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    Publisher: DogPostDaily | Dog Show News
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    Dog Post Daily specializes in providing news and items of interest for dog and animal enthusiasts worldwide. Exclusive features include firsthand, live results, photos and videos from dog shows in USA and around the world. With decades of experience on the dog show scene, we have an “insider’s” view of the business. We believe in serious breeding programs that produce dogs of quality pedigree for show and for beloved family pets. We support improvement of the breed as well as responsible pet ownership. We also have a soft spot for the individuals that are doing great work with animal rescue operations, service dogs, companion dogs and all other K-9 heroes. We are all dog lovers, at all levels. We share our passion with everyone that cares about the wellbeing of animals. Dog Post Daily presents a wide variety of articles and images compiled from numerous sources and our growing network of friends and colleagues. You can share with us publicly on Facebook, at Dog Post Daily. Tell us your stories, show us what you have seen and let us know how your dogs are doing. We regularly select items from Facebook to re-post on Dog Post Daily New features will be added based on response and comments from users. Feel free to give us your suggestions and/or contact us directly by email at Thank you for your interest and we hope that you keep checking in to see what is new!
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