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Fritos And Foie Gras
Publisher: Fritos and Foie Gras — An Indiscriminate Eater's Guide to Food in New York City and Beyond
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    Publisher: Fritos and Foie Gras — An Indiscriminate Eater's Guide to Food in New York City and Beyond
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    I am Sarah Spigelman, a writer, editor and improvisational-comedy performer living in NYC. I live to eat and cook. I am that person who starts planning breakfast the night before. I get giddy when I find an artisanal beef jerky store on a road trip. I wear the same jeans that I had in college to ensure that I have enough cash to splurge on tasting menus and stupidly expensive sea salt. I am that person who can sit for hours in front of cooking shows and gets a rash when I am forced to go shoe shopping. (I mean, don’t get me wrong. I like shoes. But I have bunions. My tongue has never failed me.) That’s what she said. Where Am I From? I came to New York by way of Southern California (hence my love of fast food style burgers) and Tucson, Arizona(which is why Mexican food is my idea of heaven). I graduated with a BFA from the University of Arizona in 2006 and came to the big, bad apple to become a famous actress. I barely had any success to begin with, but then the economy crashed. One by one, the small regional theatres I was getting cast at closed or couldn’t afford to hire Equity actors. I had to switch careers, so I migrated towards the only other thing I had ever loved…journalism. That other career that has no stability. I was lucky enough to land a job pretty soon with an online newspaper and as an assistant editor learned all about researching, editing, Twitter, media, and proofreading. A LOT of proofreading. After a few months, I realized that the news was just not for me. I could handle the grueling hours, the constant criticism, and the breakneck speed of the place – I was coming from the world of theatre, after all. What I couldn’t handle was how little I cared about the news worthy stories. The muggings, the community board meetings, the teachers’ strikes…they all bored me to tears. I only cared about the restaurant openings and closings. The new menus. The comings and goings of chefs. I could write about these all day, and if I could have, then I would have stayed. But I couldn’t. So I left. What the Hell do I do Now? Freelance write, edit and develop recipes. For more about that, go to my Press Page. And if you want to hire me, email me! I am extremely flexible on my rates and am a doll to work with. Trust me…I mean, I just love working with me! Stuff I Like: Fritos Foie Gras “Arrested Development” Luxury Hotels TJ Maxx Musical Theatre “The Big Lebowski” Paulo Coelho Stuff I Dislike: Millet Green Bell Peppers ESPN Flights that are longer than 3 hours Eddie Bauer Any theatre that doesn’t include tap dancing “The Notebook” (PLEASE TELL ME THAT SOMEONE ELSE HATES THIS MOVIE!) The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Now you know a little about me! Please feel free to email me or comment to ask some questions! I won’t bite unless you like it ;)
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