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Publisher: Mansfield, Ohio Information and Local Business Directory ~ Find It In Mansfield (dot com)
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    Publisher: Mansfield, Ohio Information and Local Business Directory ~ Find It In Mansfield (dot com)
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    WHAT IS FIND IT IN MANSFIELD? Find It In Mansfield is a community information website, designed to serve as a guide for visitors and residents of Mansfield and Richland County, Ohio. Its purpose is to help those who are unfamiliar with the region to get the most out of all that the area has to offer, whether they are here for the first time or have lived here for their entire life. Since 2004, Find It In Mansfield has provided instant access to local information through links to local news, weather, and other vital data resources. LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED Find It In Mansfield is owned and operated by WebChisler Internet Services which is located in Mansfield, Ohio. It is supported and funded through local and third party advertisers who pay to have their businesses represented on our site. We appreciate their support of this project and encourage you to shop with and support the businesses who have helped us grow over the past several years. LOCAL INFORMATION FOR RESIDENTS AND VISITORS Thousands of Mansfield area residents and businesses use the site every month, as do visitors who often times use it to get information about the area before they arrive. Area residents and businesses use the site daily to locate products and services in the area quickly and easily, while browsing the Find It In Mansfield website helps strangers to become familiar with the area, and helps them plan lodging and activities and make their overall stay in the area more relaxing and enjoyable. WHAT'S IN IT FOR YOU? There's plenty to see and do on the Find It In Mansfield website, and its all free to use with no hassles, sign-ups, logins, passwords, or registration to deal with. Every page of the Find It In Mansfield site features instant access links to current Mansfield area news and weather conditions, closings & delays, community events, Amber Alerts, coupon savings, Google Web Search, and much more. Other important information including current area gas prices, state-wide road conditions, city bus schedules & route maps, and links to the Chamber of Commerce and the Mansfield/Richland County Public Library can be accessed at any time from the main page. MANY DIRECTIORIES, ONE WEBSITE Within the hundreds of pages of the Find It In Mansfield site are numerous specialty directories, including categorized directories for schools, churches, restaurants, apartments, transportation, hotels & motels, entertainment, and emergency services. Find It In Mansfield also features a HUGE 400+ page business directory that includes all businesses within a 20 mile radius of downtown Mansfield, Ohio, and lists many independent merchants and service providers not found elsewhere. MANSFIELD, OHIO AREA INFORMATION DIRECTORIES Visitors Page ~ Includes links to the City of Mansfield website, links to sites of several surrounding communities, various public interest organization websites, and many featured area attraction websites. Church Guide ~ Includes all churches, representing all faiths and denominations, within an approximate 20 mile radius of downtown Mansfield. The directory is sub-divided into individual categories of religious beliefs. School Directory ~ A complete listing of all area public and private schools, adult education learning institutions, tutors and mentoring programs, colleges, tech and trade schools, and other learning resources. Emergency Services ~ All emergency response services such as police & fire, hospitals, clinics, crisis hotlines, disaster response, and more, including public and charity assistance for the homeless and needy. Business Directory ~ A comprehensive, 400 page business directory of merchants and service providers located within an approximate 20 mile radius of downtown Mansfield, Ohio, including some not found elsewhere. Garage Sale Directory ~ At this time, our Garage Sale Directory is still being developed. Until it is finished, we are forwarding our visitors to another local website to find this information. Clicking the "Garage Sale" link on any page will automatically forward you to the other site. When completed (estimated completion circa Spring 2010), the Find It In Mansfield Garage Sale Directory will be free to use and free to advertise. It will be divided into four basic geographic areas, and will announce privately held sales such as garage & yard sales, estate sales, and similar events in each area. Restaurant Guide ~ From diners to fine dining, this comprehensive listing of area eating establishments is conveniently divided into sixteen separate categories of cuisines and dining styles. Entertainment Guide ~ For those looking for something to do, we list many types of indoor and outdoor activities and attractions, such as bowling, golf, race tracks, movies & plays, museums, bingo, and more. Recreation Guide ~ (In development) When finished, will includes information about area boating, fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, and other outdoor recreational activity opportunities in the Mansfield area. Government Directory ~ (In development) When completed, will feature a comprehensive directory of local governments, government agencies, and public representatives. Although we have tried to design the Find It In Mansfield to be as user friendly as possible, we know that some people may experience problems with navigating or using the site. We want your visit here to be pleasant, and hope you'll find just what you are looking for without any difficulty. If you experience problems or need assistance with using this site, or maybe have a question or comment about Find It In Mansfield, please let us know. We'd love to hear from you! CLICK HERE to send us an e-mail describing the situation so we can go to work on fixing the problem, or answer any questions you may have regarding the site or its content. If you prefer to contact us by phone, please call (419) 577-1987 during normal business hours. Thank you!
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