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Genesis Stories: An Interview with MonetizePros Editor-in-Chief Karl Kangur


Karl Kangur
Partner & Editor-in-Chief



For those of us that aren’t familiar with MonetizePros, please tell us a little more about your website and core audience you reach.

MonetizePros is all about helping people make money with their websites. We’ve talked about hundreds of different ways of website monetization, ranging from simply optimizing your current ads to switching to other networks or finding completely new platforms. Since we’ve written about so many different things over the years, our audience is just as varied. We’ve got million-dollar companies reaching out to us on a daily basis, asking for advice on monetization and ad optimization. At the same time, we have complete beginners who are trying to figure out how to create a blog and start making money online.


What was the original vision behind MonetizePros? Has it evolved in any way over the years?

Originally the site was only focused on advertising methods and optimizing them. It started out as a membeship site with a lot of premium content. Over the years, we’ve not only expanded our range of topics but we’ve also made all of that premium content available for free. There’s nothing you can buy from us anymore, except a few advertising opportunities. Now we’re working on growing into more and more industries, ranging from conversion rate optimization to traffic generation. The goal is to be the best resource in the world on anything related to making money online.


You rank extremely well on Google for many important search terms such as “Google Adsense Reviews” or “Average CPM Rates”. Has the goal of the site from it’s inception be to cater towards publishers and helping them with yield maximization?

That was definitely the goal in the beginning. The original founders were your average publisher at one point and they had to figure everything out on their own. Over the years they accumulated a lot of knowledge and experience and saw the opportunity of starting There was little to no competition in the field.


What are some of the most popular / most effective business models that you’ve seen work for niche publishers?

Affiliate marketing and display advertising have always been the most successful business models and also the most popular ones. With the first option, you’re promoting someone else’s product and making money off every sale, this saves you a lot of time off product creation. The latter is using networks like Google Adsense or


It’s been said for many years that 20XX was the ‘Year of Mobile’. The hyperbole of industry publications almost made it seem as if desktop was going away. What are your thoughts on the future of digital content consumption on different platforms?

Although all of the data shows that mobile is growing by leaps and bounds and consumption is going up, desktop is definitely not going anywhere for now. Mobile is no doubt great for consuption and research, but the majority of “buying” is still happening through desktop. As mobile payment options get easier to use and more widespread, that may easily change the game.


How do you think the advent and widespread of adoption of Ad Blocking will affect the industry in years to come?

As hypocritical as this may sound, I love ad blockers and have been using one ever since they first came out. Yes, we’re losing a lot of money in the industry (reportedly up to 22 billion dollars last year – but it’s raising the quality of the internet. Website and business owners are forced to go out there and find new, more creative ways of reaching and converting their audience. This means amazing opportunities for native advertising and content marketing, but it also means that since there are less impressions to catch, you’ll have to raise your conversion rates. In other words, website owners will put themselves in the customers shoes, make the user experience better, create better content, create more value and so on. I really do think it’s a win-win situation.


What tips do you have for a niche publisher on monetization of their site? At what point does it make sense for them to utilize ad networks outside of Google Adsense, or even start to sell direct to media buyers?

My number one tip would be to take it seriously. There are far too many people out there who treat websites like a game. Once you start treating it like a real business and understanding that every visitor is an actual visitor with a job, family, dreams and fears, things change. Put yourself in their shoes and then look at your website, look at your content, look at your strategy. This means stop buying cheap content from freelancers for the sake of ranking on Google and put in the hours for proper research and genuinely help your readers.

When it comes to choosing an ad network, there’s no universal answer. It all depends on your industry, audience and the opportunities in that.


In your opinion, are some of the biggest challenges the digital advertising industry faces today?

I’d say information overload. There’s too much content being put out there and the majority of it is mediocre, a lot of it is contradictory. Unless you’ve been involved for a long time, it can be extremely hard to know who to take seriously and who to not take seriously. It’s relatively easy to keep reading for hours and feel like you’re being productive, but never take action on what you’re reading. The old Tim Ferriss concept of going on an information diet is a good solution to this problem.


What are some internal tools that every publisher should consider using? 

There’s tools out there for everything but they’re just like supplements, you don’t really need most of them. Stop looking for the next new gadget that is going to change your life and get down to the basics and think, plan, execute. I’d highlight two tools that are worth mentioning: Google Analytics ( and SumoMe ( They’re both super actionable and have probably made the biggest differences with MonetizePros, out of all of the tools we use (dozens).


Lastly, what is your take on the future of publisher monetization and business models?

We’re definitely going in the right direction. One-off niche sites are disappearing, authority sites are on the rise and people are not just focused on making money but genuinely helping people. Creating their own products that solve problems, giving all of their knowledge and experience away with no strings attached and so on and so forth. We really are in the golden era of online marketing.



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