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    Who We Are Our products speak directly to passionate crafters. Creative people who actively add their personal touch to gift giving, beautifying their homes and making things for themselves through crafts. These home arts enthusiasts look to us for new craft innovations to make the ideas in their head, a reality. Our engaged relationship with members is unmatched by traditional media entities. We know what our readers want to hear and we deliver this through a number of timely multi-media channels. Our Success Stories "Advertising with Today's Creative Home Arts is more than just an insertion's a mutually-beneficial partnership! The TCHA team takes the time to understand our business and our strategies so that our advertising options align appropriately. They make it quick and easy to achieve success!" Alyson Dias, Duncan Enterprises and "You offer such an important contribution to the industry by providing ideas, samples, and inspiration to craft. Thank you for leading a true craft-idea company." Jim Bremer, The Tall Mouse How We Connect Digital Portfolio • Dedicated E-newsletter • Club E-newsletter • Who We Are Reaching • 89% Consider their skill level to be intermediate to advanced. • 73% Have taken action as a result of reading a TCHA editorial product. • They have been crafting an average of 29 years. • Spend average of $258 on a craft project. • 81% Use their craft projects as gifts for friends and family. • 64% Use their creations for Home decorating. • Crafting nearly 3 days per each week. • 72% Participate in the crafting events we host. See media kits for detailed source information. Engagement Factor In a recent survey, our members have proven that despite current economic constraints, they are engaged and passionate about their hobbies. 89% Stated that,"I need at least one leisure hobby or pursuit that can take my mind off the economy. I’ll find other ways to economize."
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