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    This is the beginning of The New World. This is not a game, this is the real deal. If you are living abroad, if you are not satisfied with your government, if your mind is open - YOU SHOULD JOIN US. If you want to become a new citizen you can apply here. Answer these questions to yourself: Are you fed up with capitalist domination? Do you want change? Do you want real freedom? If any answer is YES, you should read more. What is wrong with our world? Do you know? I'll tell you. First thing what is not allowed for you to be free and independent are borders. All governments want to keep you in the big jail - government's country. For this one we say NO! We need to have choice! In our country - Agadorie as the global country any visas doesn't exist because we haven't got any borders. YOU can live anywhere you want! The banking system in nowadays is not acceptable! This is the second reason, probably the most important reason to be changed. All banking people are taking very big profit from your salary. Instead, they give you only a fraction of their income. This is the second point where we say NO! Do you think you can influence this? I am sure YOU CAN! Imagine situation when all people around the world say NO for accumulating own money in selected bank. What will happen? Do you know? I'll tell you, this bank will collapse. This is very simple. Imagine a different situation where we agree all together we don't buy any product in selected global market. In this case we can influence any price of the product.
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