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All Things Chic
Publisher: Mom Fashion | Chic Lifestyle Blog
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    Publisher: Mom Fashion | Chic Lifestyle Blog
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    All Things Chic is the fashion and beauty blog geared for the modern mom. If you’ve ever had snot wiped on your designer jeans, found a wad of chewed gum in your new purse, left the house with a princess sticker on the back of your cute new dress, hoped no one noticed you were still wearing your pajama top under your sweater, tried to make your house look like Pottery Barn on a Target budget – welcome. We’ve been there – and we’re looking good while we do it! All Things Chic will keep you apprised of the latest trends, show you how to get those celebrity looks for less, and point you towards the best deals. We translate what you see in the magazines into accessible style for real life. We show you the chicest travel destinations and the hottest products – and go beyond the glossy brochure to show you how they really work for families. Melissa Angert is the force behind All Things Chic. Along with a handful of talented contributors, ATC has become one of the go-to blogs for moms who are determined to remain stylish! We are not fashion experts – we are just regular moms with a serious addiction to fashion magazines! Melissa is a busy lady, working full-time in PR while mommying three increasingly energetic kids living in New England beach town (Town Motto: You can swim here, but only in July-August). Melissa is founder and editor of Girlymama and, after 8 years of blogging, Melissa has earned a reputation for offering an honest look of the challenges of living life to the fullest! Our family is passionate about travel and can often be found globetrotting. Follow her adventures on Instagram and she can found on Twitter as @MelissaAngert. She can be reached anytime at melissa@allthingschic.net.
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