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  • Key Differentiator is a site designed to support the products and companies that support this economy. Our objective is to provide a free resource to the American consumer highlighting foreign and domestic manufactures and their Products that Produce Paychecks for Americans. a site and community that uses common sense, simple math and tangible actions to engage the American consumer in our economic recovery. We are painting a clear line between the product and the paychecks generated by every purchase. Each listing highlights the community impacted by each purchase so that you can see real people and real paychecks behind your spending. The issues we face are complicated, but when you connect the dots between your purchases and the paychecks on the other side you will see that you have the power to stimulate your economy without waiting on Washington. Our goal and objective is to create demand that will result in new jobs for the Products that Produce Paychecks on our site. We will not build everything here, nor should we try, but we must be profitable to be prosperous and that is going to take all of us putting an oar in the water and rowing in the same direction. was created by Christopher H. Kilcullen out of passion for this country and a frustration for this economy. After listening and watching both sides of the political aisle, was created with a few passionate volunteers who wanted to do something to help others help this country. Please tell your friends and your families about this site. When we all become aware of our individual economic footprint, we will find a way to rebuild our country. Thank you for your support and God Bless America. - See more at:
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