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Publisher: BJ Bangs ; Paws for Reflection - Everything and Anything you wanted to know about cats BJ Bangs Paws for Reflection
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    Publisher: BJ Bangs ; Paws for Reflection - Everything and Anything you wanted to know about cats BJ Bangs Paws for Reflection
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    Who’s Following Paws for Reflection Paws for Reflection began blogging in 2012 as a way to educate pet owners about everything cat, their humans & a bit beyond. The post on how many cats come from one cat continues to top Google rankings when it comes to the cat overpopulation chart and how many cats can come about from one cat. Our audience is made up of thousands of smart, engaged people who believe cats are not just a part of the family, but also are very human-like. They know first-hand that cats share a lot more in common with us people’s than our laps. They share or emotions, our illnesses, and our love. They are well versed in the fact that a cat is more than just a cat. Our audience recognizes quality content, and our page views keep growing every month. I judge products for review and potential advertisers and sponsors by the standards my readers hold me to. I reserve the right to refuse advertising, sponsorship, or paid or sponsored review of any product that I would not personally use or recommend to be used on their pet. Advertising Limited advertising space is available on the sidebar of Paws for Reflection. Do you have a quality product or service that Paws for Reflection readers would love? Then let them know with a 125x125px graphic ad. $25 for a 125x125px ad on a month-to-month basis, paid in full at the beginning of each month. You can cancel for the next month anytime up to and including the last day of the ending month. But there are no partial refunds - if you buy a block of months in advance, that is what you get. I will only accept advertising or sponsorships whose products or services I would be willing to buy myself. My purchases decisions are influenced by: Value for the money Quality of the materials or construction of the product Nutritional quality for food products Safety of the product Positive, progressive values of the company Please contact me through my contact form, stating Advertising Inquiry in the subject line. Please include links to information about the product and the prospective advertiser. Reviews If you believe your product fits my guidelines above and you’d like me to review it on Paws for Reflection, please contact me through my contact form telling me more with links to the company website. If I agree to consider it for review, I’ll send you the shipping address. Receiving a product is no guarantee that I will publish a review. I choose only to write positive reviews. Since some things are a matter of taste, if I can’t write a good review in good conscience, I will let you know and will not publish anything on Paws for Reflection I will not return items I choose not to review. I am happy to promote a giveaway with a review. Please let me know if you are willing to offer and ship a product to a winning reader.
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