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Free medical encyclopaedia and revision notes for medical students, junior doctors, nurses and medical professionals. PLUS blogs, mind maps & loads more!
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almostadoctor.com is an exciting, innovate, online project, which aims to create the ultimate free medical resource, for medical students, junior doctors, nurses and other medical professionals.
It is run by junior doctors and medical students. We started out in July 2009, just as a place where one student, uploaded his notes, to share with his friends.

Since then we’ve grown to incorporate hundreds of articles from many authors, blogs, mind maps, and loads of other useful resources!
Initially, all of our content was written by Tom Leach, but this quickly became a formidable task, and he invited others to join in. By 2012, there were over 2000 pages of content written by tens of authors from all over the world. Tom opened up almostadoctor to all for editing in a bid to keep it relevant, up to date, and to improve the referencing and credibility of the site. Its sort of like wikipedia (you can edit our stuff!) but it has to be approved by one of our doctors before it goes live on the site.

Why did we go wiki(ish)?
To improve our content
To help keep the site up-to-date and relevant
To improve our referencing (to improve our content’s credibility as a scientific source of information)

How does it work?
When you view an article, under the 'Article Information' section in the right hand column, you'll notice a button 'Edit this article'
Click on it, and you’ll be taken to our fancy text editor, where you can make changes, upload images, and add sources.
Once you save your article, it will go up ‘for review’. Your changes won’t be visible to anybody else yet.
A doctor will review your changes, and, if they are accepted, your version of the article will become the official almostadoctor article!
If you want to submit a new article, you can do this through our existing submission form

Who are we?
Good question!
· Much of the hard work behind the scenes on the website itself, working with bloggers, writers and reps, and on a lot of the content, is done by Tom Leach now an RMO 3 Doctor in Australia (UK equivalent to CT1). Tom trained at Manchester, UK, worked for two years at the Royal Bolton Hospital as a Foundation Doctor, and then moved to Australia in October 2013.
· Patrick Green, now an FY1 doctor in Manchester is also very closely involved, helping co-ordinate the reps, organising publicity and sponsorship, and generally coming up with new ways to expand and improve the site.
· Then we have about 20 other 'official' article writers who are involved to varying degrees, from around the UK. Some have written many articles, whilst others have submitted one or two through our online system. Finally we currently have about 5 dedicated bloggers.
· See a Full list of official participants

Why should I register?
There are loads of reasons you might want to register with almostadoctor… least of all its completely free! Also:
You can edit and improve our articles - please do this! It keeps almostadoctor alive!
You can Become a blogger – blogs now available for all registered users, just login and go to ‘My Profile’!
You have a ‘profile page’. Tell us a bit about yourself, make friends, write a blog.
(And if you don’t want to remain anonymous…) You can link your account to facebook
When you’re logged into facebook, you’re logged into almostadoctor
Your facebook profile pic is automatically synchronised to your almostadoctor profile almostadoctor
We'll never sell or giveaway your details to a third party. We might (very) occasionally send you a newsletter. But like, hardly ever. We've sent about five in 4 years.

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    Free medical encyclopaedia and revision notes for medical students, junior doctors, nurses and medical professionals. PLUS blogs, mind maps & loads more!
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    almostadoctor.com is a not-for-profit organisation, and relies on advertising to allow us to continue to provide our free service, as well as to fund our development. Almostadoctor displays both relevant Google Ads, as well adverts direct from sponsors. We allow links, graphics, animations, videos and written information to be displayed from sponsors. We try to ensure that our adverts are as unobtrusive as possible, and relevant to our users. We hope that our adverts are not only beneficial to us, but also to our users, providing them with information about goods and services that may be advantageous to a medical student audience, both within their medical careers and further afield. Although we do like to know a bit about our advertisers; who they are, and what goods and services they are offering, we do not specifically endorse, and are not responsible for the content of external websites, nor are our sponsors subject to the normal almostadoctor editorial scrutiny. Our advertisers are responsible for the accuracy of their own information. Where are our adverts? Our adverts all appear on the right sidebar, at the bottom of the page, and occasionally as a banner at the top of a page. They are clearly marked as either Advertisements or Sponsors. This allows users to differentiate official almostadoctor content from that of our paying commercial partners. Information for Advertisers To advertise with us, please do get in touch (link sends e-mail). We offer competitive rates and various packages. Guidelines Advertisements promoting and/or related to the following areas are not permitted: · Alternative / non-evidenced based / unconventional medicine · Adult material · Discriminatory material · Material that purports or suggests to be internal to almostadoctor.com · Material that purports or suggests to be from a reputable source, when is not – e.g. misspellings of popular domain names, sites with misleading logos etc. Almostadoctor.com reserves the right to alter this policy at any time.
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