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The 19 Best Russian Mobile Ad Networks for User Acquisition

According to eMarketer, Russia will make up over 1/3 of all mobile phone users in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) region in 2015.

It is estimated that over 105M people in Russia will own and use at least one mobile phone per month. Listed below is an exhaustive list of Russian mobile ad networks to reach these 105M consumers.

Data for this list was sourced from www.thalamus.co

(Last Updated Feb 2018)



wapstart russian mobile ad networkImage Source

Website: http://wapstart.ru/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/wapstart
Employees on LinkedIn: 28
Founded: 2005
HQ: Moscow, Russia
Pricing Models: CPC, CPM
Install Tracking Integrations: MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Kochava, Adjust, AppsFlyer
General Email: sales@co.wapstart.ru

Wapstart.ru is the longest standing and largest mobile ad network in Russia. They claim a reach of over 40M unique users and 5B impressions per month, with a CPC minimum bid that goes as low as 1 Ruble. For Publishers, they state that they have over a 90% fill rate, with 300 active daily advertisers, and offer 3000 ad formats to choose from.

Some of their advertising clients include: Supercell, Samsung, P&G, Toyota, PUMA, Skype, Oral B, Nike, Sony, Columbia, Nokia, Google, Bank of Moscow, Pfizer, Lamoda, and Hyundai.


Unilead Network

unilead russian mobile ad networkImage Source

Website: http://www.unileadnetwork.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/unileadnetwork
Blog: http://www.unileadnetwork.com/category/blog/
Employees on LinkedIn: 26
Founded: 2011
HQ: Zhuravleva, Russia
Pricing Models: CPA, CPI
Install Tracking Integrations: MobileAppTracking by TUNE, Appsflyer, AdJust, Distimo, Kochava
General Email: info@unilead.net

Unilead is the largest mobile ad and affiliate network in Russia and Eastern Europe focused on gaming. They offer a variety of Ad Formats that include: Push Ads, AppWall Ads, Dialog Ads, Social Ads, Search Engine Ads, Web Traffic for Flash Games, In-App Baners, Text Ads, In-App Video Ads, Rich Media and Full Screen Banners, Incentivized Traffic, and Offer Walls.

Some of their advertising clients include: Yandex, My.com, Tap4Fun, Nival, Gameloft, Nordeus, Glu, Wooga, EA, Aeria Games, GameInsight, Abbyy, Alawar, MachineZone, @Mail.Ru, Social Quantum



Adcamp.ru Russian Mobile ad networkImage Source

Website: http://adcamp.ru/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/adcampru
Employees on LinkedIn: 4
Founded: 2013
HQ: Moscow, Russia
Pricing Models: CPM, CPA, CPC, CPI
General Email: sales@adcamp.ru

AdCamp.Ru was launched by Russian SEO firm The Pult Group in collaboration with IMHO Vi, starting with an initial investment of $2M. The company focuses on Real-Time Bidding (RTB) and programmatic buying for mobile advertising.

They claim a reach of 10M Daily Ad Impressions, with over 150+ Active Sites in their network. Past and present advertisers include: Unilever, Kia, MTC, Axe, P&G, Oral-Bm Renault, Lipton, and MegaFon.



admoment russian mobile ad networkImage Source

Website: http://www.admoment.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 8
Founded: 2013
HQ: Berlin, Germany & Moscow, Russia.
Pricing Models: CPM, CPA, CPC, CPI
General Email: office@admoment.ru

AdMoment is a mobile advertising platform that specializes in programmatic buying. They claim over 126M Monthly Uniques in Europe, and work with advertisers such as Disney, Ford, McDonalds, Ferrero, Nike, and Lenovo.



adpremuim russian mobile ad networkImage Source

Website: http://www.adpremium.ru/
Blog: http://blog.adpremium.ru/
Employees on LinkedIn: 5
Founded: 2012
HQ: St. Petersburg, Russia
Pricing Models: CPC, CPM
General Email: info@adpremium.ru

adPremium is a contextual ad and affiliate network that can reach audiences in Russia on any device. They claim to be able to reach 40M visitors per month.

Targeting options include: Keywords, Geography, Date/Time, Subjects such as News/Business/Entertainment, OS, Gender, Age, Carrier, Connection Type, and Platform.



mixmarket russian affiliate networkImage Source 

Website: http://mixmarket.biz/
Blog: http://blog.mixmarket.biz/
Employees on LinkedIn: 9
Founded: 2005
HQ: Moscow, Russia
Pricing Models: CPA, CPC
General Email: info@mixmarket.biz

Mixmarket is a mobile affiliate network established in 2005, concentrating on the Russian market. They have over 207 CPA Offerings in their Catalog, 20,577 active Webmasters in their platform, with over 46,843 active sites in their network. Currently they have 696 active yearly advertisers and 8.6M products in their database.

Advertisers include companies such as Hotels.com, Ozon.ru, World of Tanks, Pladform, Quelle, Babadu, La Redoute, and HomeMe.Ru.


Mobio, Inc

mobio russian mobile ad networkImage Source

Website: http://mobioinc.com/
Blog: http://blog.mobioinc.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 27
Founded: 2013
HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel. Satellite Office in Moscow, Russia.
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA
Install Tracking Integrations: MobileAppTracking by TUNE, AppsFlyer, Kochava, AdJust
General Email: hello@mobioinc.com

Mobio is a mobile marketing, affiliate, and app promotion company specializing in user acquisition and retargeting in the Russian market. Traffic Sources include Facebook, Google, MyTarget (VK, Odnoklassniki), as well as their own consolidated network of 3000 publishers.

Gaming clients include Pocket Knights, Age of Tank, Clash of Galaxy, Evolution: Battle for Utopia, Hunger Games, Lord of the Rings, Kings of Camelot, Dragons of Atlantis, Pocket Fort, Iron Desert, Haypi Monster, Epic Forces, Island Experiment, Throne Rush, Stormfall, and Castle Clash.

They also have Travel Clients such as BlaBlaCar, Aviasales, City-Mobil, Ostrovok, Hotellook, Get Taxi, Oktogo, OneTwoTrip, Svyaznoy Travel, and Momondo. Clients in Gambling are 888 Poker, GameTwist, EuroGrand Casino, Vulkan, and Poker Texas. Other Clients include: My Beeline, Delivery Club, Instabank, Kidbook, Mobogenie, RUNDL, Viber, Zvooq, Anews, Moscow bank, Lamoda, Yakitoriya, Yandex Browser, Yandex Taxi, Yandex Music, Opera Coast, UC Browser, and Rendez Vouz.



everyads-russia-mobile-ad-networkImage Source

Website: http://www.everyads.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 12
Founded: 2013
HQ: Moscow, Russia.
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA
Install Tracking Integrations: MobileAppTracking by TUNE, AppsFlyer, Kochava, Apsalar, AdJust, Appat
General Email: info@everyads.com

Everyads is a performance mobile affiliate network, specializing in installs for app developers. Their inventory comes from in-app, social media, mobile web, search engine, editorial, and video sources.

They have over 1000 publisher partners, and work with clients such as: Alawar, Get Taxi, Aviasales, GameInsights, Kabam, MachineZone, NaturalMotion, @Mail.Ru, Momondo, Nival, Octpobok.ru, Pacific Interactive, Tap4fun, Gumi, InnoGames, My.com, Badoo, Opera Mobile, Yandex, Mobogenie, Delivery Club, Flirchi, Rocketbank, Com2Us, Playtika, FoodPanda, The Lotter, and UC Browser.



advmaker russian mobile ad networkImage Source 

Website: http://advmaker.net/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/Advmakeru
Blog: http://blog.advmaker.net/
Employees on LinkedIn: 37
Founded: 2008
HQ: London, UK. Satellite Office in Moscow, Russia.
Pricing Models: CPC, CPM
General Email: corp@advmaker.net

Advmaker is a Russian-based Ad Network that works with over 3,500 publishers, with a reach of over 100M unique visitors, and 3B monthly Impressions. In Mobile, they have a reach of 10M uniques and 300M monthly impressions, and claim to be able to drive 15,000 installs per day.



clickky russian mobile ad networkImage Source

Website: https://clickky.biz/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/clickky
Blog: https://clickky.biz/blog
Employees on LinkedIn: 72
Founded: 2010
HQ: Odessa, Ukraine. Sattelite Office in Moscow, Russia.
Pricing Models: CPE
General Email: advertisers@clickky.me

Clickky is the 3rd Largest Mobile App Marketing Platform in the world, that focuses on a few core geos: Canada, the United States, Europe, Russia, Australia, Southeast Asia, and China. They offer both non-incentivized and incentivized inventory, with a multitude of ad units such as: Offerwalls, Interstitials, Banner Ads, an AppWall, and Video Ads.

Advertisers include Gameloft, eType, IGG, My Lands, Playtika, Skazka, Sony, VisualBee, Funstage, Gumi, Xyrality, NGames, Namshi, Unalis, Match.com, Playstorm, Plarium, Supersonic Ads, Socialpoint, Social Quantum, GameInsight, Looki.com, Socialist.



zorka.mobi russian mobile ad networkImage Source

Website: http://zorka.mobi/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/zorkamobi
Blog: http://zorka.mobi/#blog
Employees on LinkedIn: 13
Founded: 2014
HQ: Moscow, Russia.
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPL, Rev Share
General Email: hi@zorka.mobi

Zorka.mobi is a mobile user acquisition company that specializes in performance campaigns in Russia, Belarus, and Latvia. Their traffic comes primarily from Facebook, Instagram, Target Mail.ru, Vkontakte, Google Adwords, AdMob, Twitter, and their wide partner network.

They claim to have global reach and can drive over >10k installs per day on iOS, and >15k installs per day on Android, with a minimum of a $0.35 CPI.


iVengo Mobile (by Muffin Group)

ivengo-mobile-russian-mobile-ad-networkImage Source

Website: http://i-vengo.com/en/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/iVengo_mobile
Blog: http://i-vengo.com/en/our-news
HQ: Moscow, Russia.
Pricing Models: CPM, CPC
General Email: sales@i-vengo.com

iVengo Mobile is a mobile ad network specializing in Russian inventory. They categorize their audiences in packages such as Media, Sport & Health, Auto & Business, Lifestyle, Women, Communication & Social Networks, Cooking, Traveling, Kids, Games and Entertainment, Books and Dictionaries, Music, House interior and Design, Education, Clothes and Makeup, Photo and Video, and Pharmacy.

Advertising clients include: Coca-Cola, Asus, PayPal, Total, Jeep, Microsoft, L’Oreal Paris, Citi Bank, Nike, Volvo, Mazda, Red Bull, Ford, Castrol, Skoda, Disney, Sony, Niarmedic, InTouch, KIA, Samsung, Beeline, Avon, Rostelecom, Jaguar, Land Rover, PepsiCo, Mediamarkt, BBDO, Group M, Vivaki, Dentsu Aegis, ADV Group, etc.

Their reach is over 38M uniques, with 100% of their inventory through direct publisher relationships. Some of these publisher relationships include: Rossiyskaya Gazeta, The First Channel, Forbes, OK! Magazine, AIF, Moscow 24, Vechernyaya Moskva, Novaya Gazeta, TV Centr, Echo Mosckvy, Avtovzglyad.ru, Moscovsky Komsomolec, Sport Express, Lifehacker, Afisha.ru, Eda.ru, Weekend.Rambler.ru, Horoscopes.Rambler.ru, Livejournal.com, Championat.com, Gazeta.ru, Lenta.ru, News.Rambler.ru, Rambler.ru, U Channel, Footballreview.ru, Playboyrussia.com, Euromag.ru.

Ad Formats include: Fullscreen Preloader, Slim Banner, Cube Banner, Scratch Banner, and Mobile Video (Fullscreen, 320×320, & 320×50). Targeting options are: Geo, Connection Type, Platform (iOS or Android), GPS, Device Model, Mobile Operator, Time of Day.


Opera Mediaworks EMEA

opera mediaworks russian mobile ad networkImage Source 

Website: http://operamediaworks.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/OMediaworks
Blog: http://blog.operamediaworks.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 36 in EMEA
Founded: 2006
HQ: London, UK. Sattelite Office in Moscow, Russia.
Pricing Models: CPI, CPA, CPM, CPV, CPC, CPS, Pay-Per-Call
Install Tracking Integrations: SDK, Server-to-Server, API, Fiksu, MobileAppTracking by TUNE, Kochava, Appsperse, Adjust, AppsFlyer
General Email: elenap@opera.com

Opera Mediaworks is the world’s leading mobile advertising platform built for the world’s leading brands. With a global reach of over 800M consumers, they work with some of the world’s largest brands and agencies such as McDonalds, Havas, The Home Depot, eBay, Samsung, Coca Cola, Mastercard, Victoria’s Secret, Publicis, WPP, Chevrolet, Sky, Omnicom Group, and Digitas.

Their inventory comes from some of the world’s most premium publishers including News Corp, MSNBC, Gannett, Motor Trend, IMDb, Sky, Vogue, US Magazine, Zynga, GQ, CBS, CNET, Oprah, Pandora, NHL, The Wall Street Journal, Wired, Road & Track, and Shazam.


Httpool Russia

httpool russian mobile ad networkImage Source

Website: http://www.httpool.ru/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/httpoolrussia
Employees on LinkedIn: 6 in Russia
Founded: 2012
HQ: Moscow, Russia.
Pricing Models: CPM, CPC, CPA, CPV, CPE
General Email: info@httpool.ru

Httpool is a cross-channel ad network that partners with major platforms to represent their audiences in Russia and Eastern Europe. Exclusive publisher partnerships include LinkedIn, Twitter, Techcrunch, BBC, AOL, Huffington Post, TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet, and 1000s of other premium sites.

They are also the official partners of LinkedIn and Twitter for advertising sales in Russia.


Yoose (through OTM Partnership)

yoose location-based russian mobile ad networkImage Source

Website: http://www.yoose.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/YOOSE
Blog: http://www.yoose.com/news
Employees on LinkedIn: 15
Founded: 2009
HQ: Singapore.
Pricing Models: CPM, CPC
General Email: sales@otm-r.com

Yoose, a hyper-local mobile ad network based in Singapore, partnered with Russian-based digital sales house OTM to bring it’s core services to brand advertisers in Russia.

Some of their clients include Chevrolet, Braun, Givenchy, Warwick, Ryadi Bank, Crate & Barrel, eBay, Megafon, Dior, Tipico, Accenture, Amobee, Audi, EA, Ford, Fox, Get Taxi, Netz, Orange, Sky, Alac, Barclays, Beeline, Bank of Melbourne, B&Q, Castrol, Commonwealth Bank, Citi, Diageo, Dubai Airports, Emirates, Globe, IGA, KFC, Lakme, Lloyds, Mastercard, Masters, McDonalds, Michelin, Microsoft, Metropolitan Police, MyTaxi, Netzpiloten.de, Yes Optus, Pocket Village, Pernod Ricard, Salsburg, Screwfix, Skoda Auto, Sony, Subway, Superdry, Swarovski, Village Cinemas, Verizon, Vertu, Victoria’s Secret.

To leverage the Yoose technology in Russia you can visit http://www.otm-r.ru/



appintop russian mobile ad networkImage Source

Website: https://appintop.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/Appintop_ru
Blog: http://blog.appintop.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 26
Founded: 2013
HQ: Los Angeles, CA. Satellite Office in Moscow, Russia.
Pricing Models: CPI, CPC
Install Tracking Integrations: Appsflyer.
General Email: agency@appintop.com

AppInTop is a mobile marketing platform that integrates inventory from all the top sources through an API. Inventory partners include Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte, Target.Mail, AdMob and many others. They can be considered the Fiksu or Grow Mobile of Europe.

They operate in 30 countries around the world, including Russia, the US, South Korea, the UK and Germany. Clients include Visa Qiwi Wallet, My.com, Anyway Anyday, Abbyy, Aviasales, GameInsight, Delivery Club, and Nevosoft.


VK (@Mail.Ru Group)

vk mailru mobile ad networkImage Source

Website: https://vk.com/ads
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/vkontakte?lang=en
Blog: https://vk.com/blog
Employees on LinkedIn: 102
Founded: 2006
HQ: St. Petersburg, Russia.
Pricing Models: CPM, CPC

VK is the largest social network in Europe, with over 170M members. Targeting parameters include Geography, Demographics, Education, Job Titles, Interests, and many others.

They also offer mobile app install ads, that can be bought on a CPC model. In 2014 they had a total of 24M mobile users, 16M being on Android, and 8M on iOS.


Target.My.com (@Mail.Ru Group)

MailRu Target.my.com russian mobile ad networkImage Source

Website: https://target.my.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/mycom_official
Blog: http://blog.my.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 42 in My.com,  1,417 in @Mail.Ru.
Founded: 2013
HQ: Mountain View, CA. Main Office for @Mail.Ru in Moscow, Russia.
Pricing Models: CPC, CPM, CPI
General Email: ua@corp.my.com

MyTarget is an advertising platform by the @Mail.Ru Group that reaches over 140M people in Russia and Eastern Europe. They are the largest source of mobile traffic on the Russian-speaking Internet, and cover over 90M installed apps.

Inventory primarily runs on VK, Odnoklassniki, and MoiMir, and they work with advertisers such as Coca Cola, Uber, P&G, and Ford.



yandex russian mobile ad networkImage Source

Website: https://advertising.yandex.com/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/yandexcom
Blog: https://company.yandex.com/press_center/blog/
Employees on LinkedIn: 2,781
Founded: 2000
HQ: Moscow, Russia.
Pricing Models: CPC, CPM, CPI
Install Tracking Integrations: MobileAppTracking by TUNE, AppsFlyer, Adjust and Kochava
General Email: ussales@yandex-team.ru

Yandex is the largest search engine in Russia, edging out others in the market like Google and Search.Mail.Ru, with a total marketshare of 57%. They have a total reach of 60M consumers daily, and have other popular services such as Weather, Traffic, Realty, Afisha, Music and the Homepage in which a single placement can reach 18M unique views daily.

Yandex also now offers mobile app install ads, of which can be bought on a CPC, or CPI pricing model. The minimum CPI bid can be set to 0.9 Rubles. 20% of traffic for Yandex is mobile, and their total mobile and tablet searches total 220M queries per week.


Google Adwords/AdMob

google adwords admob russian mobile ad network
Image Source

Website: http://www.google.com/adwords/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/AdWordsRussia
Blog: http://adwords-ru.blogspot.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 10,000+
Founded: 1998
HQ: Mountain View, CA. Satellite Office in Moscow, Russia.
Pricing Models: CPM, CPC, CPI, CPV, Pay-Per-Call
Install Tracking Integrations: MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Apsalar, Kochava, Adjust, Appsflyer

Google is undisputedly the most powerful digital advertising company in the world. According to a study done by StatCounter in 2015, they have over 50% of the search engine marketshare in Russia.

On top of that, Google’s Android Operating System has over 60% marketshare in Russia as well.


Apple iAd (Workbench)

iad russia mobile ad networkImage Source

Website: http://advertising.apple.com/
Employees on LinkedIn: 10,000+ (Apple)
Founded: 2006 (Quattro Wireless)
HQ: Cupertino, CA. 
Pricing Models: CPI, CPM, CPC
Install Tracking Integrations: Direct Link, MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Kochava, Adjust, AppsFlyer
General Email: http://advertising.apple.com/contact/

Apple iAd launched the ability to run mobile ads in Russia in late 2014, audiences of which are also available through their self-serve Workbench platform.

The iOS mobile Operating System currently hovers at about 25% marketshare for Russia.


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