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Ethereal Mind
Publisher: EtherealMind - Software Defined Networking, Data Centre and Infrastructure
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    Publisher: EtherealMind - Software Defined Networking, Data Centre and Infrastructure
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    Advertise There has been strong demand for advertising and a little money helps. EtherealMind and PacketPushers have a combined ad display network to provide a moderate volume banner display system. Advertising – Custom or Bespoke Ads are served from a third party platform that provides hosting and statistics (currently a Google DFP system). Ad Spots are sold in units of 50000 impressions for a fixed fee – current USD$600 per 50000 impressions at Jan 2014 The banners will run across a number of sites - EtherealMind, PacketPushers and Peering Introvert. We can provide a login to view the progress of the campaign. Fee varies over time contact me for the latest pricing and availability if your specific requirements or questions. Payment – payment in advance using credit card via online store. Buy Sell Ads If you want a self serve experience or starter pack, then Buy Sell Ads might work for you. If you want a campaign of more than 50000 impressions,or a customised experience then get in contact. BuySellAds – Self Service Advertising I have allocated a two ad spots to BuySellAds where you can self-serve your ad campaign. There is some more information on the service here. Alernatively, you can go directly to http://buysellads.com/buy/detail/228487 to see the statistics and to commission your own campaign. Audience and Reach From the analytics it seems that about fifty to sixty percent of readers are from search engines, then about twenty percent linked in from other blogs and about thirty percent who are regular readers. At Jan 2014, Etherealmind has roughly 175000 page views per month on 100 000 Uniques. Ethereal Mind readers are data networking engineers with a high proportion of senior engineers and architects. Referrals from search reflect the mostly technical nature of the content. Relevance – advertisers must be relevant to this audience. Numbers – You should contact or email greg.ferro — at — packetpushers – net for up to date numbers for uniques and visitor counts.
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