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Publisher: Importador - Exporter and Importer from Latin America
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    Publisher: Importador - Exporter and Importer from Latin America
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    Institutional The EurekaClick.com is the next level on the B2B e-commerce. The company launched in August 2009 with an innovative spirit that can be seen on tour over the web site. Here, the global buyers have a search platform that provides them instantly access to a whole net of a products and services suppliers. Thus we make it easy to small and medium companies do international business and reduce their costs on this process. We are committed with all members to let them show their products, services and brands at an equal situation. Ethic will guide us over any decision. EurekaClick.com is the best way to improve your global sales. How we Make it Simple to global players? Today is really hard to find international buyers and sellers of Latin America. This is just about to change with EurekaClick.com. Our companies will no more be a lonely island lost on the internet; they will be part of a great city known all around world. Reduce your costs: The money you spend looking for international buyers will be saved. We make it simply to find new costumers and contact them. Our search platform will get face-to-face buyers and suppliers with just a click. Speed it up: Why do you have to wait until next international fair to reach more costumers? If there is someone right now looking for your products or services, let them know where you are. Now you can reach costumers from all around the world. We speed it up the way the businesses are made. Do not take unnecessary risks: We know how difficult it’s built a trustful relationship on international business. Soon, you will quickly verify the credit status of the companies you negotiate with. Also, we will check the legal situation of your company, and give you a legal pass to confirm the status of the company with it local government, which makes it credibility higher.
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