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Until recently, finance executives focused almost exclusively on control issues and capital raising. Today, CFOs are expected to be strategic business partners with operating units and close confidants to the CEO. They also, often, oversee the legal, human resources, and IT departments. With responsibility for managing top- and bottom-line growth, ensuring that technology is evaluated and deployed productively, and communicating financial performance and strategy to external stakeholders as well as to board members and other shareholders, the CFO's job has changed more than that of any other corporate executive.Our mission at CFO.com is to help our readers manage this transformation.

CFO.com offers daily stories geared specifically for finance executives. Coverage includes original reporting on new accounting standards, recent capital-raisings, risk management, and professional career development. The site also features proprietary benchmarking tools and calculators, plus a full set of related directories, special reports, and buyer's guides. In addition, CFO.com provides complete online editions of CFO magazine.
CFO.com was launched in October 2000. A digital source of timely financial information, CFO.com extends the tradition of journalistic excellence set by CFO Publishing.

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