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    Hi, my name is Belinda, but, do call me B. I began writing bbeingcool when I realised that time was running out to find out to be cool. What I have found out since beginning this quest, is that being cool is about being the best that you can be. Being cool is so much more than clothes and wearing the right shoes. Being cool is being true to yourself and loving your life. These are the things I am passionate about: Fashion that is cool, fun, practical and unique. Food that is classic, delicious, inspired and not out of reach of the mid-week cook. Life is amazing. And challenging. And wonderful. There are ups and downs, but it is what you make of this that matters. My readers are women aged 25-55 who are also on a quest to find out how to be cool. My readers are mums, teachers, aunties, professionals, bloggers and dreamers. They value good quality but don’t necessarily want to be cookie-cutter people either. We are an interesting bunch! Here are some things my readers have said about bbeingcool: Love your style! Nikki Parkinson from Styling You Love this one, B! You inspire me to keep looking for the opportunities instead of sitting back and coasting, you know. I’m really good at sitting back and doing nothing… Tonya from The Crafty Mummy bbeingcool is constantly inspiring me to better organise my home and wardrobe. It is full of great ideas – all of which are totally affordable and totally cool. Paige Thanks for keeping it REAL cool ! :) Rowena BBeingCool has grown a lot in the last 12 months, and it the readership is growing every month! Here are some statistics you might be interested in… Google Analytics: average 16000+ pageviews per month Facebook Followers: 431 Twitter Followers: 722 Instagram Followers: 533 Mailchimp Subscribers: 66 Blog Followers: 79 Klout: 57 (this has doubled in 8 months) Pinterest Followers: 248 Polyvore Set Views: over 114 000+ Guest Posts I have written… Make-Up for Oily Skin – over at Styling You The Spring Capsule Wardrobe – over at The Beetle Shack Review: Primers – over at Styling You How to wear ORANGE – over at Styling You How to dress for a party – over at The Crafty Mummy Trousers & How to Wear Them – over at Kimbalikes What To Wear For A Spring Family Photo Shoot – Belle Images Gift Ideas for Teachers {end of year/Christmas} – Be A Fun Mum Sponsored Reviews I have written… Target – Father’s Day Target – Spring Fashion DFO – Father’s Day DFO – Spring Accessories DFO – Shoes, Shoes & More Shoes! Dermalogica Skinperfect Age Smart Primer for ry.com.au Give-Aways I have run… Paul Newman’s Own Aioli Packs Ultraceuticals Sunscreen – Marlene’s Studio Personal Planner – Personal Diary Daju Toys – Children’s Chalk Mats Flights of Fancy – Butterfly Necklace Any advertisement of products or services needs to fit in with the general themes of this blog. I would consider advertising and/or reviewing the following products and services: Beauty products/services Cooking utensils and recipe books Clothing Shoes Accessories Books Here is a menu of what I can offer your business or organisation… Please email Belinda at bbeingcool@gmail.com for fee structures. 1) Sponsored Posts and Reviews - I am happy to receive and review products that fit in with my readership. I will be honest and open and will share the post through all my social media avenues. Fee to be paid in advance. 2) Give-aways – I do love running give-aways on my blog that fit in with my readership. Competitions will run for one week and will be promoted through all of my social media avenues. The winner will be drawn via a game of skill, which meets the regulations for competitions in Australia. Fee to be paid in advance. 3) ‘What I Wore’ Posts – each week I put together a blog post called ‘What I Wore’: an outfit post featuring clothing I love and wear in the ‘Real World’. If you have clothing items you would like featured in a ‘Wearing’ post, items can be gifted to Belinda Bray and this will be disclosed in each post. If you would like an item of clothing to be featured exclusively this is considered a ‘Sponsored Post’. 4) Brand Ambassadorship - I would love to be a brand ambassador for a company that I believe in and one that fits in with my blog. Terms can be negotiated via email:: bbeingcool@gmail.com 5) Side-bar Advertising I accept advertising of products and services that fit with the themes and readers of this blog Advertising is accepted in 3, 6 and 12 month instalments (all paid in advance) All artwork needs to be supplied Contacting Belinda: bbeingcool@gmail.com PO Box 7719 Toowoomba South Qld 4350
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