Clove Network is an online advertising network providing targeted reach and quality inventory.

We enable marketers to reach their target markets through the internet which is one of the fastest growing media channels in the world. We do this by providing a comprehensive solution for planning and implementing profitable online advertising campaigns. As an online media and technology company, we serve two primary groups:

Our key differentiator is our superior technology. It serves as the foundation on which our rapid growth and success has been built. We attribute our rapid growth to our superior technology, which enables us to deliver better performance to advertisers and higher revenues to publishers.
To deliver value, performance and measurable success in online media solutions for all our partners.
Core Values
Client Satisfaction We work with our partners and clients to meet and exceed their goals and to turn their vision into reality.
Quality We maintain the highest standards of quality in selecting our publisher partners and in meeting our advertisers needs.
Innovation Advertising and Technology innovation is the cornerstone of our growth and success.

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    One of the main challenges in the online advertising industry is to increase and measure the reach of the advertising campaign while protecting your brand. 'Transparency of Outcomes' is what we strive to provide to our advertisers especially in terms of providing support on measuring the reach and the effectiveness of the campaigns. Whether the advertising goal is to generate Brand Awareness, Brand Recognition or to generate leads/sales we help advertisers capitalize on every level of the consumer decision. At Clove Network, we leverage industry-specific knowledge to create fully tailored advertising solutions by incorporating market insights. Based on our knowledge of ad serving and analytics platforms we have developed strong relationships with our publishers that assure them that the campaigns are run most effectively. Differentiators Optimization: Our ad platform ensures placement of ads in front of most receptive audiences. We gauge and optimize every aspect of campaign execution to bring value into pre-defined marketing and media budgeting goals. Accountability: Concrete proof of direct campaign response is tracked by certifiable actions on campaigns. Dedicated Account Manager: Each advertiser is assigned their own Account Manager, who helps from setting up campaign objectives to most advantageous placements help with tracking record. We like to be involved throughout the campaign journey. Rapid Campaign Operation: Our responsive processes and real-time technology enable us to work with agility, giving our advertisers the insight to anticipate and respond to the ever changing needs of viewers. Campaign Management and Reporting: Comprehensive, precise and realtime campaign management reports are included with every campaign. Creative Support: We assist in execution of campaigns using all standard ad units and sophisticated media formats like banners, text ads, or full page ads. Powerful Technology: Our technology helps you reach your campaign goals using the most efficient and cost effective sites. Our technology dynamically selects the best performing creatives from your campaign and serves it on a site with the best yield. Pre-Testing: We pre-test campaigns in order to ascertain creative and placement to achieve the greatest potential success a campaign can receive. Controlled Reach and Frequency: Reach and frequency capping ensures there are no impressions wasted or a risk of over-saturation. Quality Inventory: We believe in only utilizing quality inventory to drive the best results for our advertisers. The publishers that sign up with us go through a rigorous validation process. The advertisers can be assured that their campaigns will not be displayed on any objectionable websites. We ensure your advertisements are not visible on malicious software, mailing lists, and with publishers that could negatively effect your brands. Ad Targeting: Our reach is assisted with an extensive suite of targeting capabilities to help reach target audience. We offer targeting solutions based channel/site, behavior, contextual and geo among others.
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