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Energy Efficiency News
Publisher: Energy Efficiency News
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    Publisher: Energy Efficiency News
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    Why Energy Efficiency? Increasing demand, together with environmental concerns, has made energy one of the world’s most pressing challenges. Climate change, dwindling resources and security of supply are fundamentally changing the way governments and organisations view energy generation and management. Even with new generation technologies such as wind and solar power, growing energy demand could produce a shortfall in energy generation capacity. Using existing energy supplies more wisely with greater efficiency is the only answer. Energy efficiency is the “fastest growing success story in the last 50 years”, according to a new report from the American Council for an Energy Efficiency Economy (ACEEE). Over the next 20-25 years, the US could cost-effectively reduce energy consumption by a further 25-30% through efficiency measures. However, to exploit energy efficiency measures to the greatest extent, this diverse field – spanning sectors as diverse as electricity generation and biofuels – must come together. Bringing the energy efficiency field together to share best practice across the globe requires effective communication. Energy Efficiency News provides exactly that – a single, comprehensive, authoritative source of information in the energy efficiency sector. This new online resource has up-to-date coverage of the latest news, trends and policy in all aspects of energy efficiency across the energy generation, transportation and building sectors. Energy Efficiency News covers key trends and developments in energy efficiency through daily news updates, free newsletters, expert analysis and features, as well as a breakdown of global policy and white papers, a comprehensive directory, links to useful resources, and essential facts and figures. This unrivalled coverage will be essential reading for government officials, managers, architects and developers, consultants and researchers. Energy Efficiency News is published by Afion Media Ltd, an independent science and technical publisher, based in Cheltenham, UK Advertising Information A new resource in energy efficiency Energy Efficiency News is the daily news website covering the latest developments and trends in all aspects of energy efficiency. With an emphasis on global policy-driven initiatives that have a major impact on the global use of energy, Energy Efficiency News covers all the important trends and developments in this fast-moving sector with its free-to-access mix of daily news, monthly features and regular newsletters. Energy Efficiency News supports five key areas covering all aspects of power generation, transportation, building design and maintenance, and global policy, which in turn drill down into sub-sections providing coverage across a wide range of topics. With an extensive Company Directory, Events Listing and Resource Centre, Energy Efficiency News comprehensively covers the field. Advertising options Energy Efficiency News provides advertisers with an excellent range of cost-effective opportunities to target end-users seeking energy-efficient products and services. Banners (on Home pages and Section pages) Button ads (on Home pages and Section pages) Story-embedded ads E-newsletters Directory Package deals are available on request.
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