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Publisher: The Gambia Classifieds, Properties, & More | Get Your Business Noticed
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    Publisher: The Gambia Classifieds, Properties, & More | Get Your Business Noticed
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    Advertise With Us Why should you advertise online with Gambia.com? Remember the days when you looked in the yellow pages for businesses or services you needed? For many people, those days are still here and advertising your company in the yellow pages or in other local business directories is still present and a means of advertising. However, there has been a shift taking place in recent years to business directories that are based online. If your company is not listed on one or more of these business directories, you could be losing valuable customers and missing out on the 1000’s of people searching the web every day for businesses like yours or business opportunities in The Gambia. • Gambia.com provides exposure. This means more customers. People will not buy your products or use your services if they dont know who you are, its that simple. Your business directory listing will contain important business information that customers are interested in • There is intense competition for most goods and services, and making a profit can be challenging. Being listed on Gambia.com is a good way to get your name out there. People overwhelmingly use search engines and business directories for help in selecting products. You need to be listed in order to have a chance for success! • The cost of running a business is high and advertising costs are high. Listing with Gambia.com is a good, inexpensive way to gain exposure for your company and to get you online and noticed. • With traditional paper business directories, once they are printed, corrections, changes, and additions cannot be made until the new edition is released. With Gambia.com you can make these important changes any time you need by getting in touch. There are also benefits to listing your company on Gambia.com that have to do with the medium itself, the internet. These are benefits that no paper business directory or paper advertising, no matter how effective or used, can offer. • People use the internet for local searches in increasing numbers. More than 18,000 local searches are done each day on the internet for Gambia making Gambia.com a great place to advertise your company. • People get tired of flipping through endless pages looking for something to stand out. Gambia.com allows users to access the information they need quickly and effectively. • Traditional business directories or paper advertising have to charge for printing and distribution costs. This is unnecessary online with Gambia.com, meaning less cost to you. The business world is fiercely competitive; so dont let the company you have worked so hard to build be left behind. Gambia.com benefits the small shop around the corner to the large local & international companies. The important thing is that you get your name out there so customers know they can turn to your business. Gambia.com is an inexpensive, effective way to give your business exposure and even more success.
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