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    Publisher: FreeTwitTube - There's a tweet for that
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    AboutFreeTwitTube.com FreeTwitTube is a feature of Yontoo, a software platform that enables a suite of browser tools. Yontoo is ad-supported and includes tools for search, text references, video, social media, website reviews, and comparison shopping. Yontoo features and ads are not affiliated with underlying websites. FreeTwitTube was the idea of a few creative individuals from Carlsbad, CA. The idea came from a simple insight; give users current content that's relevant to videos they're watching. By combining live streaming, never-ending content from Twitter™ with the vast video selection from YouTube™, you get exactly that. FTT allows you to interact with the videos you watch without ever leaving YouTube. Once installed, you will see FTT’s easy-to-use toolbar under the video player whenever on YouTube. The toolbar lets you see tweets, but also allows you to retweet and reply whenever you choose. FTT combines the power of Twitter and YouTube to give you a richer video experience.
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