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The Ultimate List of Israeli Ad Networks & Ad Technology Companies

Israel is known to be a technology mecca outside of Silicon Valley, with many start-ups building products that cater to the needs of the global digital and mobile advertising industry.

Here is a list of the top Israeli Ad Networks and Ad Technology companies.

Data for this list was sourced from www.thalamus.co

(Last Updated Feb 2018)



perion-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://www.perion.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/PerionNetwork
Blog: http://www.perion.com/news-page/
Employees on LinkedIn: 293
Founded: 1999
HQ: Holon, Tel Aviv, Israel.
Pricing Models: CPM, CPI, CPV, CPC, CPA, CPCV, % of Media Spend
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: GrowMobile SDK, Server-to-Server, Mobile App Tracking by TUNE, Adjust, Kochava, AppsFlyer, Apsalar

Perion Network is an Israel-based software company that burst onto the global digital advertising scene when they made acquisitions of both Grow Mobile (mid-2014 for $30M) and Undertone (late-2015 for $180M).

Perion is the Hebrew word for ‘productivity’ and the company has made many other acquisitions along the way including Smilebox (2011, Digital Photo Album & Slideshow Creation Software), SweetPacks (2012, Downloadable Content), Conduit’s ClientConnect business (2014), and MakeMeReach (2015, Social Ads).

With all these under one roof, Perion can now use this integrated technology suite to provide end-to-end services for all their customers in the digital ecosystem. Their businesses are now broken out into four components: Undertone (Brand Advertising), Grow Mobile (Social + Mobile User Acquisition), CodeFuel (Engagement & Monetization for Publishers), and their Owned/Operated Properties Smilebox & Incredimail.



taboola-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: https://www.taboola.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/taboola
Blog: http://blog.taboola.com/
Employees on LinkedIn:  387
Founded: 2007
HQ: New York, New York. Satellite Office in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Pricing Models: CPC

Taboola is one of the pioneers in the native, and content discovery/recommendation space, having been around since 2007 and raised over $160M to-date. They partner with top publishers such as The Weather Channel, Eurosports, The Atlantic, Tribune, Yahoo! Japan, NBC Universal, Time Warner Cable, L’Express, Mail Online, Business Insider, AOL, MSN, Trinity Mirror, CBS Interactive, Die Welt and many more, showing recommended content from other marketers and publishers below articles.

Typically a marketer will utilize their platform to extend the reach of a piece of content, and many have touted them as the leader in the paid content marketing arena. Making over 360B recommendations monthly, and having a reach of over 1B unique users per month (and over 5M+ pieces of content in their marketplace), an advertiser can truly achieve scale by using the audience extension capabilities of Taboola to reach users on high quality, top-tier publisher sites.

Brands they work with include: The Motley Fool, Ancestry.com, The Atlantic, General Electric, Ben & Jerry’s, Verizon, Merrell, Expedia, Rackspace, and LasikPlus.



outbrain-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://www.outbrain.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/Outbrain
Blog: http://www.outbrain.com/blog
Employees on LinkedIn: 557
Founded: 2006
HQ: New York, New York. Satellite Office in Netanya, Israel. 
Pricing Models: CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: Kochava, AppsFlyer

Outbrain was the original pioneer in the native advertising and content recommendation space. They now boast a reach of over 557M global monthly uniques, with over 200B recommendations served monthly, as last measured by comScore in Jan 2015.

Outbrain has raised $194M to-date, and has partnered with leading publishers such as CNN, ESPN, Fortune, Le Monde, The Sydney Morning Herald, Hearst, Sky News, Slate, Ziff Davis, The Washington Post, The Daily Telegraph, Fox News, New York Post, Time Inc, ABC News, Synacor, Fairfax Media, Atlantic Meida, Rodale, The Street, Mashable, ABS-CBN, News.com.au, People, and CNN Travel.

They also claim that over 80% of the world’s leading brands use Outbrain for content recommendation and discovery, including Huggies, Visa, McDonalds, Reiss, Shelter, One Kings Lane, Fleishman Hillard, EDB Singapore, TrendMicro, Lane Bryant, Unilever Hindustan, Tourism Ireland, and many others.



mythings-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://mythings.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/mythingsmedia
Employees on LinkedIn: 136
Founded: 2005
HQ: London, United Kingdom. Satellite Office in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Pricing Models: CPA, CPM, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileAppTracking by TUNE

myThings was one of the earliest players in the RTB space, specializing in utilizing this technology for conversion-driven online retailers. They’ve since gone beyond programmatic, expanding their offering into app retargeting, and cross-device advertising for marketers in over 30 countries worldwide.

The company has raised over $34M in venture capital to-date, and is integrated with over 17 Ad Exchanges and SSPs including Doubleclick, AppNexus, Rubicon Project, and also has 300 Premium Publisher direct integrations including Yahoo!, eBay, AOL, News Corp, Hi Media, Cox Digital, Orange Advertising, and others. Through these inventory partnerships, they serve over 5B impressions per month to consumers.

Customers include: Littlewoods, Very, Timberland, KLM, Orange, Toys R Us, Guess, Microsoft Store, Best Buy, Shop Direct Group, McAfee, Zalando, T-Mobile, Adidas, Walmart, Swarovski, Corsair, eBay, Booking.com, PriceMinister, and Vodafone.



ironsource-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://www.ironsrc.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/ironSource
Blog: http://www.ironsrc.com/blog/
Employees on LinkedIn: 542
Founded: 2010
HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel.
Pricing Models: CPI, CPM, CPV, CPC, CPA, CPE
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Adjust, Kochava, AppsFlyer

ironSource is an Israeli unicorn which builds technologies for app developers, device manufacturers, mobile carriers and advertisers. The company offers discovery, engagement, analytics and monetization tools, helping its partners find, understand, engage with and monetize their target audiences more effectively.

The company has raised over $105M to-date, and has made multiple acquisitions, the most recent one being Supersonic Ads. Together, the companies form one of the largest independent providers of mobile marketing and monetization, and for advertisers, they claim a reach of 100M devices in 2016, 4,200 apps installed per minute, having partnered with over 80k mobile apps, and 100+ mobile platforms.

In June 2016, the company announced that the Supersonic brand was being absorbed into ironSource, and all the company’s developer-oriented tools would be known as ironSource. The main ad units they offer include Rewarded Video, Native Display, Offerwalls, and Interstitials. Clients they work with span from the largest game developers to small independents, such as EA, GSN, Big Fish Games, Hipster Whale, Zynga, and Dots.

They also offer a mobile mediation solution for developers, where you can integrate with multiple ad networks through the ironSource mediation SDK. Network partners include: Facebook Audience Network, hyprMX, NativeX, Vungle, Applovin, AdColony, Flurry, Chartboost, InMobi, Mediabrix, SpotXchange, Rubicon Project, MdotM, BrightRoll, Tapjoy, Tremor Video, YuMe, AdMob, and UnityAds. 



kenshoo-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://kenshoo.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/Kenshoo
Blog: http://kenshoo.com/blog/
Employees on LinkedIn: 522
Founded: 2006
HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel. 
Pricing Models: CPM, % of Media Spend. 
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: AdJust, AppsFlyer, Apsalar, Kochava, TUNE

Kenshoo started off as one of the earliest paid search bidding platforms that allowed search marketers to manage campaigns across all search engines in one platform. They’ve since expanded beyond search to other channels like mobile, social, and display.

The company has raised over $49.66M to-date, and have customers in over 190 Countries including: CareerBuilder, Expedia, Facebook, KAYAK, Havas Media, John Lewis, Resolution Media, Sears, Starcom MediaVest Group, Tesco, Travelocity, Walgreens, and Zappos.

They claim to have their ads clicked on over 4,000 times per second, and are integrated with all types of inventory partners, such as: Facebook, Twitter, Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Yahoo! Japan, Baidu, Yandex, Yahoo! Gemini, Instagram, Google Display Network, Mopub, and Millennial Media.



adgorithms-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://adgorithms.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/adgorithms
Blog: http://adgorithms.com/adgorithms-in-the-news-2/#tab-id-4
Employees on LinkedIn: 64
Founded: 2009
HQ: New York, New York. Satellite Office in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Pricing Models: CPM, CPV, CPCV
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Kochava, AppsFlyer, AdJust, Adways, MADS, Apsalar

Adgorithms is a cross-channel autonomous marketing software company, powered by AI. They have the capabilty to serve over 200B ads a month, and reach 225+ monthly unique users, and currently operate in 72 countries with 4000 active campaigns.

They are plugged into the major ad exchanges including: Doubleclick, OpenX, Rubicon Project, AppNexus, Inneractive, Twitter, Mopub, Nexage. Yahoo!, Smaato, Millennial Media, AdMob, InMobi, SpotXchange, and PubMatic.

Current clients include MS Mode, Harley Davidson NYC, Made.com, gamigo AG, Travian Games, and Anastasia Dates.


Matomy Media Group

matomy-media-group-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://www.matomy.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/MatomyGroup
Blog: http://www.matomy.com/blog/
Employees on LinkedIn: 336
Founded: 2007
HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel. 
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPM, CPV, CPL, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Kochava, Adjust, AppsFlyer

Matomy Media Group is a Tel Aviv-based digital performance advertising platform, that specializes in cross-channel display, mobile, social, video, email and search campaigns. They run a multi-channel ad network, along with other offerings such as: Incentivized Virtual Currency, Domain Monetization, and Search Engine Optimization services.

The company went public in mid-2014 after having delayed their IPO for a few months — and later in the year (Oct 2014), it was announced that Publicis would be completing a transaction effectively acquiring 24.9% of Matomy.

They raised a total of $17M in venture capital prior to going public, and have made a handful of acquisitions along the way including: MediaWhiz (Jan 2013), MobAff (Jul 2013), Adquant (Oct 2013), Team Internet (Jun 2014), MobFox (Oct 2014), Optimatic (Nov 2015).

In terms of sheer numbers, they have access to over 70B impressions per month on Display, 30B impressions per month on Mobile, 600M impressions per month on Social, 2B Video Plays on Video (through 200+ managed video publishers as well as through video ad exchanges), send 14M emails per day, drive 6M Incentivized conversions per month, have monetized 30B parked domains, and have 18k registered affiliates.

They also have 5,000 active advertisers running over 18,000 live campaigns, in over 100 countries. Verticals they have an expertise in are Games, Finance, Healthcare, Dating, Insurance, Home Services, Software, Education, eCommerce, Mobile Content, Entertainment, Mobile Apps, and Utilities.



startapp-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://www.startapp.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/startapp
Blog: http://www.startapp.com/blog/
Employees on LinkedIn: 147
Founded: 2010
HQ: New York, New York. Satellite Office in Israel.
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPM, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Kochava, Adjust, Appsflyer, S4M, Apsalar

StartApp is a social mobile advertising platform that leverages big data, and social behaviors from a database of over 1.4B mobile users worldwide, for more granular targeting. They partner with advertisers such as Yelp, Yandex, Yahoo!, eBay, Bing, Tango, and Baidu to drive app installs at scale across the world.

The company has raised $7.3M in venture capital to-date, and has a reach of over 570M MAUs. Apps with their SDK have been downloaded over 9B times, and they currently claim over 99k active campaigns through their platform.

Top Creatives for the company include 360 Degree Ads, Interstitial Ads, Native Ads, App Walls, and Video Ads.



appnext-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://www.appnext.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/appnext_updates
Blog: http://blog.appnext.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 61
Founded: 2012
HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel.
Pricing Models: CPI, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: AppsFlyer, MobileAppTracking by TUNE, Emma, AdJust, Kochava, Apsalar, Voluum

AppNext is a mobile advertising platform that specializes in mobile user acquisition and Cost-per-Install advertising for mobile apps. In terms of sheer numbers, they work with over 30,000 developers, get 12B app requests per month, and can reach over 490 unique users in over 180 Countries.

Ad formats include: In-App Video Trailers, Native Ads, Interstitials, App Walls, Video Ads, and Content Widgets.

Advertisers include: Clean Master, Baidu, Taboola, Fetch, Hotel.de, Solo Launcher, Plarium, UC Browser, GoLauncher, MachineZone, NewsRepublic, NewsHunt, EverythingMe, Elex, AIO Tool Box, IndiaToday, Drippler, Hisense, CBS, Myntra, Benstar, SGN, NewsinShorts, Lovoo, Peak Games, Trivago, OLX, Paytm, Kabam, and Good Game.



clicksmob-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://clicksmob.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/ClicksMob
Blog: http://clicksmob.com/blog/
Employees on LinkedIn: 55
Founded: 2012
HQ: San Francisco, CA. Satellite Office in Israel.
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPM, CPL, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileAppTracking by TUNE, AppsFlyer, Kochava, TapStream, Adjust

ClicksMob is aMobile Performance Platform that offers risk-free performance based pricing models such as CPI, CPA, or CPL.

They have inventory on iOS, Android, and even WAP in over 150 Countries. As an affiliate, there are over 200 campaigns to choose from to help drive conversions to.

Clients include: SKOUT, SGN, OLX, MachineZone, Kabam, GREE, Lazada.com.ph, and 888.com.



taptica-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://www.taptica.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/Taptica
Blog: http://blog.taptica.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 166
Founded: 2011
HQ: San Francisco, CA. Satellite Office in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPM, CPV, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Kochava, AppsFlyer, Tenjin

Taptica is a cross-screen advertising platform that that specializes in Mobile, Video, and Social advertising. They store 220M user profiles in their database, and get 22B requests per day, with 17,000 campaigns as data sources. They also have 450+ brand and app customers running, and have a significant presence in over 15+ countries.

Currently, they have 50,000+ supply and publishing partners worldwide. Some of these supply partners are Mopub, Millennial Media, AppNexus, and Rubicon Project.

Targeting they offer includes: Demographics (Gender, Age, HHI), Behavioral (Clickers, Other Services Used), Geographic (Country, Region, City), Creative (Video, Native Apps, Banner Size), System (Device Type, OS, OS Versions). Their core capabilities are Mobile & Display Targeting, Mobile Retargeting, Mobile App Installs, In-Stream Video Ads; they are also a Facebook Marketing Partners. (through their acquisition of AreaOne through Marimedia)

Advertisers include: Glu, Yandex, Zynga, Disney, Lyft, OpenTable, Storm8, Starbucks, HBO Now, Sony, Hotels.com, MachinzeZone, SKOUT, King, and Orbitz.



imonomy-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://imonomy.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/imonomy
Blog: http://blog.imonomy.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 51
Founded: 2012
HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel.
Pricing Models: CPM

Imonomy is an in-image advertising and monetization solution, as well as programmatic advertising platform. They serve contextually relevant ads to users, overlayed over images.

They currently boast over 13,000 publishers, and serve over 22B impressions worldwide. Their technology leverages a Visual Semantic Engine that analyzes the website’s text, and displays content-related ads in-image.

Advertising clients include Nike, Lego, Apple Vans. Ad formats include: myFlip, myStrips, myTips, myTag, and myCover.



youappi-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://www.youappi.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/YouAppi
Blog: http://www.youappi.com/blog/
Employees on LinkedIn: 71
Founded: 2011
HQ: San Francisco. Satellite Office in Raanana, Israel. 
Pricing Models: CPI, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Kochava, Adjust, AppsFlyer, Cake

YouAppi is a premium mobile brand advertising platform. They analyze mobile content consumption from over 1.1B users worldwide, across 51 real-time data parameters, and 0.5B app customers’ usage. (including customer behaviors and interest, demographics, and location)

They’ve also partnered directly with over 3,500 mobile sites and apps, with a total access to 150k inventory partners worldwide. They are able to serve 100B impressions monthly across 200 Countries, and currently work with over 450 Premium Brands, running 15,000 active campaigns.

Publisher partners include: Twitter, NY Times, Cheetah Mobile, Craigslist, Pandora, Blood Brothers, Solitare Deluxe, Rage of Bahamut, D.O.T. Defender of Texel, HungerStation, Groupon, TRANSFORMERS Legends, Kika, SGN, Twitter, and ShareCloud.

Advertising clients are: Sony, New York Times, Uber Eats, Zynga,Facebook, Amazon, Expedia, StubHub, SGN, Warner Brothers Games, and The New York Times.


Songo Media

songo-media-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://www.songo.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/SongoMedia
Blog: http://songo.com/press.html
Employees on LinkedIn: 62
Founded: 2009
HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel. 
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPM, CPL, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, AppsFlyer

Songo Media was a re-brand from Say Media Group (not to be confused by SAY Media), and is an global cross-platform ad network, used by brands and agencies to purchase media across display, mobile and video.

The inventory partners they are integrated with include: Mopub, Amobee, AppNexus, Brightroll, Buongiorno, Engage:BDR, Altitude Digital, OpenX, Brightroll, Pulsepoint, SpotXchange, PubMatic, AppNexus, Q1Media, Rubicon Project, Sitescout, and Smaato.

Verticals they specialize in are News, Dating, Education, Entertainment, Finance, Shopping, Coupons, Telecom, Sport, Weather, Business, Travel, Parenting, Science, Technology, Youth & Kids.




Website: http://www.infolinks.com
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/InfolinksInc
Blog: http://www.infolinks.com/blog
Employees on LinkedIn: 58
Founded: 2007
HQ: Mountain View, CA, USA
Pricing Models: CPM, CPI, CPV, CPC, CPA, Desktop, Mobile Web, Video

Infolinks, the pioneer of in-text advertising, is one of the largest ad networks in the world today. Founded in 2007, Infolinks provides advertising solutions to more than 200K website owners and bloggers worldwide, helping them to monetize their sites with style and ease. Over the last decade, Infolinks has become synonymous with ‘Site Monetization’. Designed and tested to overcome banner blindness and to deliver true results, Infolinks is the leading publisher monetization solution in Israel and globally.

Infolinks’ intent driven native ads powered by real time intent targeting, are customizable to match each and every website, making them yield X30 more engagement than regular display ads. By extracting user intent in real-time, their technology renders high engagement ad units, and runs a keyword-based real time bidding auction, in order to deliver a perfectly timed, perfectly relevant ad.

With over 200k publishers in 128 countries, Infolinks analyzes 2 trillion keywords and displays 4 billion ad views every month. Among their products are units such as text ads, display ads and video ads, which can be presented in all devices: Desktop, Tablet and Mobile. Infolinks displays premium ads by some of the biggest advertisers in the world.

Recently Infolinks launched their self-serve ad buying platform called AdShop. AdShop enables all advertisers, big or small, to place their ads on thousands of websites and mobile devices across Infolinks’ network, and to pay only for the clicks they get. With AdShop real-time advanced algorithm, advertisers can reach its users when it matters the most, with the right ads at the right time.


Mars Media Group

mars-media-group-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://mars.media/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/MarsMediaGroup
Blog: http://mars.media/blog
Employees on LinkedIn: 75
Founded: 2005
HQ: Hertzliya Pituach, Israel. 
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPM, CPV, CPL, CPC, CPS, % of Media Spend
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Kochava, AppsFlyer, AdJust, Apsalar

Mars Media Group is a conglomerated digital performance advertising company that offers Mobile, Email, In-Game Advertising, Video Marketing, Social Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, and Display Advertising to brands and agencies.

Their offering is split up into these main subsidiaries: Mobilda, Apprize, MarsVideo (video), MarsAds (affiliate), MarsChannels, Mars Technologies, MarsMails, MarsFeeds, Pay Per Lead (display), and OfferWalls.com (in-game).

For their Mobilda company unit, the main ad formats are: Appclip (users browse through thousands of app and game trailers before purchasing and downloading them), Web2Mob (Sends user to Web Landing Page like Deep linking), Mobile Video Retargeting, Social Ads in News Feed (on places like Facebook, VK, Skype), and Direct publisher Native Ads (on sites like Weather.com, Yahoo!, Softonic).

Mobilda’s advertisers incude: Zynga, GREE ,Wooga, Tap4Fun, Funstage, Socialpoint, Mobogenie, Baidu.



moblin-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://moblin.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 43
Founded: 2007
HQ: Herzliya, Israel.
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPM, CPV, CPCV, CPL, CPE, CPC, % of Media Spend
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: In-house tracking solution- MCT, TUNE, Appsflyer, Adjust, Kochava, Apsalar

Moblin is a mobile programmatic platform that primarily offers a Cost-per-Install pricing model to advertisers. They are integrated with over 200+ global ad networks, as well as unique publishers and exchanges.

Most advertisers use them for their Interstitial, Video, or Rich Media units, to achieve specific goals like Burst or Organic campaigns through incentivized or non-incentivized campaigns.

They also have a Pre-Install App Network, where they partner with Tier 1 Carriers, Top Mobile Retail Sores, OEMs & Manufacturers, to give them direct access to a pre-install network of over 100M mobile devices.

Advertising clients include: Coca Cola, Carlsberg, Hyundai, Nokia, Always, PokerStars, eBay, IKEA, Mercedes-Benz, P&G, Huggies, Mobli, Big Fish Games, ICQ, Kabam, King.com, Tap4Fun, SocialPoint, Gumi, IGG Software, Keek, MachineZone, Playtika, and WilliamHill.


WEB3 Online Media Group

web3-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://web3.us.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 33
Founded: 2006
HQ: Bnei-Barak, Israel. 
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPM, CPV, CPL, CPC

Web3 Online Media Group is one of the earliest cross-platform programatic advertising companies to be founded in Israel. They are 100% bootstrapped (proudly), and specialize in Desktop, Mobile Web, and Pop campaigns, as well as Media Monetization for Publishers. Targeting they offer includes: Categories, Segmented Audiences, Contextual, Operating Systems, and Browsers.

They also have a Video offering, for both In-Stream and In-Banner units, that can be executed across Desktop, Mobile Web, Mobile Apps, and Tablets. If you are a publisher partner with Web3, they can also sydnicate your inventory to over 350+ video demand partners.

Business units within Web3 include: Maple (An Online Performance Marketing Company that does Lead Generation, Facebook Advertising, Youtube Advertising, and Google Advertising), Positive Mobile (A Mobile Video Programmatic Company), and Ad-Topia (A Mobile Performance Marketing Network for Mobile Web).


Positive Mobile


Image Source 

Website: https://www.positivemobile.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/PositiveMobile
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/2301943
Blog: http://www.positivemobile.com/category/blog-news/
Employees on LinkedIn: 50
Founded: 2009
HQ: Israel

Positive Mobile is an outstream mobile video Supply-Side Platform (SSP) whose proprietary technology empowers publishers and engages users with brands in a premium video environment. The company’s solutions create video inventory at scale for premium publishers with full programmatic capabilities that can also be sold by the publisher’s direct sales force. Positive Mobile’s technology provides clients with a full-stack outstream mobile video solution, internally developed with patent-pending technology supported by real-time analytics at the impression level and data layer to better optimize campaigns for higher completion rates and greater viewability. The company works with tier one publishers and leading media agencies, trading desks and video exchanges, serving Fortune 500 advertisers from offices in New York, Tel Aviv and Buenos Aires.


dmg DSNR Media Group

dmg-dsnr-media-group-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://www.dsnrmg.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/DMG_interact
Blog: http://www.dsnrmg.com/blog/
Employees on LinkedIn: 111
Founded: 2007
HQ: Raanana, Israel.
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPM, CPV, CPL, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: AppsFlyer, Adjust, Kochava, Flurry, PartyTrack by Adways, Tapstream, MobileApp Tracking by TUNE

dmg is a global digital advertising company that offers cross-channel solutions for both mobile and video. They claim a reach of billions of mobile users in over 190 countries, and 25 languages.

Their business is split up into a few core channels: Apps, Social, Mobile, Video, and Display.

Advertisers for dmg mobile include: Jesta Digital, Binbit, BlisMedia, Zed, Fox, Cliq Digital, Wonga, Amazon Kingle, Gameloft, Buongiorno, and Nokia.

Clients for dmg apps are: Nordeus, Ubisoft, Asiasoft, Wargaming, OasisGames, PipaStudios, and Lovoo.

Inventory partners for dmg Social are Facebook and Twitter, and for dmg Video they are partnered with Yashi, Creafi Online Media, SourceKnowledge, Q1Media, Dashbid, Altitude Digital, and FutureAds (now Propel Media).

For dmg online, their advertisers include: GoodGameStudios, eGentic, Bigpoint, Reimage, AdonisAds, and Kabam.



ubimo-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://ubimo.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/ubimoinc
Blog: http://ubimo.com/blog/
Employees on LinkedIn: 32
Founded: 2012
HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel.
Pricing Models: CPM
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: Kochava, TUNE

Ubimo is a self-serve mobile programmatic marketing platform that leverages rich data layers and local data, to help brands and agencies execute real-world marketing. They are able to connect audiences in real-time with real-life context, and target exact places.

Their place data is consistently updated, and a marketer can choose from hundreds of different location types to find specific audiences. 3rd party data can also be integrated to augment granularity of campaigns.

Ubimo partners include Celtra, Millennial Media, JustAd, PubMatic, Atlas by FAcebook, Nexage, Smaato, LiveRail, Mopub, and Sizmek.



mediashakers-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://www.mediashakers.com/index.php/en/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/Mediashakers
Employees on LinkedIn: 66
Founded: 2005
HQ: New York, New York. Rep Office in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPM, CPV, CPCV, CPC

Mediashakers is a digital marketing company that offers a holistic cross-device solution across video, mobile, display, mobile video, native, search, rich media, social media, and retargeting.

They have a combined reach of over 400M monthly unique visitors, through their 5,000 managed publishers.

Each of these channels has a different expertise: Search (Offerings include SEM, SEO, the Google Display Network, and serving search/display/remarketing/video/mobile ads across Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and Yandex), Social (Ads served on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram).

For their Dataface Retargeting product, their channels of expertise include: Travel, Insurance, Entertainment, Retail, Education, Sports, Lifestyle, eCommerce. For their Mobile product, channels of expertise include: Travel, Lifestyle, Social Networks, Gaming, Strategy Games, Business & Finance, Entertainment, News, eCommerce, Sports.

Ad Units for their Display product include: Page Peel Ads, In-Line Ads, In-Image Ads, and Slide-In Ads. Their Native Formats are: Content Recommendation Widgets, In-Feed Ads; with channels of expertise in: Travel, Business & Finance, eCommerce, Entertainment, News, Food, Real Estate, and Lifestyle.


Massive Impact

massiveimpact-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://www.massiveimpact.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/_massiveimpact
Blog: http://blog.massiveimpact.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 23
Founded: 2007
HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel.
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: Server-to-Server, MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Kochava, Adjust, AppsFlyer

Massive Impact is a mobile advertising platform that can pinpoint a users point of purchase (beyond even a click or install). They claim to be able to reach any mobile device, and over 1B users across 190+ countries.

Their proprietary system TargetAdLive® uses actual ad conversion metrics to identify the right users at precisely the right time, wherever they are. Main ad units they offer are Banners, Rich Media, Interstitials, and Poststitials.

Customers include: Buongiorno, AIG, Cigna, Citibank, Gameloft, GetTaxi, NeoMobile Commerce, and AIA.



maudau-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://web.maudau.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/maudau
Employees on LinkedIn: 10
Founded: 2011
HQ: Israel.
Pricing Models: CPC

MAUDAU was one of the earliest players in user acquisition (both mobile and on Facebook), and started off with Facebook cross-promotion before segueing into user acquisition and mobile cross-promotion. Their original intention was to provide the same cross-promotion capabilities Zynga offered between it’s games, to all other developers.

Their platform partners include Ooblada, Blue Shell, Diwip, Eva Studio, Murka, Nordeus, Phantom, Plattika, and Pretty Simple. Their main targeting parameters include Geolocation, Game Genre, and Platform.

Their Network Offerwall allows developers to get high quality installs, by exchanging traffic with other apps, through a click-exchange model. The integration doesn’t require an SDK, and developers earn credits for sending installs, and use credits when driving installs to their app.

Some of their advertising clients include: Blue Shell, Gamesys, FreshPlanet, Diwip, Joystick.ru, Ooblada, Williams Interactive, Renatus, Pretty Simple, Plumbee, and 101XP.



apptv-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://apptv.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/appTVads
Blog: http://apptv.com/news-events
Employees on LinkedIn: 24
Founded: 2011
HQ: Herzliya-Pituah, Israel.
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPL, CPC, CPM
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: Kochava, Adjust, AppsFlyer

appTV is a full-service performance-based advertising company that offers programmatic media buying and data-driven ad optimization. They claim a reach of over 2B impressions, with a 100% fill rate for publishers, and offer ad formats such as Video Ads, Native Ads, Dynamic Ads, and Banners.

They are able to leverage historical data, to calculate new customer acquisition costs and make sure it is in line with projected Lifetime Revenue. Their reAdserver™ selects traffic sources proven to deliver engaged users across display, mobile, tablet, and Connected TV.

Their Targeting Engine can leverage data such as: User Behaviors & Interests, Technographic (Device type, OS), and Location Based Data.



adcore-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: https://www.adcore.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/adcorelive
Blog: https://www.adcore.com/category/adcore-blog/
Employees on LinkedIn: 29
Founded: 2003
HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel.
Pricing Models: % of Media Spend

adCore is a Programmatic SEM solution with offerings across Search, Display, and Mobile.

They work with over 800+ agencies, 6000 direct advertisers – managing 1.1B keywords and $3.8B in revenue.

Verticals they specialize in include: Digital Marketing Agencies, e-Commerce Business, Publishers, Financial Technologies, Affiliate Networks, and Gaming Companies.



tlvmedia-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://tlvmedia.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/tlv_media
Blog: http://knowledge.tlvmedia.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 13
Founded: 2008
HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel. 
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPM, CPV, CPL, CPE, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, AppsFlyer

TLVMedia is a programmatic RTB platform that has access to over 50B impressions per month, making over 200k decisions per second.

They can access inventory on display, mobile, video, and social, and typically work with advertisers on a performance model for Mobile Media or Retargeting. They also claim a reach of 90% of internet users and a 100% fill rate for publishers.

Ad Formats are: On-Video Ads, On-Game Ads, Slider Ads, Popup Ads, Interstitials, In-Image Ad, Mobile Ads, and InText Ads. The Audience Segmentation they allow include: Demographic, Interests, Intent, Social, Behavior, Lifestyle, Context, and Brand Likes.

They work with demand partners such as: Media Innovation Group, Federated Media, Criteo, Xaxis, Microsoft, Mediamath, A9, Omnicom Group. Media Partners: Yahoo!, Google, AppNexus, OpenX, Rubicon Project, and EngageBDR.


WebMedia Media Group

webmedia-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://wmadv.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/webmediawmadv
Employees on LinkedIn: 29
Founded: 2008
HQ: Ashdod, Israel.
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPM, CPV, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Kochava, Adjust, AppsFlyer

WebMedia is a multi-channel ad network that delivers premium advertising solutions for brands and publishers. They have inventory on display, video, and mobile and specialize in real-time bidding solutions for both demand and supply partners.

They currently work with over 1200 media partners, and have 120 campaigns with leading advertisers. Some of their demand partners include: VK, CPXi, Mail.Ru, SpotX, OpenX, PubMatic, and Adap.tv.

Verticals they specialize in are: News, Social, Entertainment, Portals, Dating, Travel, Sport, Finance, Games, and Networks. Their targeting capabilities include: Site specific, Channel, Retargeting, Geo, OS, Devices, Ad Format, Day part.

They work with clients such as: dmg DSNR Media Group, SpotX, Trivago, AOL, Vexigo, Yellowhammer Media Group, AnyClip, Bonprix, Forensiq, Altitude Digital, LKQD, Hurra.com, LoopMe, and Mediacala.



Image Source 

Website: http://inner-active.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/Inneractive
Blog: http://inner-active.com/resource-center/blog/
Employees on LinkedIn: 88
Founded: 2007
HQ: Petah Tikva, Israel. 
Pricing Models: CPI, CPM
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Kochava, Adjust, AppsFlyer

Inneractive is a global independent mobile ad exchange, with a reach of over 630M unique global users per month, across 125 countries. Ad formats include: Mobile native video, mobile native display, mobile rich media, mobile interstitials, mobile pre-roll video, and dynamic creative optimization ads.

They operate the Inneractive Exchange (INNEX), an open exchange that also has private marketplace and programmatic guaranteed offerings.

They work with customers like: Pinger, Zynga, Sprint, Glassdoor, Mail.Ru, AnchorFree, CheetahMobile, and Baidu.


HIRO Media

hiro-media-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://hiro-media.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/HIROMedia1
Blog: http://hiro-media.com/blog
Employees on LinkedIn: 79
Founded: 2005
HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel.

HIRO Media is an online video syndication platform that uses it’s proprietary technology to improve the performance for all players in the ecosystem – advertisers, publishers, and content owners.

HIRO creates new quality video inventory by converting a site’s inventory to video ad units, and serving targeted content within the unit. Their Programmatic Content Marketing and Video Engine delivers branded content and video to prime inventory on comScore top 1000 destination sites, reaching more than 100M unique viewers per month.

Their main value proposition is their ability to predict supply side inventory quality, as well as demand side needs, and can match consumers and viewers to an advertisers’ expectations.

Partners include: AudienceTV, Comedy Gives Back, IAS, MOAT, Electric Sheep, Brightcom, Brightroll, Tremor, Mediashakers, Kineto Media, VideoElephant, United Artists Media Group, Expanse Media Group, Viewster, Vidtur.com, GINX, YuMe, GameCentral, WatchMojo, Adap.tv, Getty Images, and CoffeeTable Media.



my6sense-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://my6sense.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/my6sense
Blog: http://my6sense.com/blog/
Employees on LinkedIn: 19
Founded: 2009
HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel. 
Pricing Models: CPM

my6sense is a white-label programmatic native advertising platform, which allows advertisers to connect to all 3rd party demand and supply partners. Ad units they support include: InFeed, Recommendation Widgets, In-Ad, Side-Rail, and Text Widgets.

The platform also allows users to creative their own private programmatic native exchange. Agencies and Brands can white-label and even use 3rd party data sets or implement rules-based input.



emonetization-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://emonetization.media/
Employees on LinkedIn: 2
HQ: Israel.

eMonetization is a digital and mobile advertising consultancy that can help with monetization, or with traffic or user acquisition. They can drive large scale distribution through Bundling, B2B2C deals, SEO, Search Engine Marketing, and Social Marketing.

They also have a Call Center offering and work on models like Pay-per-Install, Cost-per-Download, Revenue-Share, Cost-per-Lead, CPM or CPC.

They help with Monetization channels using a  variety of different methods such as Search, Toolbars, Coupons, and Installers.



3pxmedia-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://3pxmedia.com/about.html
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/3Pxmedia
Employees on LinkedIn: 5
Founded: 2013
HQ: Herzliya Pituach, Israel.  
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPM, CPV, CPCV, CPL, CPS.
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: TUNE, AppsFlyer, Kochava

3Px is an international online marketing company, with inventory across web, mobile, and video. They have access to over 15M impressions daily, and have 600+ live campaigns running with their network. They are able to drive lead generation, new sales, or engagement.

Partners include: Zynga, Netflix, King.com, Samsung, Walmart, Bigpoint, EA, Gameloft, iMesh, IMVU, jetBlue, Outback Steakhouse, Popcap, Sega, Survey.com, and Toluna.



carambola-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://carambo.la/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/carambolamedia
Employees on LinkedIn: 23
Founded: 2011
HQ: Ra’anana, Israel. 
Pricing Models: CPM

Carambola is an ad network that specializes in publisher monetization through interactive content units.

These interactive content units boost users engagement and time on page, and help with user satisfaction as well as publisher revenue. It has been adopted by 100s of premium publishers worldwide.

Interactive units include Contextual Quizes, which automatically read the context of the article to to serve a relevant Quiz to the user. They can also challenge their friends, and the average user for these Quizes answer 25 Questions per session for over 110 seconds.

Content Categories include: Parenting, Sports, Space, Food, Tech, Arts & Crafts, Astrology, Autos, Coaching, Entertainment, Fashion, Finance, Viral, Health, History, News, Pets, Relationships, Religion, Travel, Video Games, Comics, Kids, Nature, Science Trivia, Polls, Facts, Tips, and Quotes.

These new Interactive Content Units like Quizes open up new ad inventory of which can be filled by Carambola or the publisher. Carambola currently houses over 500k pieces of content that are produced by editorial-level content experts.



adxperience-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: https://www.adxperience.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/ad_Xperience
Blog: https://www.adxperience.com/#NEWS
Employees on LinkedIn: 14
Founded: 2011
HQ: Paris, France. Satellite Office in Hertzilya, Israel.
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPM, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Kochava, Adjust, AppsFlyer

adxperience is a mobile Demand Side Platform and Trading Desk, that has access to hundreds of mobile media sources globally. They work with over 500+ media partners, and get 2,000M ad requests per day, across 180 countries. Currently, they have over 1,000+ live campaigns and drive over 50k conversions per day.

They can access traffic that is worldwide, cross-platform, across all verticals, non-incentivized & incentivized, on a CPM / CPC / CPI / CPA basis. Media they can access includes: Offerwall, Video, In-App, WAP Display, and App Discovery. Publishers they work with are Affiliates, SEM, Social, Mobile, and Ad Networks.

Advertisers include: VW, Yahoo!, Zynga, Fetch, Blizzard Entertainment, GroupM, M&C Saatchi Mobile, Hotels.com, OLX, Pivmo, Somo, Quikr, The Mobile House, The New York Times, WorldReMit, and Volkswagen.



anyclip-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://www.anyclip.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/AnyClip
Blog: http://www.anyclip.com/newsroom/
Employees on LinkedIn: 94
Founded: 2008
HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel.

AnyClip Media is a video licensing, syndication, and advertising platform that allows brands to leverage licensed video content from original video content owners, and insert their ad within the clip. These videos are then syndicated across publisher sites for distribution, to be seen by consumers.

Anyclip partners with content owners for content, then syndicates this content on publisher sites. Advertisers pay for ads that run before it, or as an extension of the video. They currently have 100k videos in their database, and these ‘Weaved’ Ads also allow for Dynamic Creative Optimization.

AnyClip also monitors the traffic performance for bot nets to ensure maximum viewability and brand quality, and work with 3rd party partners like MOAT and Integral Ad Science for assurance of quality delivery. They also boast a 85% video completion rate, 100k video clips, 100M unique users globally, 1B monthly video streams.

Partners include Warner Brothers, Chelsea Football Club, MOAT, AOL, Universal, Turner, AppNexus, and comScore.


YEP Media

yep-media-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://yepmedia.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 13
Founded: 2012
HQ: Herzeliya Pituach, Israel.  

YEP Media is a global cross-channel advertising network that offers solutions for all digital channels. They can monetize all niches for publishers and applications developers, either through video, branding, or performance campaigns.

Advertiser Verticals include: Brand Awareness, Retargeting, Online Gaming, eCommerce, Lead Generation, PC Utilities and Software, Mobile Content and Applications, and Dating.

Publisher Verticals are: Entertainment, News, Sports, Finance, Blogs, Travel, Dating, Internet and Computer, Technology, Mobile Applications, and Video (In-Stream, In-Banner).


Amobee (Singtel)

amobee-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://amobee.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/amobee
Blog: http://amobee.com/blog/
Employees on LinkedIn: 517
Founded: 2005
HQ: Foster City, CA. Satellite Office in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPM, CPV, CPE, CPC, % of Media Spend
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Kochava, AppsFlyer

Amobee is a global digital marketing technology company that functions as both a cross-device & cross-channel ad network, and also ad agency. The company was acquired by Singtel in early 2012, and has since made acquisitions of other adtech platforms such as Kontera (June 2014), Adconion Media Group (June 2014), and GradientX (Sept 2013) to bolster their pre-existing capabilities of display, video, mobile, email, and social offerings.

Their Brand Intelligence platform monitors over 60B digital content engagements per day across web, social, mobile, and video sources. Amobee’s Brand intelligence platform operates in North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Australia. They offer guaranteed viewability and brand safety for display and video, as well as 3D ads (through their acquisition of AdJitsu from Cooliris in 2012).

For Display campaigns, they have over 1,000+ publisher direct relationships, and offer 3rd party measurement from comScore, Nielsen, Integral Ad Science, DoubleVerify, and MOAT. Display Ad Units include: Amobee 3D, IAB Rising Star Units, Interstitials, and Expandables.

For Video campaigns, they have guaranteed in-audience viewing, guaranteed video viewability, TV extention and amplification, as well as 3rd party campaign validation through Nielsen OCR and comScore vCE.

For Email campaigns, they have data on over 250M+ unique consumer profiles, through 100+ Data Partners, and capture over 200k+ unique records per day.

For Social they are a Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook partner. They also recently announced an integration with Snapchat that gives them access to the unique Snapchat audience through an API.

Brand and Agency partners include: Acura, Adidas, Chrysler, FIAT, Garmin, Hyundai, Showtime, T-Mobile, Pizza Hut, Porsche, Volkswagen, and Skype.


Velis Media

velis-media-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://www.velismedia.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 40
Founded: 2012
HQ: Ramat Gan, Israel. 
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPM, CPV, CPL, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, AppsFlyer

Velis Media is a cross-channel ad network for Web, Mobile, and Video. They monetize apps and websites, and currently have over 1,600 happy clients, 3,200 completed projects, and a mobile reach of over 13B monthly ad impressions.



dau-up-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: https://dauup.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/DAU_UP
Blog: https://dauup.com/blog/
Employees on LinkedIn: 49
Founded: 2011
HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel.
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Kochava, Adjust, AppsFlyer

DAU-UP is a Mobile User Acquisition Platform for Games. They specialize in mobile and social advertising across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Adwords for gaming companies.

Their methodology comprises of setting campaign goals, doing a deep game analysis, doing market research, strategizing, creating the ad units, monitoring the campaign, optimizing, and providing ongoing insights in-flight.

Clients include: Socialpoint, Buffalo, Plarium, Playtika, Plumbee, and R2 Games.



tersertude-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://tersertude.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 10
Founded: 2014
HQ: Israel.
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPM, CPV, CPCV, Revshare / ROAS, Flat Rate, % of Media Spend

Tersertude is a New User Acquisition and In-App Monetization Platform that can reach global audiences at scale. They have a mobile video offering, and publisher partners of Tersertude are promised the best CPC offers.

Demand partners include: Centro, ClicksMob, dmg SNR Media Group, eGentic, glispa, InMobi, Inneractive, Leadbolt, MachineZone, Matomy Media Group, MobPartner, R&D Media, Sam Media, The Telecoming Group, TubeMogul, Yashi, Ybrant Digital, 495 Communications, Adkarma, Ajillion, Altitude Digital, Basebone, and Buzzcity.



xl-media-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://www.xlmedia.com/
Blog: http://www.xlmedia.com/press/
Employees on LinkedIn: 14
Founded: 2012
HQ: Israel.

XLMedia is a provider of digital marketing services and high value traffic for advertisers. They typically work with clients on a Revshare / Fix Fees (or Hybrid) basis, and have an expertise in the Online Gaming sector. Within the realm of Online Gaming, they’ve partnered with 150 online gaming operators in over 20 countries.

Services they offer include Digital Media Buying (Paid Search, Display Ads like Banners & Pop-Ups, Mobile & In-App Advertising, Social Advertising), Affiliate Marketing (Network of over 300 independent affiliate partners that they can leverage for their gaming customers), and Publishing (they own more than 2,000 websites in 18 languages that act as a customer doorway for gambling operators. These content rich sites attract online gaming players and redirect them to customer pages).


Crunchie Media

crunchie-media-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: https://www.crunchiemedia.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 12
Founded: 2014
HQ: Israel.
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Adjust, AppsFlyer

Crunchie Media is a mobile user acquisition and programmatic media buying platform for brands and app developers. They work with over 100 advertisers, and 500 supply / publishing partners.

They are 100% performance based, have a global reach, and their main objective is to hit your CPI goals.


Convert Media

convert-media-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://convertmedia.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/ConvertMedia
Blog: http://convertmedia.com/category/blog/
Employees on LinkedIn: 55
Founded: 2008
HQ: New York, New York. Satellite Office in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Pricing Models: CPA, CPC

Convert Media is an Outstream Video SSP. They provide advertisers with a new source of highly viewable video inventory across many publisher sites, which works well for brand engagement. For consumers, they give controls for audio, skippable ads, and viewability.

Their main Ad Units include: Inline Desktop, Inline Mobile, Interstitial Desktop, Interstitial Mobile, Listicle, Slideshow, Page Wrap, Desktop Slider, Mobile Slider, and Coffee Break.

On the Publisher front, they enable publishers to manage their Revenue Per Session for multiple in-stream and outstream units via a single tag. Publishers can configure ConvertMedia’s video units and choose which ad experience best integrates for their site, by taking into account revenue goals that align with the optimal user experience.

ConvertMedia customers include: Thought Catalog, Brietbart, The Guardian, Mail.com, Salon, American Media Inc, Uproxx, Scripps, AXS.com, Mediaite, Tribune Media, The Hill, Cox Media Group, Purch, SportingNews, SpinMedia, PMC, Sortable, The Blaze, and Complex.



adextent-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://www.adextent.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/adextent
Employees on LinkedIn: 23
Founded: 2011
HQ: New York, New York. Satellite Office in Herzeliya, Israel.
Pricing Models: CPC

AdExtent is a personalized Retargeting and Dynamic Product Ads Platform for eCommerce sites. These ads are bought on a CPC basis, and campaigns only take 10 minutes to set-up in which a product feed with recommendations are automatically generated. Advertisers can now give discounts to personalized merchandise across the web, and can even use AdExtents’ technology to do on-site recommendations as well.

AdExtent is integrated with demand partners like Mediamath, Turn, AppNexus, Doubleclick, as well as eCommerce platforms like Magento, LemonStand, Shopify, Bigcommerce, and 3dcart.

They work with top brands like Yahoo!, Macy’s, American Eagle Outfitters, American Girl, and Sephora.



cedato-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://cedato.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/@CedatoTech
Blog: http://cedato.com/company/news/
Employees on LinkedIn: 15
Founded: 2015
HQ: Israel. 

Cedato is an automated cross-screen yield optimization platform. They provide automated video advertising, in the form of in-stream and in-place units, to streamline the video ad delivery across any screen or placement, and optimize yield and fill rate across unlimited sources and campaigns.

They are also able to place native outstream video on mobile devices, and they have a private marketplace and Open Video API for an easy programming interface for the Cedato smart video player. Their Cross-Device Video Delivery solution is able to route each impression to the top monetization partner.

Currently, they are optimizing over 10B impressions per month, enhancing over 1M websites, and boosting 10k simultaneous campaigns.

Demand partners include: Matomy Media Group, Web3 Online Media Group, and Ybrant Digital.



apester-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://apester.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/ApesterMag
Blog: http://news.apester.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 47
Founded: 2012
HQ: New York, New York. Satellite Office in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Apester is a native advertising and Content Engagement Platform that allows Content Creators to Publish Conversational Content, and close the Storytelling loop using the voice of the reader. The company helps make content interactive, increases engagement for publishers, and provides them a new way to monetize.

They offer an interactive unit that is embeddable within a article or video, and publishers can enhance their content with engaging units such as as Personality Test, Poll Video, or Quiz.

Apester also has a user-sentiment algorithm that is able to send readers from one page to another.

Publisher partners include: The Telegraph, AOL, The Huffington Post, and Fox Sports.


Adzone Media Group

adzone-media-group-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://adzonemediagroup.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/Adzonesocial
Employees on LinkedIn: 8
Founded: 2013
HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel. 
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPM, CPV, CPL, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Kochava, Adjust, AppsFlyer, AdsBridge, Apsalar

Adzone Media Group is a cross-channel ad network with offerings in over 30 countries, supporting channels such as Display, Email, In-App, Social, Video, Mobile, and Premium.

They currently work with over 364 Advertisers across 1250 Campaigns, serving 65B Impressions on 9658 Publisher partner sites.

Verticals they specialize include: Download, Lead Generation, Entertainment, Software, Mobile Content, Casual Gaming, Mobile Apps, Gambling, Finance, Insurance, Forex and Dating.

Clients include: AYI, AXA, EdenFlirt, My.com, NetoTrade, OnlineVoyace.fr, Tap4Fun, Thelem Assurances, Ogilvy, Lovoo, and kko Mobile.



Image Source 

Website: https://ezmob.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/EZmob_Marketing
Employees on LinkedIn: 7
Founded: 2011
HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel. 
Pricing Models: CPM, CPC, CPI
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: AppsFlyer

EZmob is a full-serve mobile advertising platform and network that offers both managed services and a self-serve tool to advertisers. They can run all types of ad units including: text messages, banners, mobile popups, or click-to-call campaigns.

For advertisers, they offer 100% viewability, for both burst and app distribution campaigns. Targeting options include: Placement, OS, Geo, Device and more.

For publishers, they claim a 1 minute integration with high payouts and up to a 20% CTR to ensure maximum yield.

They work with clients such as: Hotspot Shield, Winenr Affiliates, UC Web, Web Media, William Hill, Trade Doubler, Onavo, Teebik, and Nordeus.



liniad-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://www.liniad.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/LiniadMedia
Employees on LinkedIn: 13
Founded: 2008
HQ: Israel. 
Pricing Models: CPI, CPM, CPL, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, AppsFlyer

Liniad is a mobile and social user acquisition platform for gaming. They offer affordable CPIs and superior LTV, and use predictive technology to serve video ads across both mobile and desktop. Their main capabilities are targeted user acquisition, social media advertising, search engine marketing, Facebook Audience Network ads, and Video Ads.

They claim a daily performance of over 53,000+ installs across 6,428 unique clusters and 2563 engaged depositors.

For the Facebook-oriented ads, their core capabilities include: Mobile App Install Ads, Video Ads, Desktop App Install Ads, Custom Audiences and Lookalikes, as well as use your 1st party engaged users database for targeting.

The company has also developed an in-house hyper-targeting, tracking, and analytics system that is able to facilitate user acquisition for games and mobile applications. Some functionalities of this system are: Web & Mobile Tracking, Post Conversion Analysis, Real-Time Data Analysis, LTV Prediction, Identification of Creative Impact Factors, Targeting Creative,  & Clusters Matching.

Their Clients include: Plarium, Playtika, Ngames, Lucky Fish Games, Nexters, and A2Games.


Cygobel Media

cygobel-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://www.cygobel.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/cygobelmedia
Employees on LinkedIn: 13
HQ: Israel. 
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPM, CPV, CPL, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: Appsflyer

Cygobel Media is a performance-based ad network with access to millions of users in many countries.

They primarily serve ads on channels such as Display and Mobile Incentivized Traffic (In-Game Offers, Video Ads, Banners, Pop Ups, Content Locking, and Video Widgets).

Other capabilities include brand safe premium placements, and targeting attributes such as Behavior, Age, Gender, Geography, and Demographics of users.



darriens-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://darriens.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/darriensmedia
Employees on LinkedIn: 72
Founded: 2009
HQ: Argentina. Satellite Office in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPM, CPV, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, InstallTracker, AdXTracking, Apsalar, Adjust, Kochava

d’arriens is an audience acquisition and activation platform, with cross-platform and universal reach based in Latin America.

Their DSP has access to billions of impressions from top quality sites, apps, marketplaces, and exchanges, and they also have a self-serve option. On top of this, they have an SSP that allows publishers to maximize profits, as well as an audience Data Management Platform and White-Label DSP as well.

Their platform is able to reach audiences in the billions for multi-screen, cross-platform impressions every single day. The DSP can be used for Brand Awareness, Prospecting, Finding new Customers, or Closing / Retargeting. With a 99.6% Global Reach, they can access consumers on Web, Mobile, Video, Facebook, as well as Connected Devices and Smart TVs. 100s of Premium Publishers can also be accessed through their Private Marketplace.

Ad Formats they offer include Mobile Rich Media, Social Rich Media, Video Pre-Roll, Video In-Banner, In-Game, Interstial, and Mobile Application Ads.

Their technology can reach users in over 240 Countries, and processes 672k Ad Requests per second, or 58B requests per day. With a 15ms bid processing and response time, the technology processes over 1.5 Petabytes of real-time data per day. They also have identified 1B unique browsers and devices, with 6 Trillion actionable attributes stored on these users in their database.

Some DSP clients include: Starcom Mediavest Group, Omnicom Media Group, WPP, GroupM, Havas, and IPG.

Their SSP has access to 90B+ impressions across 100k+ online properties, and data for their d’arriens Media Exchange has integrated data from: Bluekai, Lotame, Rocket Fuel, Navego, (DSPs) Chango, DataXu, Turn, Xaxis, Mediamath, Sitescout (Exchange) YAhoo!, InMobi, OpenX, AppNexus, Doubleclick, Microsoft Ad Exchange, Facebook Exchange, Smaato. (SSPs) Rubicon Project, PubMatic, Altitude Digital, and Smowtion.

Brand clients include: Lucky Strike, Samsung, Falabella, McDonalds, Netflix, Unilever, Telefonica, Coca Cola, UCA, FIAT, Heineken, and LG Mobile.


Mobite Media

mobite-media-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://mobitemedia.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/MobiteMedia
Employees on LinkedIn: 33
Founded: 2014
HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel. 
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPL, CPS.
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: Kochava, Adjust, ADXTracking, Tune, AppsFlyer

Mobite Media is a Mobile Performance Network supporting Android, iOS, Windows platforms. They have access to over 1B+ daily impressions, with a network of direct publishers that gives them massive reach across every digital touchpoint.

The company has access to worldwide high-quality traffic from app developers, mobile websites, and ad networks. They currently work with over 500 direct advertisers and are able to work with advertisers to drive a certain number of daily verified installs.



addoox-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://addoox.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 15
Founded: 2007
HQ: Raanana, Israel. 
Pricing Models: CPM

addoox is a cross-channel brand safe ad network with offerings across display, video, mobile, and social. They offer absolutely transparency, rich insights, brand safety, viewability of ads, and comprehensive real-time reporting to their customers.

The company has also developed an in-house ad management and real-time bidding platform that can target users based on their online behaviors such as: the products and services they use, the keywords they’ve searched, and the data they filled out in forms.

The platform allows marketers to optimize their media spending by targeting campaigns to the right audience. Some segments offered include: Travel, shoppers, smartphone users, auto buyers, credit cards owners, and parents.


BeyondSpark Media

beyondspark-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://beyondspark.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/Beyondspark
Employees on LinkedIn: 10
Founded: 2012
HQ: Herzliya, Israel. 
Pricing Models: CPI, CPM, CPC 
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: Kochava, AppsFlyer

BeyondSpark Media is an online ad technology network with offerings across video, native, and mobile. They have worldwide coverage with over 500 advertisers running 1,500 campaigns, in nearly 200 countries.

The services they offer include display advertising, search engine marketing, and advertising across mobile platforms. For mobile, they offer Burst campaigns which they claim can generate more than 10M monthly conversions.

Partners include AppNexus, MachineZone, AppLift, Doubleclick by Google, and the Rubicon Project.


Webpals (subsidiary of XLMedia Group)

webpals-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://www.webpals.com/
Blog: http://www.webpals.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 159
Founded: 2004
HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel. 

WebPals, a fully-owned subsidary of XLMedia Group, offers SEO and Media Buying solutions for advertisers and agencies in over 24 markets. Core services include Media Buying, Display Marketing, Mobile Advertising, Video, Engagement, User Acquisition, as well as Programmatic Buying.

Channels they support are: Display (audience retargeting, reengagement), Search & Contextual (Search Engines, Contextual Content, Native Advertising), Social Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube), Email Marketing (They send out millions of emails in over a dozen languages each month to re-engage and retain users).

Some of their Partners include: Adsupply, AppNext, Clickky, ATA Site, Matomy Media Group, Performance Revenues, PLYmedia, RevenueHits, Dofinity, and Widgetmedia.


CheckM8 (now Spotible)

checkm8-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://www.checkm8.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/CheckM8
Blog: http://www.checkm8.com/blog/
Employees on LinkedIn: 18
Founded: 2000
HQ: New York, New York. Satellite Office in Tel Aviv, Israel.

CheckM8 (now Spotible) is a high-impact and rich media ads platform. They give marketers the ability to create and scale custom high-impact ad units (such as IAB Rising Star units) across any device in the world. Since 2000, they claim to have served over 200 Trillion digital ads.

Customers include: ABC TV, Hearst Corporation, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Warner Bros. Entertainment.




Image Source 

Website: http://www.bidalgo.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/bidalgo_ltd
Blog: http://www.bidalgo.com/category/blog/
Employees on LinkedIn: 49
Founded: 2010
HQ: Ramat Gan, Israel.
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Kochava, Adjust, AppsFlyer

Bidalgo is a mobile app and user acquisition platform. They offer both managed services and self-service, and can integrate 3rd party data into client campaigns.

On top of that, they are also a Facebook and Instagram Marketing Partner.

Clients include: Cheetah Mobile, Zynga, Plarium, 888.com, BillGuard, and Nordeus.



komoona-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://www.komoona.com/#home
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/komoona
Employees on LinkedIn: 28
Founded: 2010
HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel.

Komoona is an optimization platform for publishers. Their dynamic yield optimization technology works across all major Real-Time Bidding exchanges and demand sources, and connects the publisher to the entire programmatic ecosystem.

The platform optimizes billions of impressions for publishers and plugs them into demand sources across Desktop, Mobile, Video and SSPs, Trading Desks, DSPs, PMPs, Exchanges, and Ad Agencies.

Clients include: RealitySteve.com, Publir.com, Cheatsheet.com, and Americanlivewire.com.



intango-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://intango.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/IntangoMedia
Blog: http://blog.intango.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 53
Founded: 2008
HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel. 

intango is an Ad Network that offers self-service and full-service solutions for advertisers. The company has access to over 60B impressions per month across 2B unique users, and offers a 100% global fill rate for their over 20,000 direct publishers.

Their self-serve platform SelfAdvertiser.com allows for Contextual and Geo-Targeting of Ads, and operates on a Cost-per-View model. Ad formats for this service include Pop Ads (Pop ups, Pop Unders, Tab Up, Tab Under), Paid Search Ads, and Domain Redirect / Zero-Click ads.

Other Ad Formats they can execute on include: Display & Rich Media Ads (various sizes), Text Ads (Regular & Contextual Ads), Pop Ups / Unders, Apps & Widgets, XML ads, Video Ads, Custom Formats; Video Ads units include: BannerVids (300×250 banner), BoxVids (Grabs Attenion of user in Full-Screen Experience), HeadVids (Very Top of Website Pages), and ReadVids (Outstream Video in Editorial Content).

For Publishers, they can guarantee a 100% fill rate across all geographic regions. RevenueHits – their self-serve platform for publisher – allow for ad formats such as: Display & Rich Media Ads, Text Ads, Pop Ups and Pop Unders, Apps & Widgets, and XML Feeds.



amonetize-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://www.amonetize.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 45
Founded: 2011
HQ: Raanana, Israel. 
Pricing Models: CPA, CPM, CPL, CPC

Amonetize is a multi-screen, cross-platform ad technology companies that can drive display, installs, browser extensions, mobile, social and video advertising at scale. They claim over 196 monetized countries, 1.2B installs to-date, as well as a 95% conversion rate across the over 200B Ad Impressions they have access to per month. They also serve more than 1,000 advertisers and work with more than 10,000 direct publishers in over 196 countries.

Their core 3 Business Divisions are: Mobligo (Mobile App Distribution Platform for user acquisition and lead generation), InstallPath (Pay per Install Software Monetization and Distribution Platform), and Advertig (Online Display Network that Utilizes Cutting Edge Technologies for Sales Prediction and Performance Optimization. Experts in Website Monetization and Reaching Advertisers’ Business Goals).

Partners include: AOL, Baidu, Wajam, dmg, 50onRed, Marimedia, Opera, sterkly, Perion, YAC, iMesh, MCR, SYSTweak, Seznam, Revizer, Uniblue, Linkury, Ybrant Digital, WhiteSmoke, UC Web, glispa, Supercell, Sponsorpay, mobusi, Mobogenie, Fyber, Altrooz, Clickky, eFun, Tap4Fun, King.com, @Mail.ru, Matomy, Trialpay, AppLift, TradeMob, Aarki, and Supersonic (now mobileCore by ironSource).



taykey-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://taykey.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/Taykey
Blog: http://taykey.com/blog/
Employees on LinkedIn: 71
Founded: 2009
HQ: New York, New York. Satellite Office in Herzliya, Israel.
Pricing Models: CPM, CPV, CPC

Taykey is a Trend Intelligence and Targeting platform, that analyzes hundreds of millions of data points per day to discover what’s trending for audiences, and how those interests change over time.

Taykey Trend Advertising automatically and continuously aligns a advertisers’ display & video campaigns with relevant content to boost reach and engagement. Marketers can define audiences with Age, Gender, an Interests; Taykey is monitoring thousands of social and news sources and can match ads with relevant placements across display and video campaigns.

They are backed by top-tier Venture Capital firms such as Sequoia Capital, Innovation Endeavors, Marker LLC, MSR Capital, Softbank Capital, Tenaya Capital. Support inventory platforms for Taykey are the Google Display Network, YouTube, and Doubleclick Bid Manager for audience extension.

Clients include: AMC, Paramount, Coca Cola, GAP, P&G, Chevron, Pfizer, Red Bull, Saumsung, Tacobell, Volkswagen, AT&T, and Clorox.



mobiright-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://www.mobiright.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/GoMobiright
Employees on LinkedIn: 8
Founded: 2013
HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel.
Pricing Models: CPA, CPM, CPC

Mobiright is an ad platform build specifically for mobile websites. Advertisers, Agencies, and Ad Networks can serve various ad types through a single platform, and can drive highly engaged mobile web users to native apps, or to web pages.

They can monetize global web traffic, and serve offers based on a users’ content preferences, location, device and operating system. Supported platforms include: iOS, Android or Windows Phone devices.



selectmedia-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://www.selectmedia.asia/
Employees on LinkedIn: 28
Founded: 2012
HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel. 
Pricing Models: CPM, Revshare / ROAS, Flat Rate

SelectMedia is a global video supply platform, or Meta-SSP that connects thousands of publishers, direct sites, and supply sources to better efficiency, reach, and monetization of media.

They offer real-time filter that ensures fraud-free, viewable, and safe advertising. The company claims a mobile and video reach of over 350M viewers in over 55 countries, and can deliver massive video scale with guaranteed quality, verification and safety.

They offer access to high-quality video media from thousands of direct sites and supply sources, and serve over 3B video views each month. Ad units include Pre-Rolls, In-Stream across 5,500 direct sites in 55 countries. They also offer innovative ad formats such as 300×250 in-stream video ads for budget diversity and efficiency.

Targeting Options Include: Demographic, Contextual, Psychographic, Geographic, Device, Time, and OS Targeting.

Their Videoguard Technology is able to ensure fraud protection, ad viewability and domain blacklisting in real-time.


Xertive Media

xertive-media-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://www.xertivemedia.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/xertive
Employees on LinkedIn: 32
Founded: 2010
HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel. 
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPM, CPV, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Adjust, AppsFlyer

Xertive Media is a global ad solutions platform for display, mobile, video, retargeting, and performance.

They have access to over 20B monthly impressions, and can target users by geo-location, device, gender, and age range. Their Display network is split by geos: US – 43%, Europe – 31%, South America – 6%, Canada – 5%, Oceania – 5%.

Their mobile app distribution services can target users on mobile web and in-app, across Android and iOS platform. They also offer Burst campaigns, mobile video traffic, for both incentivized and non-incentivized installs through inventory from their direct relationships with developers, networks, DSPs, agencies and RTB platforms.

They also have the Xertive Retargeting Platform (XRP), which offers both on-site and off-site retargeting for marketers. Their business caters mainly to Agencies, Networks, Publishers, and Advertisers; A few targeting options they offer range from geography, device, to site placement.

Customers include: Mailorama, Microsoft, RetailMeNot, T-Mobile, Vistaprint, Alliance, Baidu, Criteo, Dada Domains & Advertising, and Groupon.



mobbo-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://mobbo.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 2
Founded: 2015
HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel. 
Pricing Models: Flat Rate

Mobbo is a mobile app research platform and app store intelligence tool.

They track download estimates for apps, provide keyword intelligence and tracking for any app, and market data on rankings across every category, country, and device for 155 countries.

They also have data on what SDKs are installed in what apps, and are also able to provide demographica nd interest insights for selected apps.

For publishers (Video, web and mobile), they can connect to the Mobbo bid manager and sell their inventory through AppNexus, OpenX, Doubleclick Ad Exchange, 1 by AOL, Facebook Exchnage, Rocket Fuel

Data from iTunes Store, Google Play, 3rd Party Data => Data Quality & Analytics and Machine Learning => 155 Countries, 3.5M+ Mobile apps, 1M Developers

They ALSO offer a programatic media buying platform for the masses. You can use their data, segment specific audiences with comeptitor analysis, and bid for impressions on 18+ ad networks along with Doubleclick, Mopub, and Smaato.



crossrider-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: https://crossrider.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/crossrider
Employees on LinkedIn: 49
Founded: 2011
HQ: Douglas, Isle of Man.
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPM, CPC, Revshare / ROAS, % of Media Spend
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Kochava, Adjust, AppsFlyer

Crossrider is the leader in monetizing desktop and mobile media. They claim to have over 31,000 participating developers, having driven open 1B+ installs (1.8M+ daily installs), with 1.6B Monetized Ad Spaces across 25k+ Live Campaigns. Across this network, they can reach over 150M monthly unique users.

Crossrider also made acquisitions of Definiti Media, and Ajillion Max, which gives them an integrated suite of technology to offer this wide range of services including being an Ad Server, Ad Network, and App Distribution Platform.

They are also integrated with 100+ Ad Networks, and have direct integrations with over 31,000 developers to monetize their Web Apps, on top of which 60,000 extensions have been built.

Their product Ajillion Max, a white-label Mobile Ad Server, Exchange, and DSP, is used by Mobile Ad Networks, Agencies, and Monetization Platforms for formats such as video, native ads, and many more. Traffic sources for these include other networks such as InMobi, Airpush, Smaato, Adiquity, and Madgic. This platform powers the mobile activity of many well known players such as Matomy, YBrant, Darriens, Inneractive, Marimedia, WPP, McCann Erickson, SayMedia, SuperSonicAds, WEBmedia, IronSource, Jemm and more.

Their Ad Network Definiti Media is purely performance-based, focused on delivered best-of-breed solutions for performance-based advertisers and publishers in the world. Their App Distribution Network ReImage offers users a repair service for their computer and mobile operating systems over the internet, and has been downloaded by over 20M users and successfully repaired over 1.5M PCs and Mobile Phones.

Customers include: M&C Saatchi, Avazu, Tuguu, McCann Worldgroup, SAY Media, Inneractive, Cortica, Matomy Media Group, Supersonic Ads, Betfair, Playtech, Bet365, Jollywallet, Superfish, 01net, WilliamHill, Soft32, Mediashakers.




Website: https://yellowheadinc.com/ 
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/Yellowheadinc
Blog: https://yellowheadinc.com/blog/
Employees on LinkedIn: 64
Founded: 2013
HQ: Udim, Israel.
Pricing Models: % of Media Spend
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Kochava, Adjust, AppsFlyer

yellowHEAD is a performance marketing company that provides holistic digital marketing solutions, implementing top User Acquisition, App Store Optimization & Search Engine Optimization methodologies. The company believes these fields go hand in hand as part of an overarching strategy. By implementing cross-field insights, yellowHEAD strives to improve results on all spectrums.

Brands they work with operate in the most competitive search markets in the world, including Gaming, eCommerce, Retail and more. Using vast experience across digital marketing channels, yellowHEAD provides clients with a distinct and effective presence on all platforms. The company’s team is dedicated to maximizing performance and reducing wasted ad spend.



glispa-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://glispa.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/glispa
Blog: http://www.glispa.com/blog.html
Employees on LinkedIn: 184
Founded: 2008
HQ: Berlin, Germany. Satellite Office in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPL % of Media Spend
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileAppTracking by TUNE, AdX, AdEven, AppsFlyer, Kochava, Adjust, Tenjin

glispa is one of the largest, privately-held mobile performance ad companies in the world. With over 1B active users per month, and campaigns in over 187 Countries, they can serve up to 400B monthly ad impressions.

The company currently delivers over 1B clicks a month and track millions of post-install events each day. Their main offering consists of mobile marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing, as well as media planning and buying.

Their acquisition of MOBILS in Brazil allowed them to bolster their mCommerce and Native ad solutions in LATAM. Their AMPIRI product for mobile App Monetization provides features such as being fully transparent, intelligence optimizations, global coverage, advance audience targeting, and a reduced-size SDK.

Their main App Ranking solution gBoost allows app developers to burst to the top of the App Stores. They partner with over 150+ major app discovery and burst partners, and can run simultaneous campaigns in over 25+ markets. Clients that have used the gBoost product line of glispa include Deezer, FoodPanda, Elex, Zoom, Bukalapak.com, Hasbro, and Tap4Fun.

Their other core User Acquisition Network solution gPerform helps companies drive signups, installs, or any other performance outcome. They work with a network of 9,000 select publishers for inventory, and pricing is on a risk-free CPI / CPE / CPA basis, of which they can reach over 1B mobile and web users across the globe. Creative Units for gPerform include: In-app Units, Interstitials, and Video. Customers for this product include: Kaspersky, Socialpoint, and InnoGames.

Their latest gNative Ad solution provides native ad placements  through a private exchange. Placements are integrated seamlessly intoApp Navigation, App Walls, Marketplaces, and Browsers. For this solution they guarantee a 100% fill rate for publishers, and have over 1000+ direct advertisers plus additional demand through mediation. Ad Formats for their gNative solution include: Story Cards, List Cards, Native Button to Expandable, and Native Button to App Walls.

Lastly, their AMPIRI app monetization solution allows a developer to use a single SDK to connect with all Ad Networks and DSPs. Demand sources include: InMobi, Leadbolt, AdMob, Facebook Audience Network, Vungle, Unity Ads, Nexage, Buzzcity, Millennial Media, Bidswitch, StartApp, Applovin, AppLift, AdColony, Smaato, Lifestreet Media, MobFox, NativeX, Vserv, Axonix, Chartboost, MDotM. Formats for these includeNative, Non-Rewarded Video, Rewarded Videos, Interstitials, and Banners.

Worldwide clients include: Nexon Europe, Dafiti.com.br, Socialpoint, Kaspersky lab, Kongregate, Gaijin, Hasbro, InnoGames, FoodPanda, Zoom, Deezer, Tap4Fun, Square Enix, MakeMyTrip.com, GameLoft, AnchorFree, BigFlix, NeoMobile Commerce Company, ToysRUs, @Mail.Ru, BaiDu, Lookout, Kingsoft, WarGaming.net, OLX, FunPlus, CYou, Bigpoint, 360.cn, Konami, ELEX, BukaLaPak.com, GameInsight.com, Schibsted Media Group, Glu GAmes, Privalia, Gameforge, Spotify, Movile, Guvera, Kabam, Match.com, Jumia, Warner Brothers, Big Fish Games, Playdom, Travian Games, Lazada, DeNA, Kingsisle, Goodgame Studios, Level Up!, Red 5 Studios, Sega, Rebtel, PSafe, Momondo, Dolphin, Gumi, Quikr, SK Planet, Wooga, and eFun.


Digital Turbine

digital-turbine-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://www.digitalturbine.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/DigitalTurbine
Blog: http://www.digitalturbine.com/blog/
Employees on LinkedIn: 171
Founded: 2011
HQ: Austin, Texas. Satellite Office in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, Flat Rate
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Kochava, AppsFlyer

Digital Turbine is an ad technology company that simplifies the app advertising, recommendation, delivery, and tracking process. They work with brands and app developers on mobile app marketing, using 100% non-incentivized installs for Android & iOS, in over 190+ Countries around the world.

They have delivered over 150M+ sponsored app installs, across 1.5B devices, and have 25 OEM and Mobile Operator partners. They also have 300+ Global Advertising Partners for Android & iOS.

Customers for their Cost-per-Install App Marketing Platform include: Big Fish Games, Amazon, Zynga, Hotels.com Nook, Zillow, Lyft, Fiksu, eBay, Gameloft, Nordstrom, and Pandora. They also have direct partnership from top tier publishers and carriers such as T-Mobile, HTC, Baidu, Sony, Verizon, Cheetah Mobile, Munkee, Ask, Freapp, ASUS, AT&T, and America Movil.

Ad Units for their App Install Marketing Product include: App Walls, Display Ads, Interstitials, Native Ads, as well as Exclusive Carrier & OEM Inventory such as Recommendation Widgets (Pre-Installed App Recommendations), Push Notifications, and App Preloads.

Core Partners include: Verizon, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Cricket Wireless, AT&T, Pandora, Uber, America Movil, HTC, ASUS, Deutsche Telekom, M1, Singtel, Sony, Twitter, Zillow, GroupM, Trivago, Target, Dominos, AllState, and Booking.com.



eyeview-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://www.eyeviewdigital.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/EyeviewDigital
Blog: http://www.eyeviewdigital.com/blog/
Employees on LinkedIn: 112
Founded: 2007
HQ: New York, New York. 
Pricing Models: CPM

Eyeview is a video ad technology company that infuses consumer, brand, and retail data into programmatic video ads. They provide only highly viewable ad units and guarantee fraud-free inventory across Television, Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile. All this inventory can be purchased through a self-serve interface, which can be used to plan, launch, optimize, and report on campaigns.

They specialize in video marketing for Auto Brands, CPG Brands, Retail Brands, and Travel Companies.

Their Data management allows the integration of multiple data sources like CRM, Purchase Activity, Demographics & Psychographics, Website Activity, TV Watching Behavior, Store / Dealership Location, Local Price / Item / Inventory, Local Promotion, and Local Weather data into campaigns.

Brands using Eyeview include: Walmart, Land Rover, Marriot, Paramount, Staples, Lowe’s Macy,s, Priceline, Volvo, Mindshare, CMT, Horizon Media, Ace Hardware and 100+ others.



innovid-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://www.innovid.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/innovid
Blog: http://www.innovid.com/blog/
Employees on LinkedIn: 205
Founded: 2007
HQ: New York, New York. Satellite Office in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Pricing Models: CPM

Innovid is a video marketing platform used by both Brands and Agencies to creative, deliver, and measure video advertising. They can serve pre-roll, personalized, and interactive video across devices to desktop, mobile, set-top boxes, and connected TV channels.

For their interactive video units, viewers can engage with extended content, promotions, social media and more. They also can enhance relevancy and target by location, weather, day-parting or other datasets such as geographic, demographic, behavioral, advertiser site activity, publisher data, CRM or any other first or third-party data sources.

Metrics offered include viewability, ad verification, ad blocking, brand safety, geo-performance, awareness, engagement, completion, rates, impression volumes, and more.

They are the creators of interactive video, and are known for their proprietary iRoll units, of which include: iRoll Apps, iRoll Canvas, iRoll Expand, iRoll Extender, iRoll Hotspot, iRoll Dynamic, iRoll Overlay, and the iRoll Selector.

Clients include HBO, Jeep, Lexus, Dyson, Vodafone, Stihl and they are also backed by top-tier venture capital firms such as Sequoia Capital, Genesis Partners, Vintage Investment Partners, Cisco, NewSpring Capital, T-Venture.



engageya-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://www.engageya.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/Engageya1
Blog: http://blog.engageya.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 22
Founded: 2012
HQ: New York, New York.
Pricing Models: CPC

Engageya is a native content discovery ad platform. Publishers can place a widget on their site to show related articles, and get paid out on a CPC basis whenever an advertiser clicks on these native contextual ads. With a reach of over 740M users across 50,000 websites, EngageYa can serve up to 2B impressions monthly.

Their free content-suggesting widget integrates naturally, driving new readers to the site, doubling pageviews, as well as visitor time on site. With this additional content, they also claim to be able to decrease a sites’ bounce rate and increase dwell time.

Their main verticals include: Lifestyle, Entertainment, Fashion, Food, Sports, News, Parenting, Technology, Business, and more.

Publishers can also customize this content to be either social content, sponsored content, on-site content, or cross-promoted content.

Partners include Wix, AOL, Matomy, Heasrt-Shkulev Media, Mediashakers, WebMedia, and Marimedia.


Clickon Affiliates

clickon-affiliates-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://www.clickon.co.il/
Employees on LinkedIn: 8
Founded: 2009
HQ: Israel. 
Pricing Models: CPM, CPC, CPA, CPL CPS, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: AppsFlyer

Established in 2009, ClickOn Partner Network Affiliates is Irael’s leading performance-based ad network for linking advertisers and businesses of all sides with various forms of digital media.

Advertisers only pay for leads or sales that have been driven by partners, and partners are only paid for the leads or sales they drove. They claim to provide hundreds of thousands of leads for leading companies, and support pricing models such as CPM, CPC, CPA, CPL CPS, and CPC.

Customers include Eldan Group, College peaks, Gulliver, Fattal, Tefahot, Eden Group Israel, go active, John Brice, proportion, Smart Club, Israeli Building Center, Cal Auto Group, American Laser, Walla Tours, and Online Tower.



sizmek-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://www.sizmek.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/sizmek
Blog: http://www.sizmek.com/blog/
Employees on LinkedIn:  751
Founded: 1999
HQ: New York, New York. Satellite Office in Herzliya, Israel.
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Kochava, Adjust, AppsFlyer

Sizmek is an open ad management platform that works with brand marketers, agencies, publishers, and trading desks to build and target ads to reach audiences across the globe, both on programmatic and direct channels.

Their core products include Ad Serving, Programmatic, Data, Dynamic Creative Optimization, as well as Strike Ad (their Mobile DSP), and MDX-NXT (their ad server and management platform). For all these products, they support formats on mobile, display, and video.

Clients and Partners include: MARS, Mazda, Nike, Nissan, Omnicom Group, Paramount, P&G, Prada, Samsung, Sony, Ticketmaster, Unilever, Volswagen, Wells Fargo, WPP, American Express, Armani, Canon, Calvin Klein, Dentsu, GroupM, H&M, Havas, HSBC, IPG, Levi’s, LG, and Louis Vuitton.


Flash Networks

flash-networks-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://www.flashnetworks.com/Monetization-Overview
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/FlashNetworks
Blog: http://www.flashnetworks.com/In_the_News
Employees on LinkedIn: 194
Founded: 1996
HQ: Edison, New Jersey. Satellite Office in Herzliya, Israel.

Flash Networks is the leading provider of optimization solutions that allows Mobile Operators to improve RAN spectral efficiency, boost network speed, optimize video and web traffic, and generate over-the-top revenues from the mobile internet.

They also have a monetization solution that allows operators to monetize their data and large subscriber base. They currently reach over 50M monetization users across 250 monetization partners in 85 countries.

Their Layer8 platform helps mobile operators engage with their subscribers as they browse the web, to offer them information that services that generate downstream revenues from over-the-top affiliates. This platform is a clientless solution which appears over web pages on smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Campaign triggers can include different targeted parameters such as user segment, device, special events, as well as billing status, current website content, message template, frequency of appearance, and other conversion details such as external webpages, app-store pages, Facebook likes, and more. Also, due to the deep integrations that Layer8 has with the operator’s PCRF and billing systems, the platform can also send notifications to a specific user segment. Layer8 context can also be integrated with other third partners such as ad servers and mobile operator’s portal, and applications.

Their other monetization solution Morefor.me, is a revenue-share-based service, enabling operators to gain OTT revenues. The morefor.me service appears in the browser as a floating engagement layer and supports multiple mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.


Black Angus Media

black-angus-media-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://blackangus.media/en/home/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/BLACKANGUSMEDIA
Employees on LinkedIn: 54
Founded: 2013
HQ: Strasbourg, France. Satellite Office in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Blackangus Media is a Programmatic and Media Strategy Consultancy. Some numbres are: 160 satisfied customers, 16 collaborators, 1,104 activated campaigns, 4 agencies in over 3 continents, and over 12k+ pixels placed.

Their projects include: Essilor, Credit Mutuel, Region Alsace, Mise Au Green, Spadel, Zapa, and Bagelstein.

The company was originally a trading desk and is now a programmatic media agency. Their unique platform allows the marketer to follow all the operations of their team, starting with the implementation of tags, selection of URLs, and integrations all the way up till post-campaign reporting.



appsflyer-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: https://www.appsflyer.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/AppsFlyer
Blog: https://www.appsflyer.com/blog/
Employees on LinkedIn: 164
Founded: 2011
HQ: Herzliya, Israel.

AppsFlyer is one of the leaders in the mobile app install tracking and attribution space.

They also offer other features such as: Uninstall Attribution, Omni-Channel LTV, TV Attribution, Multi-Touch Attribution, Unlimited Rich In-App Events,Retention & Cohort Reports, Retargeting Attribution,Push API, Real-Time Attribution, have Facebook / Twitter / Google official partnerships (not to mention also having an exclusive partnership with Facebook for ROI reporting).

They are extremely proactive in the industry for providing anti mobile-fraud solutions. They boast over 20B app installs with an SDK that runs on 99% of the world’s smartphones, with solutions that are powered by the industrys’ largest anti-fraud database.

They claim over 1 Trillion events tracked per year, with algorithms that actively monitor billions of mobile ad impressions and clicks every day to automatically identify suspicious IP addresses in real-time. They current run as an open ecosystem partner with over 1,900 network partners, 10,000 advertisers, and $4B in annual media spend measured per year.

The company also processes over 150B secure interactions per month, and their OneLink solution can be used for mobile campaigns, user invites, web campaigns, newsletters, QR codes, search campaigns, user referrals (even deep linking), email campaigns, and social networks.

They are integrated with over 1900+ network partners include Tapjoy, Facebook, Twitter, Google Adwords, Yahoo!, Vungle, Applovin, Chartboost, InMobi, AdRoll, Millennial Media, Fiksu, Adcolony, Kenshoo, Aarki, and TapCommerce. They are also a Facebook Mobile Measurement Partner and a Twitter Official Partner..

They work with some of the world’s largest companies including: Samsung, Mail.ru, Docusign, Top Eleven, Credit Karma, Bloomingdales, OLX, William Hill, IGotGames, Spring, Jet, Nexon, McAfee, Clean Master, Gumi, DeNA, Macys, HBO, L’Oreal, Alibaba.com, WSJ, Baidu, Trivago, and IHG.  and agencies such as Starcom, OMD, Fetch, M&C Saatchi, Dentsu, Publicis Groupe, McCann and more.


eXelate (owned by Nielsen)

exelate-nielsen-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://exelate.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/eXelate
Blog: http://exelate.com/resources/blog/
Employees on LinkedIn: 116
Founded: 2007
HQ: New York, New York. Satellite Office in Rosh Ha’Ayin, Israel.

eXelate, a Nielsen company, is a leading provider of data and technology solutions that power the digital marketing ecosystem. They operate a customer data cloud that provides unified customer profiles, that connect identities across all channels and devices including display, video, audio, offline, mobile, and smart TVs.

Their 3 main products include a Data Marketplace, a Data Management Platform, and an Analytics solutions.

eXelate’s online data marketplace composes of premium demo, interest, and intent data from some of the most trusted names online. Their Data-as-a-Service (DAAS) solution contains information on 5B unique users and devices worldwide, from 200+ online data providers. Trillions of these data points are served monthly, and the system updates 23M data points per minute, providing custom modeling that truly scales.

Data types include: Demographic, Interest, Intent, Branded, B2B. All in all, they offer over 10k+ segments, with 35+ data points per user, that are accessible across 125 Media Platforms (1M data syncs per minute reach through partners like BrightRoll, Genome, Turn, x+1, Google, Mediamath). Their 200+ data partnerships include top publishers and data providers such as Forbes, Nielsen, Kantar Shopcom, and Mastercard Advisors.

Their Data Management Platform provides the industry’s only unified customer profiles, which connect customer identities across all formats – including display, video, audio, offline, mobile and smart TVs.

For their Analytics tool, it provides marketers with a suite of proprietary customer insight and closed-loop measurement tools, enabling a brand to better understand customer engagement in real time, and track digital marketing impact to offline sales.


Dynamic Yield

dynamic-yield-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: https://www.dynamicyield.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/DynamicYield
Blog: https://www.dynamicyield.com/blog/
Employees on LinkedIn: 97
Founded: 2011
HQ: New York, New York. Satellite Office in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Dynamic Yield is a personalization and marketing technology company that offers Personalization, Recommendations, 1:1 Messaging and Yield Optimization in a Single Platform. They claim to be able to reach over 500M unique users per month, with access to 10B pageviews per month, and 500B events captured per month — driving customer engagement across web, mobile, and email.

Their core industries are: eCommerce, Media, B2C Marketers,  and Travel.

Their main capabilities include: Automated Personalization, Personalized 1:1 Messaging, Personalized Recommendations, Predictive A/B Testing, Campaign Optimization, Customer Data Activation, Email Personalization, Mobile Apps Personalization.

Clients include: The New York Times, Under Armour, Fjall Raven, Liverpool Football Club, Lamoda, Jewelry.com, RollingStone, Goop, MakerBot, Pet360, William Hill, the CW, Juniqe, Foodpanda, Johnston Press, Sabon, MyHomeMove, Ozon.ru, Hallmark Channel, Forti Nihill Difficile Northern & Shell, NatureHills.com, International Bike Group, The Student Room, Lakbrokes, Bombas, Parfois, Home24, GenXreme, DeinHandy, Winner, The Jerusalem Post, TicketHall.de, Castro, Tel Aviv Universty, Jdate.com, Fattal, Mako, TraderXP, Renuar



chameleonx-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://chameleonx.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 3
Founded: 2015
HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel. 

ChameleonX is a Secured Ads Layer Web Application Security solution that protects the online and mobile ecosystem from ad blocking, ad-injection and malware attacks.

They eliminate ad blocking and prevent ad malware attacks, and are the first secured ad serving solution that combines a real-time preventative, detective and corrective approach, enabling publishers to prevent ad blocking traffic, also reducing ad-injections of malware attacks.

Core features include: Flexibility for integrations, Adblocking monetization, Secureds Ads Layer Web Application, Scalable Security Solution, Compliance with IAB Guidelines, and Cross-Device Secured Ad Serving.


SHINE Technologies

shine-technologies-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: https://getshine.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/getshine
Blog: https://www.getshine.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 38
Founded: 2012
HQ: Hertzeliya, Israel. 

Shine is an Ad Blocking company that recently partnered with Three Group in the UK to roll-out Ad blocking to 30M consumers.

Their products give consumers the choice to protect themselves from the abusive behavior of AdTech, including: Tracking, Targeting, Personal Information Usage & Cellular Data Theft.

Shine works with telcos to roll-out pro-consumer services for Ad Blocking & Privacy Protection. Using their technology, telcos can now see which AdTech players are actively monetizing on their infrastructure, at what volume, and at what abusive levels.



celltick-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://www.celltick.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/Celltick
Blog: http://www.celltick.com/category/blog_cat/
Employees on LinkedIn: 127
Founded: 2000
HQ: Israel. 

Celltick provides intelligent mobile marketing solutions for operators and device manufacturers, with offices throughoutEurope, Asia, Africa, South America and the United States. They have 3 core products: START, LIVESCREEN, and MASS ALERT.

Start provides Android interface that gives mobile operators, device manufacturers and media companies the ability to engage intelligently with their customers, provide differentiated value and generate added revenue. From the Start screen, users can call, message, take photos and launch apps with a single gesture. They can also access their choice of news, social media, sports, favorite videos and more. By capturing user data and identifying user traits and habits, Celltick’s Start platform tailors each individual’s start screen to create a personal experience for the user. It is also fully customizable by the user themselves.

Livescreen is their patented platform in which operators can deliver a managed service to gain incremental revenue from mobile commerce and content distribution. The system intelligence targets the right services and products to users based on a number of factors such as their location, context, purchase history, and when they are likely to take action. They also offer management tools to create pre-scheduled and segmented messages, such as merchant coupons, operator services, mobile advertisements and other infotainment services. The platform also uses mobile broadcast to reach hundreds of millions of users in real time, without any additional network cost. It also allows for P2P services to deliver marketing messages to specific user groups in a personalized manner, and includes focused reports and analytics. LiveScreen can be used to obtain explicit consent for subscriptions and renewals to protect consumers’ interests. Through device matching, the user interface adapts to deliver the best possible experience for each device whether it’s a feature phone or smartphone. LiveScreen collects and processes data on user engagements. It gives a clear view media operation and marketing campaign performance, allowing ongoing control and optimization.

Their 3rd product line, Mass Alert, is a pioneer in technology that allows governments around the world to provide public safety alerts and citizen communication to hundreds of millions of people in their time of need. Mass Alert allows simultaneous delivery of text messages in real time to millions of mobile users within a specified geographical area, without overloading network resources. Governments can broadcast messages on their own channel with little or negligible network load. This ensures messages can be broadcast even in emergency situations on different communication channels, even when networks are heavily congested. Our Mass Alert Solution (MAS) is based on Cell Broadcast, a well-established and highly efficient medium for mass distribution of alerts to mobile subscribers. It’s configurable to any operator system, with minimum set-up time and may be customized to any infrastructure. Beyond alerts, Mass Alert can also be used for citizen alert services and may be combined with our LiveScreen managed service to generate revenue with location based advertising and interactive content discovery.

Monetization Partners: AdMob, AOL, Facebook, Google, Mopub, Outbrain, StartApp, Taboola, Vexigo, VServ, Wibbitz, Yahoo!, Yandex, YuMe. Content Providers: ActitudFem, Advego, BBC Brasil, BBC Mundo, Sensacionalista, Bizvox, ESPN, Excelsior, Gamedots, Gameloft, Gismeteo, HSBNoticias.com, Milenio, Rovio, Salud180, SBT, SMN2, Teads.tv, Stream, Trend News Agency, UNO Tv, Wibbitz, Yahoo!, Yandex, Zed, and 15 Minutos.

Mobile Operator Partners include: AVEA, Aircel, Airtel, America Movil, Ambit, Azercell, Bite, BSNL, Cable & Wireless, Cellcard, Claro, Dialog, !dea, iWireless, JT, MobiCom, mobifone, Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel, Movistar, MTC, Omnitel, Smartfren, T-Mobile, Tigo, Paktel, Reliance, Somtel, Smart, T Star, Tele2, TaiwanMobile, TogoCel, Uganda Telecom, VietnamMobile, Viettel, VimpelCom, and Vodafone.

OEMs / ODMs partners include: BGH, BLU, Cherry Mobile, Hitech, Holamovil, Hongyu Electronics, Intext, Irbis, Karbonn Mobiles, Lexand, Logicom, W-Tech Mobile, Agicon Mobiles, Crommax, Multilaser, MyPhone, Prestigo, Tecno Mobile, Texet, Videocon, VitelMobile, ZTE, and 4Good.


Ybrant Digital

ybrant-digital-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://www.ybrantdigital.com/english/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/Ybrantdigital
Blog: http://www.ybrantdigital.com/blog/
Employees on LinkedIn: 300+
Founded: 1995
HQ: Hyderabad, India.
Pricing Models: CPI, CPM, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Kochava, Adjust, AppsFlyer

Ybrant Digital is a new-age digital media company offering Digital Marketing solutions to businesses, agencies, and online publishers worldwide. They also own proprietary media such as Lycos, Gamesville, getMedia in Latin America and several travel websites in Australia.

The LYCOS Network of sites and services include Lycos.com, Tripod,Angelfire, HotBot, Gamesville, WhoWhere, and LYCOS Mail.

They also offer 40 Local Sites in 120 Languages with a community spanning across 177 Countries.

They claim to be able to serve 35 – 40B impressions per month globally, and employ over 500 people working out of 24 offices worldwide, including the US, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Ukraine, Sweden, Serbia, Israel, China, Thailand, Panama, India, Emirates, Russia and Australia, with representatives or partners in Spain, South Africa, and The Netherlands.

Ybrant has offerings across Display, Mobile, Video, Social, and Search. Their video offering includes In-Stream Video Ads (Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll, Post-Roll Placements), Mobile Video Ads (In-App & Mobile Web), In-Read Video Ads (Outstream Video), Overlay Video Ads.

Their video offering has over 2B Monthly Views, 250 Advertisers, 2,000+ Publishers, 25 Global Markets (including USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, Italy, France, Spain), and Key Verticals such as Business, Sports, News & Weather, Shopping, Travel, Automotive. Video partnerships include: Adap.tv, MOAT, SpotXchange, Vdopia, TubeMogul, Brightroll, Liverail, Tremor Video, Videology, and Q1Media.

They also have an Email Marketing Program called VoloMP.

Our clients include leading blue chip advertisers including: MTV, Samsung, Viacom, Maruti Suzuki, Airtel, Sony, Coco Cola, Star India, Vodafone, Samsung Electronics, Lenovo, ING, British Airways, Qatar Airways, Titan, Unilever, P&G, Hyundai Motors, ICICI Bank, LIC, and ITC.


Appreciate Mobi

Website: www.appreciate.mobi
Employees: 15
Founded: 2010
HQ: Israel
Pricing model: CPM
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: Appsflyer, Tune, Adjust, Emma, Kochava

Appreciate is a smart DSP/RTB self-serve mobile platform providing advertisers with unique capabilities to plan, manage and optimize in-app mobile campaigns.

Powered by a powerful proprietary core engine, Appreciate uses state of the art algorithms to best meet various advertisers’ KPIs. Whether looking to maximize full video viewability, reach the largest possible number of customers in a designated geographic area or attract the most valuable users for a mobile app.

Appreciate enables the advertiser to easily setup, track and optimize performance in-line with the desired KPI.



49clicks-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://49clicks.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 3
Founded: 2014
HQ: Israel.
Pricing Models: CPL

49Clicks is a Performance Marketing Network, that specializes in risk free lead generation. They are primarily a Lead generation agency, and also help with monetization of remnant traffic.

The core focus is driving leads, calls, and installs across various verticals. Their media buying team has experience in driving sales/leads for campaigns in more than 5 continents and to all kinds of verticals for both mobile and web.



trackingdesk-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: https://trackingdesk.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/Trackingdesk
Blog: http://trackingdesk.com/blog
Employees on LinkedIn: 3
Founded: 2014
HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel. 
Pricing Models: Flat Rate

TrackingDesk is a Traffic and Tracking Management Platform for Media Buyers and Affiliate Marketers. They provide one dashboard for managing all your ad campaigns.

Through the platform, marketers are able to rotate hundreds of landing pages by Geography, Device, OS, Language and Keywords, via one single smart link. They also can track multiple conversion funnels such as CPL, CPA, and CPS.

Their fore platform capabilities include: Traffic Acquisition, Traffic Distribution, Advertise Management, Actionable Insights & Analytics.

Main Pricing Tiers are: $0/month for 10,000 views, $50/month for 100,000 views, $100/month for 1.5M views, $200/month for 5M views, $500/month for 40M views.

They are also integrated with top ad networks and affiliate networks such as: 7Search, IncomeAccess, HasOffers, 50onRed, AffPower, Cake, RevenueHits, FXCAsh.com, AffiliaXe, Adwords, TrafficVance, and Cellxpert.



plymedia-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://www.plymedia.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/PLYmedia
Employees on LinkedIn: 79
Founded: 2006
HQ: Palo Alto, CA. Satellite Office in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPM, CPV, CPL, CPC
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Kochava, Adjust, AppsFlyer

PLYmedia is a next-generation ad-tech company dedicated to developing the world’s leading performance-based ad exchange for ad networks. They are completely dedicated to ad networks, and have 3 core products: PLYexchange (Performance advertising ecosystem), PLYvideo (video advertising solution for ad networks & agencies), and Adk2 (White-Label Exchange).

They also have a prediction algorithm takes into account a broad range of campaign parameters such as historical user data, publisher/domain, browser, device, IP address, operating system, advertiser, campaign creative, how the ad appears on the page, ad size and language, country/region, and more.

Through this data, the PLYexchange is able to predict in real-time the value of each impression for all available campaigns in the exchange, and is the only exchange that does prediction for CPA, CPC and CPI campaigns.

Customers include: Adskimo, Xapads, H12 Media Advertising, Gunggo, CPM Rocket, BidMonitor, Marimedia, SOMOTO, I Love CPA, Wafra, Crazy 4 Media, Adperium, Yep Digital, Velis Media, WebPals, Mars Media Group, Maverick Media, InTag, ironSource, Vertoz, reimage, Sterkly, Fontimedia, Mediashakers, Matomy Media Group, 152 Media, Linkadia, Adplex MEdia, thinkthanks, CPXi, and Spiroox.



convertro-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://www.convertro.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/Convertro
Blog: http://www.convertro.com/news/
Employees on LinkedIn: 70
Founded: 2009
HQ: Playa Vista, CA. Satellite Office in Ra’anana, Israel.

Convertro is a unified marketing activation platform that allows marketers to truly understand the performance of their advertising choices, and activate upon these insights as quickly as possible.

Integrations include: One by AOL, Adobe, Mediamath, Marin Software, Kenshoo, Bing Ads, Google Adwords, Yandex, Yahoo! Gemini, Kochava, AdJust, TUNE, AppsFlyer, Facebook for Business, Twitter, Kenshoo Social, Manifest, Impact Radius, eBay Enterprise, Rakuten Linkshare, Google Shopping, Nextag, Shopzilla, Shopping.com, Doubleclick Digital Marketing, ATLAS, Trueffect, Conversant, Criteo, Google Display Network, Rocket Fuel, Quantcast, Oracle, Datalogix, Acxiom, Liveramp, Adobe, Oracle, Krux, eXelate, Weathertrends 360, Nielsen, Catalina, and Kantar Media.



justad-mobi-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://www.justad.mobi/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/justadmobi
Blog: http://www.justad.mobi/blog/
Employees on LinkedIn: 16
Founded: 2009
HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel. 
Pricing Models: CPM

JustAd is the fastest growing platform for the production and serving of Rich Media Mobile Ads. They allow mobile marketers, brands and agencies to communicate better with their audiences, without the need for a special plugin or SDK.

Features include: Animation, Typography, Location, CAmera, Store picture, Call to action, Video, Accelerometer, Galleries, Calendar, Games & Logic, Lead Generation, Social, Dynamic Resources, Preview, Templates, Shapes, Effects, Dynamic Creatives, Scaling, Analytics, Rising Stars, Hovers, and Responsive Ads.

Clients include: Pixar, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, DreamWorks Studios, PIzza Hut, Knorr, Heineken, Orange, Samsung, GiffGaff, Vodafone, Microsoft, Mercedez Benz, Audi, Ford, Activision, Hasbro, Lux, Durex, Pond’s, Estee Lauder, Nike.


Go-rilla Digital Advertising

go-rilla-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://www.go-rilla.mobi/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/GorilaAdv
Employees on LinkedIn: 18
Founded: 2014
HQ: Ra’anana, Israel.
Pricing Models: CPM
Mobile App Install Tracking Partners: AppsFlyer

Go-rilla is a performance based mobile display, apps & Facebook advertising agency. They provide provide strategy, and consultation to publishers and advertisers to exclusive channels, and also can access large volume through their DSP.

For reach and volume, they can purchase worldwide clean, non-incentivized traffic, from local publishers or DSPs & Ad Networks. Placements can range from video, banner, pops, redirect, app wall units, across mobile web, mobile apps, or Google or Facebook.

Key verticals they focus on are: Download, Lead Gen, Entertainment, Software, Mobile Content, Games, Mobile Apps, Gambling, and Finance.

They are also able to optimize on parameters include: Country, Carrier, OS, Wi-Fi, 3G, Make & Model, Demographics, and IP.



xwise-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://www.xwise.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 12
HQ: Ramat Gan, Israel.

Xwise is a digital marketing agency that specializes in disciplines such as Affiliate Marketing, Media Buying, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Digital CRM, Data Mining, Front & Back-End Development, as well as Conversion Optimization.

Their Marketing Services include: Acquisition (Affiliate Marketing, network of over 70,000 affiliates; Media; SEO), Retention (Customer Relationship Management, Customer Support, Research & Analysis), and Special Services (Account Management, Turn-Key Web Solutions, Conversion Optimization).



adnimation-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://www.adnimation.com/
Blog: http://www.adnimation.com/knowledge-base/
Employees on LinkedIn: 3
Founded: 2013
HQ: Jerusalem, Israel.

Adnimation is a premium publisher monetization solution that provides services such as Media Monetization, DFP Free Implementation, Premium Market Place, and Website Trafficking.

They provide instant access to major advertising demand partners, and monetize media formats including: Display, Mobile Web, Mobile In-App, and Video. Through the websites they manage, they see over 1B Impressions per month all over the world.



jellop-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://www.jellop.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 2
Founded: 2012
HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel. 

Jellop is a direct-response online advertising agency and developer of Bidder – bid and budget management tool for Google AdWords.

Jellop has gained a competitive edge in crowdfunding platforms and had helped over 250 Kickstarter projects to exceed their funding goals and raise dozens of millions of dollars.

Core objectives can be: Sales, Lead Generation, Downloads, Sign-Ups, Pre-Orders, or Crowdfunding Pledges.

Clients include: Kokoon, Samsung, 1Fee.com, JWed, Hult International School of Business, Dyln, OTM Technologies.



algomizer-israeli-ad-networkImage Source 

Website: http://www.algomizer.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/Algomizer
Blog: http://www.algomizer.com/our-blog-2/
Employees on LinkedIn: 24
Founded: 2013
HQ: Israel. 
Pricing Models: CPM

Algomizer (TASE: ALMO) is an internet technology company specializing in the online marketing field. Its expert team of developers, analysts and online advertising experts develop innovative algorithmic tools for online advertising campaigns.

The company develops and markets a pool of unique and revolutionary software solutions, that automate and optimize campaigns on the internet and the world’s leading platforms (Google, Facebook, Twitter etc.). The aim is to enable small businesses to market and advertise themselves on these platforms.

These Software-as- a-service tools allow small businesses, for the first time ever, to advertise and promote themselves very rapidly, efficiently, and comfortably, without any effort on their part (“with just one click of the mouse”) whatsoever.

The company has unique knowledge and intellectual property, development capacity, expertise in commercialization and business development, that lean on vast experience in the field.

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