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Connect with gay Asia, read LGBT news, meet people in your area and find gay-friendly businesses. Join Asia's largest gay and lesbian community for free!
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Based in Hong Kong, Fridae is Asia’s a diversified media and services company implementing an integrated strategy that covers the Internet, Broadcasting, Publishing and Events. Founded with a mission to “Empower Gay Asia”, Fridae provides a platform that bridges cultures, transcends borders, and unites the diverse groups to form Asia’s largest gay and lesbian community. As the gay media leader in Asia, Fridae provides unparalleled reach to the valuable, yet diverse and hard to reach gay and lesbian communities in the region.

Fridae's innovative and industry-leading online portal (www.fridae.com) leverages the distribution power and reach of the Internet to provide a potent mix of Content, Community and Commerce to more than 2 million visitors each month. Fridae uses its expertise to offer forward-looking companies online advertising and branding as well as offline strategies and direct marketing programs.


Through our innovative media channels and world-class events, Fridae is building Asia’s largest gay & lesbian community, united in diversity, and transcending geographical borders.
Fridae empowers gay Asia to: come together, stay connected, be informed, overcome discrimination, nurture personal growth, and foster healthy relationships.


Fridae seeks to be gay Asia’s leading media & events group; the business community’s primary conduit to the Asian gay community; and a respected voice in our advocacy for equality and freedom of choice.

"Fridae" is inspired by "Friday" from Daniel Defoe's novel Robinson Crusoe.

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    Connect with gay Asia, read LGBT news, meet people in your area and find gay-friendly businesses. Join Asia's largest gay and lesbian community for free!
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    The Gay + Lesbian Market Based in Hong Kong and Singapore, Fridae (www.fridae.asia) is a diversified media and services company catering exclusively to Asia's lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community. Founded in 2001, the site today draws over 12 million page views every month and counts 700,000 registered users, making it one of the largest gay sites in Asia. The site can be accessed in English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese. Fridae is also widely respected and trusted for its editorial coverage relevant to LGBT communities in Asia and beyond. Reach Asia's Most Valuable Demographic Considered by marketers to be the "holy grail" of demographic groups, the LGBT demographic is both highly sought after, and notoriously difficult to retain. Always on the lookout for what's newer, bigger, better, more fashionable, gays and lesbians are known as trendsetters and opinion leaders. Not only are they more willing to take risks with edgy new brands, strong word of mouth also helps build these brands into tomorrow's success stories. 47% PMEBs 48% University/Post Graduate Degree 42% earn more than $60,000 p.a. 88% male and 10% female 65% 25 to 45 years old Since its launch in 2001, Fridae has grown from a neighbourhood site into Asia's leading gay and lesbian portal. A hybrid of magazine portal and social networking sites, Fridae combines regular news and editorial features with proprietary community building tools, making it one of the stickiest sites on the market. 700,000 registered users 200,000 users per month 12 million page views per month 500,000 visits (sessions) per month 25 pages per visit 8 minutes average visit duration 35% new visits Top 10 countries/territories (in alphabetical order) Australia China Hong Kong Japan Malaysia Singapore Taiwan Thailand United Kingdom United States Advertising on Fridae offers a unique opportunity to target the rapidly growing LGBT market in Asia. Fridae can support you with a tailored and very targeted advertising campaign which can include: An advertisement on our web site Electronic direct email (EDM) to members To find out more about how Fridae can be your conduit to the valuable Asian gay and lesbian demographic, contact us at advertise@fridae.asia. Ad resellers are welcome.
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