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    I’m Amy, a THIRTY YEAR OLD momma to two sweet little girls and the wife to a pretty amazing guy. In my former {read: pre-children} life, I worked in the PR/marketing industry. These days, I’m a stay-at-home mom and freelance writer. I started blogging in May 2011 and I’m amazed at all of the incredible people I’ve met on this journey and experiences I’ve been blessed with {like a trip to the OLYMPIC TRIALS and a chance to interview SHAWN JOHNSON!}! You can check out some of my most popular posts on THE KISS LIST page. The Hubs & I celebrated our SIX YEAR ANNIVERSARY in October 2012. We love watching our happy little family grow! He’s my BEST FRIEND and a FANTASTIC FATHER to our two little pumpkins. The Hubs is also a GREAT BALANCE for me~ his analytical mind is a nice compliment {and sometimes reality check} to my creative side. We were introduced by a close friend our sophomore year in college, and we’ve been HAVING FUN together ever since. You can check out all our Marital Bliss {and sometimes LACK THEREOF!} posts HERE. Now on to our sweet girls: Little O is our spunky, SPARKLY three year old. She talks non-stop and loves all things related to princesses and TUTUS. She recently started PRESCHOOL, SOCCER & dance, and she loves it! Little O has an extremely active imagination and reminds the Hubs & I daily that there is nothing quite like looking at life through the EYES OF A CHILD. You can check out posts about our chatty preschooler HERE. Baby H just turned EIGHTEEN MONTHS OLD, and she is our ADVENTURE GIRL! Her nickname is “DOZER” {short for bulldozer} because, well, she BULLDOZES EVERYTHING in her path. She’s such a joy to our family, and we can already see the strong SISTERLY BOND between our two daughters. You can check out posts about our Dozer girl HERE. My hope is that COUNTING MY KISSES becomes a second home to you~ somewhere that you can pull up a comfy chair, relax and unwind for a few minutes each day. Hopefully your day will be a little brighter because of it~ I know mine is brighter because you stopped by!
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