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    Publisher: Feed me dearly | Life, unraveled
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    Let’s start with the important stuff: I’m an Aries, so is my husband; I don’t know what that implies. What matters is that I cook, he cleans, we rarely squabble. When we do, it’s about chicken bones. Feed Me Dearly is my chief creative outlet, and allows me to connect with others who share my passion for food and family. It also helps me procrastinate on the consulting projects that pay the bills, and who doesn’t love a good distraction. The stories behind the food are what give Feed Me Dearly its flavor. Heated nacho discussions, battles with a CSA box, birthday cake disasters, atonement in the form of mac & cheese. I even took a trip down memory lane to bring you this post about our 2012 Thanksgiving. I have since scrubbed the incident from memory, it never happened. What is this plague that you mention? There are victories though: Kitchen mistakes are fixed, heart-shaped desserts are crafted with love, and cocktail hour is given a makeover. There are tips about becoming smarter and more efficient in the kitchen, and practical advice about overcoming picky eating. And if there is one thing that I love most, it’s our 52-week challenge where each week, my kids and I try a new fruit or vegetable together. Sometimes it’s a hit, but very often it’s a miss. Because what kid likes radishes. Or raw mushrooms. While our kitchen adventures may not always be Pinterest-perfect, they don’t have to be. Life is far more interesting when you’ve got scrambled egg on your face, a black bean in your tooth, and a failed kitchen project at your feet.
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