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Publisher: Daily life, and then some
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    Publisher: Daily life, and then some
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    Fuchsia-Revolver.org (also referred to as F-R.org or frorg, when I don’t feel like punctuating) has been on the web since July 13, 2002. The name was the product of a brainstorm that Kayleigh and I had one night while we were thinking of names for her new domain. When the name “fuchsia revolver” came up during our conversation, I instantly liked the sound of it and decided to register it as my second domain. The newly-registered Fuchsia-Revolver.org became the new home for my weblog and the rest is history. Does the domain name have a symbolic meaning? Does it have a connection to women gun owners, women in the military, anti-gun violence…? Uh, no symbolism here. My 13-year-old self thought it sounded cool and I just stuck with it throughout the years. What do you blog about? Historically? Anything and everything. Currently, though, I like posting about marketing and food — two things that take a dominant role in my life, the former because it is what I do for a living and the latter because it is a passion.
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