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Niche Travel Tourism Site Visit Montenegro on Independent Publisher Monetization


Milovan Zogovic



Please share a little more on and your core audience, and advertising offering. is leading Montenegrin tourism website with over a decade of experience. It is top ranked website for keyword “Montenegro” on Google and other major search engines for past 12 years during which period we have served more than 10 million visitors.


Who as some typical advertisers you work with? Are these companies advertising to: people based in Montenegro, people that want to visit Montenegro, or both?

Our advertisers are mostly from Tourism industry and are advertising services for tourist who want to visit Montenegro from all over the world.


How do you usually find these advertisers, or how do they find you?

After 12 years on market, most clients find us very easily. We are top ranked on all major search engines, for keyword “Montenegro”. Not too hard for interested clients to find us, and find appropriate advertising offer for their needs.


To the extent that you can reveal, what do you think the percentage of revenue is for independent publishers like yourself, from direct sold ads, ad networks, and ad exchanges? (40% direct sold, 30% ad networks, 30% ad exchanges)

70% direct sold, 30% ad networks.


What are some of the biggest challenges you face today as an independent publisher?

Like every independent publisher, we face many challenges. The biggest one, for sure, is lack of support from official Montenegro institutions and organizations. Like leaders in Montenegro tourism promotion on Internet, we believe that we deserve not only attention but also concrete support.


What tools are crucial to your survival as a publisher? (Doubleclick for Publishers, Quantcast, comScore, OpenX, Salesforce, Google Analytics, Omniture, etc)

First of all Google Analytics and DFP. Those 2 platforms are crucial for professional level of our services.


What are your thoughts on programmatic advertising? Is there any channel conflict if you put a lot of your inventory into open exchanges would this cannibalize your direct sold inventory if advertisers knew they could purchase your ads for much cheaper on exchanges?

We have clearly separated which channels are for programmatic advertising and which are for direct sale, so our clients are free to choose either way, and it doesn’t hurt our business. We are also combining these banners with native advertising to form custom advertising packages which produce some great results for our clients.


As an independent publisher, what percentage of the time do you think your team spends on creating new content for the site, as opposed to selling ad space?

Our primary focus is on content building. As a tourism website that provide information for people who are planning to visit montenegro, there isn’t such thing as too much content. We would say that we spend around 90% of our time on creating new content and improving overall user experience.


What custom ad units do you offer, and how do you serve these high-impact ads? Is it through DFP?

In our offer, we try to stick to the standard ad formats. For clients with special demands, we can also offer specific non-standard ads sizes. All ads on Visit Montenegro are served through the DFP.


What has been your experience so far with native advertising? How have both advertisers and your audience responded to it?

Native advertising, like you know, have best impact and can generate best results for advertisers. Our clients are aware of this and these sort of advertising packages are our top sellers. We have some nice services for these kind of advertisers (paid posts, paid suggestions.. etc).


Within the context of being a publisher, are there any innovations happening in digital or mobile advertising now that excite you the most?

As we are aware, there is some innovation, but to be honest, still nothing that will make big difference between new and traditional type of advertising. We truly believe that things will change in the future.


Lastly, what is your take on the future of media selling for independent publishers?

Our take is that the future of media selling is going to be very interesting. With ever decreasing CTRs and expansion of ad blockers, we’ll be forced to rethink our advertising strategies in the future and come up with more innovative ways of monetizing our website traffic.



Visit Montenegro is biggest Montenegro web project. Contain over 10 websites dedicated to Montenegro. Main web portal is, where you can find all information about Montenegro.

With big pleasure, we can say that we are leading web portal of Montenegro, with best ranked and most visited web sites.

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