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Publisher: Jamaica & Jamaican website portal - Home Of Jamaican Recipes
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    Publisher: Jamaica & Jamaican website portal - Home Of Jamaican Recipes
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    Get Jamaica is an online Jamaican website portal and content service, providing direct global access to Jamaica. Get Jamaica provides immediate online access to more than 2,000 Jamaican websites, hundreds of Jamaican records including Jamaican articles on Jamaican life and Jamaican culture. Get Jamaica serves a range of business and every day browser needs. From buying one Jamaican music CD to placing your company on the Jamaica Stock Exchange. Get Jamaica (www.getjamaica.com) is a wholly owned subsidiary business of Worldwide Realtors Company Limited that serves the world's need for information and education about Jamaica through its vast and dynamic content pools, which are used by students, consumers and business in their libraries, schools and on the Internet. Advertise On Get Jamaica: Get Jamaica delivers an attractive audience in YOUR market. 90% of Get Jamaica. visitors use the Internet to research Jamaican products and services, and 61% of Get Jamaica visitors use the Internet to find local Jamaican merchants. Your ad on Get Jamaica puts you in front of consumers with the desire and means to buy your products and services. Let us place a customized promotional program to meet your objectives, whether you want to drive people to your website or get them into your store. Our banner ads have a average click through rate of 59% with just about 4% conversion into sales. With Get Jamaica you get efficient and superior service at affordable rates. Internet advertising is cost effective and rivals the power of traditional media. Target your message island wide or to a specific market overseas. Advertising Rates: You can advertise across our network of websites that receive over 15,000 unique hits per day. This is at the amazingly low price of just USD$0.25 per thousand impression. That works our to just USD$0.00025 for every impression. Almost unbeatable anywhere in the advertising market.
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