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    Advertise I am so honored and excited that you are interested in working with Artzy Creations! As a Mother, a Wife, an Artist and an Art Educator, I believe I incorporate a variety of experiences, unique skill sets and bring a different perspective to my DIY blog. My blog is growing quickly and as a potential sponsor, I would love to build an early foundation and a mutually beneficial working relationship with you. Right now, I have several options listed below and will happily work with you to do product reviews, giveaways or highlights for your shop or your personal blog. To e-mail me for rates or to discuss any ideas or proposals you may have please click on my email button. I am working at making Artzy Creations a for profit blog, but that being said, I only accept sponsor-ships and swaps that I think will be beneficial for my readers and a great fit for my blog. Thank you so much for partnering with me! -Melanie Below are my Google Analytic statistics for the period between January 25,- February 24, 2014. If you require more detailed information, please contact me directly. Page Views Per Month: 242,190 Average Page Views Per Day: 8,073 Pinterest Followers: 10,121 Facebook: 751 Twitter: 424 Google Plus: 191 Instagram: 199 Advertising Options: Super “Artzy” includes: One month (30 days) 300 x 300 ad in the top 2 spots of our sponsor section located in the sidebar on the right side of Artzy Creations. The 2 ads are rotated on each page load. Also, I include a brief blog post dedicated to your business including a write-up of your company and 1-5 pictures. An optional product review and/or giveaway may be included in your blog post. Social media sharing of your blog post on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ & 3 mentions of your business on Twitter. “Artzy” includes: One month (30 days) 300 x 125 (3 ads total). This ad is rotated on each page load. This spot comes with social media shout-outs via Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Also 2 mentions of your business on Twitter. Upon special request and time allowing, I can provide a brief solo sponsor blog post or giveaway. A Little Bit “Artzy” includes: One month (30 days) 150 x 150 (8 ads total). This ad is rotated on each page load. This spot comes with a social media shout-out via Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Also a mention of your business on Twitter.
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