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Publisher: Family Focus Blog - Mom blogger writes about parenting and all things family related.
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Hello! My name is Scarlet and I started Family Focus Blog about six years ago. Here’s my family:

Yup so that is me, my husband whom I met freshman year at Tulane University, our adorable, smart, sweet kids (can’t help but brag on them!) and one of our crazy pets!

Back at the young ages of 19 and 18, my husband and I struck up a conversation at the New Orleans House of Blues about who had lived more places. The next day, he came by my dorm room and the rest is history (goes to show the power of following up!)

My husband is a Spanish teacher and I am a blogger. I actually majored in Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology but by some strange twist of fate got into retail and became a department manager for Macy’s and then a store Manager for Express, Limited, and Ann Taylor LOFT. I loved retail but when I had kids, I knew that working nights and weekends was no longer for me.

I wanted to stay home with my kiddos but I also wanted to contribute to our household income. I met a friend who had a blog and decided I would give it a whirl myself. I really enjoyed it. The more I blogged, the more I loved it. Blogging became a creative outlet for me and a way of building something that was just mine. It is so easy to become know as Daniel’s wife or Leo’s mom and it felt good having my own thing and having people know me for my work too. Did I mention I love work? I love staying busy with things I enjoy so becoming a blogger has been so gratifying for me.

A Parenting Resource

I really want Family Focus Blog to be a place where other parents can come as a parenting resource. I want this family blog to inspire people, entertain people, and help people. I want you to know someone else has experienced what you are going through and you are not alone. Parenting can be hard but it is also the biggest joy that I know. I tell people, “Every age is a good age- so far!” And for me that is true. Newborn to 2 is one of the most special, wonderful stages but also the most exhausting trying phases. Then you move on- parenting is constantly evolving and I am loving every minute!

I hope you enjoy Family Focus Blog and share it with your friends. You may want to follow along on Facebook too! Thank you!

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    Publisher: Family Focus Blog - Mom blogger writes about parenting and all things family related.
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