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    very month, our featured advertisers connect with a large targeted audience of mental health professionals and well informed consumers. Ranking in the top fraction of 1% of all websites in terms of overall traffic, CounsellingResource.com provides visitors with trustworthy information and resources they can rely on, and advertisers with the type of well informed and motivated consumers they want to reach. Skip to Related Articles What Kinds of Advertising Do You Feature? We work with many different types of advertisers to provide traffic and exposure for your brand via: Graphics in IAB-Standard Sizes For advertisers who prefer the brand exposure of traditional graphical banner advertisements, we support a range of IAB-standard sizes across CounsellingResource.com at CPM rates. As a banner advertiser, you can select a block of impressions to be delivered as quickly as possible, or you can set an upper limit for impressions over a given span of time. To get in touch about banner advertisements, please drop us a note with the details requested below. Google AdWords Advertisers who already work with the Google AdWords programme can choose to have their advertisements displayed specifically on our site through Google’s new site-targeted campaigns. This is in addition to ordinary keyword-targeted which may appear on our site through Google’s contextual targeting algorithms. Featured Sponsorships Many advertisers incorporate plain text-based links as one part of an overall advertising strategy, and we can provide these as well, including occasional featured sponsorships which enjoy prominent placement in the sidebar of our front page or other sections of the site. (Technical Note: Paid advertising in the form of text links will be plainly marked as advertising, must include the ‘nofollow’ attribute, and may at our discretion be delivered via JavaScript. Please do not contact us asking for paid text links that are not marked as advertisements; doing so wastes our time as well as yours.) In addition, we also work with a small selection of affiliate programmes. Please see our Advertising Policy for details. How Can I Advertise on CounsellingResource.com? If you’d like to advertise on CounsellingResource.com, please check our Advertising Policy and drop us a note via the Contact Details page. Please be sure to let us know the following: Your name Your email address Your site URL Your preferred advertising type Your monthly budget for advertising on our site And we’ll get back to you as soon as possible, normally within two business days.
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