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Publisher: Collector Car Values, Auctions and Profiles at Collector Car Market Reveiw
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    Publisher: Collector Car Values, Auctions and Profiles at Collector Car Market Reveiw
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    Why Collector Car Market Review is the Hobby's best advertising value: Readers: Our readers are extremely active in the hobby, have a great deal of disposable income and are always buying parts, services and vehicles. Profile Market: CCMR focuses on the under $200,000 market for fifties, sixties and seventies collector cars, with an emphasis on muscle, sports and special interest vehicles. This is where most of the hobby plays. Our extensive data gathering and dissemination especially appeals to those in the upper market segments where buy and sell decisions run into the hundreds of thousands--or even millions. For many, our data provides hard information to consider when it's time to buy or sell. Reach: CCMR is distributed by COMAG Marketing Group. Subscribers span the globe. Content: All editorial relates to the three W's of the market: WHAT, WHY, and HOW. It's a fresh alternative to collector car publications offering the same old thing. Editorial Website Tie-in: All full page advertisers enjoy a position in this site's MAIN BANNER. It's at the top of this page, and appears on EVERY page in the site. The exposure is tremendous. Half page and multiple position advertisers receive premium, targeted placement on relevant pages. For instance,. a Camaro supplier would rotate through pages with Chevy and/or Camaro content. All advertisers are listed in our Products/Services section. The website tie-in is ABSOLUTELY FREE! Vendor Spotlight: Available now, this special offer includes a half page of photos and text in the magazine and a feature location on every page in the website. Contact for rates. Rates: You'll benefit from some of the best rates in the hobby -- start putting your advertising dollars to work in Collector Car Market Review today! Rate Card
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