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    I’m Ashley, the voice behind Domestic Imperfection. I’m not the best at about me’s, so I’m just going to tell you my story…in pictures, of course. I’ll start at the beginning.A product of the 80′s, I was born and raised near San Antonio, Texas. I had a great childhood filled with outdoor adventures, critters, activities, and family. When I was 17, I met a boy. Some might say that we hit it off… When I was 18 he asked me to marry him. And when I was 19, I did. About six months later money was really tight and we decided to join the Army. Adam left for seven months of training. It was crappy, but sure did make for a sweet reunion. Adam got stationed up at Fort Drum, NY. It was a little different than what we were used to down in hot and sunny Texas. About five months after arriving, Adam left for Afghanistan for a year. It was one of the hardest and best years of my life. I met some of the most awesome girls during that year and we were each others support system. Adam returned from Afghanistan safe and sound and we had about a year and a half together before he left for Iraq. By that time most of my friends had moved or gotten out, so we decided that I should move back home for this one. In August 2008 we bought our first house in our hometown. I lived there (well, here) while he was gone. Halfway through his deployment Adam got to come home for two weeks. It also happened to land on our five year wedding anniversary (the first one we ever got to spend together!) and at that time I got pregnant with our first child. Adam returned home for good halfway through my pregnancy and I moved back to New York. March of 2010 our little Elijah was born (story here). Adam’s six year enlistment was up about five months later. He just missed having to deploy for another year, and I was oh so thankful. We hightailed it out of New York and moved into our awaiting Texas house. February of 2011 I started Domestic Imperfection with this post, and the next week I found out I was pregnant again. Our second son, Levi was born in October of 2011(story here). And that, my friends, brings us to today… where I spend my time cleaning house, chasing boys, sneaking in projects where I can and generally being awesome! I hope you enjoy my website! This is just a fun place for me to share my passion and my hobby, so please enjoy yourself and don’t take any of this too seriously. It’s just decorating, its just stuff… none of it really matters in the end :)
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