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Publisher: everyday cottage style - one project at a time
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    Publisher: everyday cottage style - one project at a time
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    Fox Hollow Cottage Social Media Stats Facebook Fans: 75,000 Pinterest Followers: 24,900 Google+ Followers: 15,000 with over 15 million views Twitter Followers: 2,300 Instagram: 2,450 Product Promotion I love to try new things, as well as give my opinion! If you have a product or service you would like to share with the Fox Hollow Cottage community, please contact me at foxhollowcottage@gmail.com – If I feel it’s a good fit for my home, my family and/or my readers, we can arrange a review. (products supplied for review will not be returned) A review will consist of me using, testing and/or sampling your product or service and then sharing my experience with photographs (if applicable) and text in a blog post(s). A review will also include social media support with the use of Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter and/or Instagram. My readers mean a lot to me. They are people, just like me. They are smart, savvy and very engaged! They love to see and hear about new products, ideas and services. They also enjoy product giveaways. This element is highly encouraged for product reviews as it gives the reader a reason to be extra excited about the information I share. Sponsored Posts will be considered on a case by case basis. Product review and sponsored content rates vary.
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