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Publisher: The best parts of geek culture... in one BEAST!
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Geekenstein Media is the online publishing company behind the geek culture website Geekenstein.com. Our primary goal is to make online multimedia content fun again and give geeks a place embrace our amazing and diverse culture. The plan is to keep creating entertaining and engaging content that interacts with the geek community through news, original content and social events

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    Publisher: The best parts of geek culture... in one BEAST!
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    Advertise Founded in the winter of 2012, Geekenstein Media is the publisher of some of the most beloved articles on the hit website Geekenstein.com. Our goal is to create a dedicated, community-driven hub for geek culture. Be it video games, movies, comics or technology, it has a place with us. We all all nerds, geeks, techies, couch potatoes – and we are proud of it! Our core team consists of a combined 20 years of experience creating, editing and promoting online multimedia content including articles, videos, podcasts, graphic design and more. We are always accepting contributions from the community and doing so has caused us to grow at an unprecedented rate. A largely US-based company, Geekenstein.com also has reach in the UK as well as well as heavy impressions from Canada, Russia, Australia, Turkey, Taiwan, The Netherlands, and France. We have a highly active community across a broad spectrum of social networks and we want the community to feel as much of a part as our mission as we do. We listen and their compliments, complaints and criticisms are always took into consideration. We average around 4000-6000 views per day and it’s not rare to see daily spikes of over 10000 views. During each articles lifetime, we expect each to hit at least 3000 views. If you’re interested in buying ad space on Geekenstein.com, please send an email to contact@geekenstein.com with you proposal. If you’re a smaller blog, please refer to our affiliate agreement.
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