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Publisher: Cadget | Canadian Gadgets, Gear & Technology Guide
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    Publisher: Cadget | Canadian Gadgets, Gear & Technology Guide
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    About Cadget Cadget is a web magazine covering tech, gadgetry and consumer electronics from a Canadian perspective. Cadget is supported by ads, product referral sales and user contributions. We welcome your feedback and thank you for your support. What does Cadget mean? Pronounced gadget but with a “c”, Cadget is a play on words. It combines the currency code identifying Canada (CAD) with the second half of the word gadget. Put together, Cadget is Canada’s gadget and technology magazine. Why do we need yet another technology blog? That’s a fair question. There are already a number of technology and gadget blogs and magazines on the Internet. In fact, we link to some of our favourite sites in the side panel to the right. Yet, none cover technology and gadgets from the perspective of the Canadian consumer. We strongly believe the need for this coverage exists. Cadget addresses this need by covering the latest technology and gadgets available or slated for release in Canada from mobile phones and computing to home and automobiles. Our coverage also includes product reviews, availability and pricing from a uniquely Canadian perspective. Does Cadget accept paid product reviews? Cadget does not accept requests for paid product reviews. However, we’d be more than happy to review your product for our readers if you send us an email. Disclaimer: For logistical reasons, some vendors may ask that Cadget retain the product or gadget after completing its review. In such cases, Cadget will make this readily apparent to its readers to dismiss any perceived conflict of interest. I’d like to advertise / provide feedback / tip you about a product / complain / send you spam. How do I get in touch with you? Please use the contact form to send us email.
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