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    Thank you for your interest in the site. As you probably know by know by reading the site tagline, George Hahn specializes in goods, services, solutions, ideas and original content for men who aren’t necessarily rich, but have a desire to look good and live well. In a market saturated with magazines and blogs pushing aspirational content that is out of reach for most men, I speak to discerning men on a budget. In creating content for the site, I have three men in mind: 1) The twenty-something graduate starting out who is buried in student loan debt but needs help building a wardrobe and creating a smart home; 2) The more seasoned thirty-to-forty-something professional who is looking to “up his game” and learn a few more tips and tricks for handsome dressing and effective living; 2) The mature discerning gent who has refined taste but no longer has the financial resources he once may have had. How ads work… All ads are a flat rate for a 30-day time period. Rates vary, depending on the size of the ad and its placement. Once you submit your ad for placement, I then quickly determine if the ad is suitable for the site, based on several factors like whether or not the value, design, theme and style of the product or service (and its ad) is consistent with George Hahn values and suitable for the audience I described above. All ads are visible on all pages and posts on the site. Full payment for your approved ad is due before it is displayed and is non-refundable, even if you decide to pull the ad before the end of its 30-day cycle. There is, of course, no charge for any ads that are not approved. How sponsored posts work… Sponsored posts are a GREAT way to promote (and re-promote) your product. They appear on the site as regular blog posts, but are both clearly (and tastefully) marked as paid content. They require a one-time paid fee for the initial writing and publication of the content, and they live on the site in perpetuity for as long as the website exists. Excerpts of the copy can be quoted in the media, but full copy cannot be lifted and re-copied in its entirety on other sites or publications. George Hahn is always the credited author. The posts can, however, be shared, tweeted and posted on any social network without limitation by anyone, as long as the link to the post leads back to the post’s origin URL at georgehahn.com. The fee includes a minimum of three shares on Twitter and one share on Facebook, Google+ and Reddit (with a link to the post, of course). Here are my current numbers: 35,000 unique visitors per month 55,000 page views per month 1,800 unique visitors per day 2,400 followers on Twitter 1,100 fans on Facebook
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