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Geek Insider is a media company that produces an online periodical which caters to individuals that love technology, gadgets, entertainment, games, reviews, and other such topics that are related to the “Geek” Lifestyle.

We represent the best in technology news, resources, gadgets and everything else Geek. We feature the latest tech news, reviews, entertainment, the hottest apps and a variety of tutorials.

Technology shows no signs of slowing down, with each day bringing brand new innovations, gadgets, applications and computers. The 21st century belongs to Geeks and our daily lives revolve around technology. Geek Insider brings you the best resources to help you keep up in an increasingly digital world. We provide breaking tech news, future trends, thorough reviews, and the latest in the gaming and eSports industry.

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    Geek Insider is the number one source for the ‘Geek Lifestyle’. We provide a backdrop of humor, entertainment; but deliver the latest and breaking technology news. We offer in-depth reviews and editorials from real users. Each device and gadget is carefully researched, and picked apart to give our readers the best possible advice. Technology, whether present or in the future is in a state of constant evolution; Geek Insider stays committed to bringing our readers exactly what they want to know and read about. Our writers come from a diverse technological background, both young and old, providing Geeks the world over with helpful tips and advice – aimed at every age group. Because of our unique diversity, our statistics are quickly on the rise. Everyday our numbers grow, forcing us to constantly think outside of the box in relation to writing great posts about the world of technology, gadgets and devices. We invite you to jump aboard Geek Insider continuing growth and success; promote your website today, by advertising on our site. Geek Insider Traffic: 85,230+ readers per month 170,000+ page views per month 70%+ US & 30%+ European readers Average user visits 2.5 pages per session 1500+ Followers and Fans on Twitter and Facebook (Growing daily) The #1 Source for topics related to the Geek Lifestyle Geek Insider User Demographics: Male: 56.58% Age: 18-34 No Children: 77.13% Income: $100k+ 35.10% College Graduate: 39.8% Our readers are passionate about technology; whether its about the latest tablets, smartphones, gadgets or breaking tech news. Weekly and Monthly Advertisements 125 x 125 Sponsor Squares 300 x 250 Medium Rectangles 120 x 600 Skyscrapers 728 x 90 Leaderboard Please contact our Sales Team at advertising@geekinsider.com, for custom requests or additional pricing information. CPM Ad Units and Premium Branding 728 x 90 Leaderboards 300 x 250 Medium Rectangles 120 x 600 Skyscrapers Custom sponsorships Infographic Submissions Premium Reviews Please contact our Sales Team at advertising@geekinsider.com, for custom requests or additional pricing information. Buy Ads directly with our Self-Service Ad Platform: Want to buy ads directly on Geek Insider? Your ad can be purchased and live on in no time. Our Self-Service Ad Platform is available and super easy to use. Place your order in just three easy steps, using our ad-platform partner BuyAds.com. To use the self-service platform: 1. Pick the ad inventory you wish to purchase. 2. Check date availability. 3. Place your order: register, pay, and upload your creative. Buy Ads Directly on Geek Insider Thank you for your interest in advertising with us. We hope to have you join the list of advertising sponsors that have supported the growth of Geek Insider to date.
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