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Since 2010, Connextions Magazine believes in equality and we are happy to contribute to the publishing industry, as we continue to celebrate the unique life of the LGBT community in America and beyond.

Our mission is simply to celebrate the LGBT traveler. We believe that there is strength in numbers! We believe that we are the people! We are your neighbors, your friends, and your family!

Making connextions to travel like a local, whether on a quick weekend getaway or a luxury vacation, Connextions transports our readers through our personal experiences in travel, dining, culture and fashion to destinations and memorable travel experiences across the globe.

You can learn more about Connextions Magazine on our website: www.ConnextionsMagazine.com

Follow us on all social media outlets: @ConnextionsMag

Connextions Magazine, the Travel & Lifestyle Magazine for the LGBTQ Traveler, is your trusted resource for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer travel destinations, vacation ideas, fun travel videos, LGBTQ travel guides and the latest news relevant to our entire rainbow community. Connextions Magazine focuses on celebrating the LGBTQ Traveler providing information on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer travel, our LGBTQ culture, the diverse style of our rainbow community, adventures, gay romance, tips for Lesbian Moms, Gay Dads, Bisexual, Transgender Parents and families.

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    WE have the readers that YOU want to reach! Connextions Magazine is America's travel publication for the LGBT community. We cater to the largest population of social class in America - middle class working individuals, who highly value their vacation time and their budget. We are dedicated to bringing our readers the truth in travel, inside a publication that is not over compensated by page after page of advertising messages. Our uninterrupted travel reviews, stories and product highlights are complimented by the 'Marketplace' inside each issue, where advertisers are able to showcase events and discounts to our targeted distribution. Picture Picture - We are a quarterly travel magazine dedicated to serving the LGBT community. - Our issues are published in FEBRUARY, MAY, AUGUST & NOVEMBER , with special travel guides to individual cities being published 4x per year in between the large quarterly magazine. (Click here to view all our issues) - Issues are for sale digitally through the Connextionsmag APP & on Scribd. (Click here to learn how to get the mag) - Our first issue was published in 2010. Our incredibly loyal subscriber base has grown over 66% each year for the last four years. Connextions Magazine statistics: Digital magazine impressions are currently over 275,000 Hint: If another publication should try to sell you on their 100,000 print subscribers or their 200,000 readership per issue - question it! Social media followers are currently over 15k - 7,300 facebook fans; 5,000 twitter fans, tumbler, instagram, wordpress, Linkedin Website unique visitors are at 7.4k per week (updated March 28, 2014) Website pageviews are at 10.2k per week (updated March 28, 2014) Advertising Options: In order to best serve our readership, we offer a marketplace within Connextions Magazine where advertisers can offer exclusive discounts and coupons, as well as showcase their upcoming events. We keep it simple and affordable so every small business is able to reach our target market. Two sizes are available. If you wish for a larger ad space, simply buy 2 spaces. If you do not have camera ready artwork available, no problem - just send us your logo or a photo you wish to use and we will design it for you! What YOU receive: - Your advertisement in one digital edition of Connextions Magazine (includes hyperlink) - 2 social media blasts per month for 3 months - from Connextions Magazine facebook page/twitter/google+/tumbler/wordpress/instagram - Digital tear sheet after release of the magazine SPECIAL: For a limited time, you get 2 ads for the price of ONE! Whatever your order, consider it doubled! What WE receive: - $199.00 per 4" x 1" ad OR $299.00 per 4" x 2" ad
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