou, China. 


Meizu Appstore


Image Source 

Website: http://app.meizu.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/MEIZU
Employees on LinkedIn: 284
Founded: 2003
HQ: Guangdong, China. 


Lenovo Store

Image Source 

Website: http://www.lenovomm.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/lenovo
Employees on LinkedIn: 26,000+
Founded: 2005
HQ: Beijing, China. 


MuMaYi Market

Image Source 

Website: http://www.mumayi.com/android-1.html
Founded: 2003
HQ: Beijing, China.


China Unicom WoStore

Image Source 

Website: http://store.wo.com.cn/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/ChinaUnicomGlob
Employees on LinkedIn: 11,000+
Founded: 2009
HQ: Beijing, China.


China Telecom Tianyi Store

Image Source 

Website: http://www.189store.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/chinateleglobal
Employees on LinkedIn: 6,000+
Founded: 2002
HQ: Beijing, China.


m.163.com (owned by NetEase)

Image Source 

Website: http://m.163.com/iphone/
Blog: http://blog.163.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 3,600+
Founded: 1997
HQ: Hangzhou, China.


Sogou Mobile Assitant

Image Source 

Website: http://zhushou.sogou.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 792
Founded: 2004
HQ: Beijing, China.


Google Play

Image Source 

Website: https://play.google.com/store?hl=cn
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/GooglePlay
Blog: https://android.googleblog.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 90,000+
Founded: 1998
HQ: Mountain View, CA.



Image Source 

Website: http://www.iqiyi.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 884
Founded: 2010
HQ: Beijing, China.


Coolpad Store

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Website: http://www.coolpad.com/index.html
Employees on LinkedIn: 208
Founded: 1993
HQ: San Diego, CA.


Gionee Anzhuoapk

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Website: http://www.appgionee.com/
Founded: 2016
HQ: Shenzhen, China.


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