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Publisher: FyberSearch visits websites, saves them, reviews their contents, determines their order and publishes the results.
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We're in the highly specialized field of money taking and making. While all these other businesses run around talking about their missions, mottoes, philosophies, policies, the environment, their community programs and how much they love to "give back" we just sit back and laugh.

Little do they know that they sound like a desperate schoolboy who spends all his time posing as someone he's not just to get the attention of a girl who barely seems to notice him when all the while she's been in love with the person he really is and only seems to not notice him because she hasn't been looking at the fake person that he created.

Now some of these businesses may think that they've got a bunch of money this way but they're fooling themselves. It's like saying that the schoolboy is happy and with the girl who loves him because he can use his fake person to get desperate ugly chicks. Even if he manages to get a hot and slightly less desperate chick he can't be himself around her without breaking the fake person he used to get her.

All the illusions these companies presented themselves as to make the money is what they'll be stuck using the money as. The second they try to spend it their own way is the second they'll lose it all and have to start over. We'd rather just start out by being the one that the girl already loves and in this case owning as much stuff as possible is who we are and the stuff itself is the girl who loves who we are.

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    Publisher: FyberSearch visits websites, saves them, reviews their contents, determines their order and publishes the results.
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    Advertisement creation is available for business to pitch their products and services to FyberSearch users. Advertisements are created, edited and deleted instantly. FyberSearch accounts are refunded for the remaining number of full days left until an advertisement expires if an advertisement is deleted before its expiration date. The cost per advertisement per day is .10 cents or 100 Fybergies. Advertisements can be edited after their creation but their lifespan is set.
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