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VeNA is a leading aggregator of Video inventory, technology and Social Media/Gaming with access to the 4th largest market place of online consumers across the Asia Pacific region.

VeNA, is led by some of the most respected Online Advertising staff across the region, is well funded and is about to announce some major partnership across the region. A truly independent company, VeNA will make it easier and more affordable for media buyers and agencies to buy digital media through one convenient channel. Importantly, this will allow us to offer bundled solutions that include reach at scale, bespoke solutions and the technology to deliver web site inventory that VeNA represents

  • Company Name:
    VeNA TV.com
  • Headquarters:
    20 York Street Sydney, Australia
  • Office Locations:
    Sydney, Vena, Auckland City
  • 1-10 employees
  • Connected TV
  • Desktop Display
    • Brand Integrations
      Yes No
    • Sponsored Posts
      Yes No
    • Native Ads
      Yes No
    • High-Impact (Takeovers, Billboards, Overlays, Sliders, Skins)
      Yes No
    • Rich Media (Expandable & Non-Expandable)
      Yes No
  • Mobile Display
    • Mobile Rich Media (Including Interstitials & Expandables)
      Yes No
    • Tablet Traffic
      Yes No
    • Native & Custom Mobile Executions
      Yes No
    • Requires SDK Integration
      Yes No
  • Desktop Video
    • In-Banner Video
      Yes No
    • Pre-Roll
      Yes No
    • Mid-Roll
      Yes No
    • Post-Roll
      Yes No
    • Video Companion Ad
      Yes No
    • Outstream Video
      Yes No
    • Custom Video Executions
      Yes No
  • Connected TV, Desktop Display, Mobile Display, Desktop Video
  • CPM
  • Ad Network, Retargeting
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    Ad Network
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  • Key Differentiator
    Complete video advertising solution making buying digital video simple Simply put VeNA delivers premium video at scale, locally. We’re in all markets across SEA, Australia and New Zealand. With a comparable audience to television, VeNA has the ability to instantly reach millions of online video viewers across desktop, tablet and mobile. Our partners are premium, entirely brand-safe, content producers, appealing to every conceivable consumer segment tapped by advertisers and we’re happily hands-on. We’ll work with you on platform and technology, strategy, timing, and budget to achieve your marketing goals. VeNA’s rich video formats deliver powerful video experiences that drive consumer engagement and can reach the extended world of social, gaming, virtual currency & apps. We can also be everything or nothing; VeNA can create, convert, serve, and host at a single point or we’ll gladly work with your vendor of choice. We’ve got the best ad delivery technology in the business and we qualify the value of our inventory and reach with a holistic analytics suite, specifically built for video. Scalable Ad-Delivery Delivering 450 Million Videos a month, VeNA’s platform serves campaigns on schedule and with a high level of performance. Manage your Video Assets at a single point; VeNA can create, convert, serve, and host All videos are streamed and delivered in our state-of-the-art videoplayer based on Adobe’s Open Source Media Framework PLAYER TECHNOLOGIES: Flash & HTML5 for delivery on all platforms including iOS devices. IAB VAST IAB VPAID,VAST 2.0 LEVERAGE THE CURRENT LEADER IN VIDEO AD-SERVING: Automatic transcoding, stores and delivers creatives in multiple video formats and bitrates, enabling cross-platform delivery of campaigns on multiple devices In-built brand safety Micro analytic’s All video formats + rich video: interactive pre-rolls & overlays Audience At Scale Reach Your Audience At Scale, Wherever They Are and However They Consume Online Video WEB INVENTORY Access to millions of monthly unique visitors 5+ billion monthly video pre-roll impressions 3,000+ brand safe websites ranging from broadcast to Chinese language search engine MOBILE, TABLET & CONNECTED TV’S Access significant pool of mobile users across key verticals 40+MM monthly mobile video pre-roll impressions mobile applications and mobile websites ranging from corporate (SONY) to gaming (Rovio) Framework for Brand Success At every touch-point and during every campaign phase, VeNA’s scale, content and technology provide a basis to achieve results for brand advertisers. Ability to reach the your target audience at an optimum frequency Creative and context to encourage people to watch, click and interact Social enabled to maximize brand immersion & sharing Advanced analytics for real brand safety, real monitors & insights for real results Advanced Targeting Find your audience wherever they are with demographic, geographic, day-parting, contextual, channel and site based targeting. For instance, an advertiser may target women ages 18-35, a spread of global auto-sport related sites, Casual Gamers with a penchant for 8-bit games in the greater Sydney area, or a specific list of the top ten fashion sites on the network. VeNA can leverage 1st Party data (such as membership or help-centre request logged etc.) to qualify a user and deliver optimum campaign content and maximise unique reach. TARGETING CAPABILITIES Time and Day-Part Geographic Device and Operating System Frequency Cap: Limit the times an ad can be delivered to the same browser in a time period Site and category placements Context and content Demographic Skew: Reach users by known and inferred demographic insights Behavioral: Target users based on browsing history, ad exposure or demonstrated purchase intent Optimize to best performing metric: click-through-rate, completion rate, conversions, brand lift, engagements, or frequency BENEFITS Reach an audience efficently and cost effectively across the long tail of the web Tactical; reach users how, when or where they are most responsive to a message Remarketing & Behavioral – personally relevant, best ROI
  • Targeting

    Time and Day-Part, Geographic, Device and Operating System
    Frequency Cap, Site and category placements, Context and content, Demographic Skew, Behavioral, Optimize to best performing metric

  • Approved 3rd Party Ad Serving / Rich Media Vendors
    Sizmek - http://www.sizmek.com
Tim Richardson
Auckland, New Zealand
Account Manager at Video & Entertainment Network Asia (VeNA)
Ying Lin
Auckland, New Zealand
Advertising Operations & Marketing at Video & EntertainmentNetwork Asia (VeNA)
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